Elevate your Laundry Game with the New and Improved Samsung Top Load Washing Machine, Fit for Every Lifestyle

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When it comes to doing laundry, there are quite a few steps to consider. One must do regular tub cleans and system checks, load and unload clothes from the machine, and finally fold everything and store them away in the closet. Because this process can be a bit tedious and time consuming, we tend to avoid or put off washing until the weekend, when we typically have more time on our hands. But, what if you could get more of that time back by investing in a washer that is an absolute game-changer when it comes to doing laundry, all thanks to inverter technology?


There is simply no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to laundry care, as different lifestyles demand diverse laundry needs. But one thing remains consistent: while lives get busier, we need appliances that give us the support we need to do it all, with time to spare. Understanding this deeply, Samsung introduces the new and improved Top Load Washing Machine powered by inverter technology. It features shorter wash cycles and lower energy consumption, providing you a quieter, more efficient laundry process. This washer not only caters to a variety of fabric types but also offers flexible wash cycles to meet unique laundry requirements—setting a new industry standard for laundry systems.


The All-New Samsung Top Load Washing Machine is designed to provide an efficient laundry solution across all lifestyles. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast in search of a thorough cleanse for your activewear or a fashion-savvy individual who values delicate fabrics, this washer is engineered to elevate your laundry experience. Harnessing the power of inverter technology, this washing machine allows you to do more with its increased capacity for larger and more diverse loads. Supported by an industry-leading 20-year warranty, it stands to modernize your laundry system, providing substantial savings without compromising quality and performance.


Discover how the Samsung Top Load Washing Machine addresses the ever-evolving laundry needs of different lifestyles:


Deeper clean


Samsung’s Ecobubble™ technology allows  individuals to enjoy a deeper level of cleanliness and care for their garments. The technology effortlessly dissolves detergent in water and transforms it into soft bubbles, ensuring fabrics are thoroughly submerged. While the powerful wash removes stubborn stains, the gentle bubble action safeguards delicate fabrics, giving your clothes the utmost care and making sure they stay in pristine condition.


Rapid results


Fast-paced lifestyles demand swift and powerful laundry solutions. The Samsung Top Load Washing Machine rises to the occasion with the Super Speed feature, completing laundry in just 31 minutes—40% faster than standard cycles. This speedy wash cycle in no way compromises the quality of the clean, and even contributes to reducing water consumption by 20%.


Hygiene standards


A thorough and intensive clean is a paramount for health-conscious individuals. This washer introduces the Hygiene Steam feature, providing an impressive 99.99% sanitization rate. This cycle uses a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius to clean everyday stains and soiling at ease, while a higher 60-degree Celsius setting takes on even the most stubborn and oily marks.


Long-term savings


Energy efficiency and sustainability is non-negotiable for any household. The Top Load Washing Machine delivers that with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology (DIT). This conserves up to 70% of energy while giving a powerful and quiet performance. DIT also offers the industry’s longest motor warranty, extending up to an impressive 20 years.


The Samsung Top Load Washing Machine revolutionizes your laundry experience with the power of inverter technology—and is wholly designed to meet the needs and lifestyles of modern households. It transcends the role of a traditional washing machine; establishing a new standard for efficiency, all the while providing the peace of mind that comes only with a 20-year warranty and its unmatched performance in your laundry room.


Upgrade to the Samsung Top Load Washing Machine today. Visit samsung.com/ph to know more!

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