Samsung’s Bespoke Life 2023 Event Spotlights Technologies That Offer Convenience Today While Building a More Sustainable Tomorrow

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Samsung announces “Bespoke Life” vision, reaffirming its commitment to transforming users’ lives through sustainability, connectivity, and design


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. will mark the beginning of a new chapter for home appliances today at Bespoke Life 2023, the company’s third annual showcase of the latest updates to its Bespoke lineup. Streaming at 10 pm SGT on Samsung’s official website, newsroom, and YouTube channel, the event will offer an opportunity to discover how the company’s expanded “Bespoke Life” vision is transforming users’ lives through sustainability, connectivity, and design.


“Bespoke Life embodies Samsung’s commitment to making our homes and future more sustainable by reimagining the appliances we rely on every day,” said Jong-Hee (JH) Han, Vice Chairman, CEO and Head of the DX (Device eXperience) Division at Samsung Electronics. “By introducing new and creative ways for users to ‘Bespoke’ their life, our latest products and solutions empower anyone to enjoy a more sustainable, connected, and stylish lifestyle.”



Sustainable Life – Technologies That Make a Positive Impact


Samsung’s Bespoke Life concept was born out of the belief that home appliances are key to creating a more sustainable tomorrow. Accordingly, this year’s Bespoke event will highlight Samsung’s efforts to further reduce carbon emissions across the entire product lifecycle.


From sourcing and production to distribution, usage, and recycling, Samsung is redesigning each stage of the product lifecycle to help reduce energy usage and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Examples of the company’s efforts to recycle more resources include operating a closed loop recycling centre, incorporating bioplastic material from waste oil into Bespoke refrigerators’ storage baskets, and expanding its use of recycled fishing nets. Once products have been manufactured, they are shipped to users in Samsung’s eco-packaging, which began replacing plastic tape and coil with paper earlier this year.


To encourage a more sustainable living during the product use phase, Samsung continues to expand services that make saving energy effortless. Which is why, the new Bespoke appliances, including refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers and air conditioners will feature an upgraded version of SmartThings AI Energy Mode that will soon be available in 65 countries including Singapore[1].



Connected Life – Paving the Way for Hyper-Connected Homes


To “Bespoke” one’s life is to optimise devices in ways that streamline and empower your routine. By strengthening connectivity across the lineup and expanding AI to more product categories, Samsung is paving the way for a new era of hyper-connected homes.


Combining Samsung’s latest SmartThings enhancements and AI technology, Bespoke products offer a seamlessly automated home experience — one in which devices learn users’ usage patterns and provide personalised automation based on their smart home configuration and lifestyle. To make it easy for consumers to enjoy those experiences, Samsung has announced that it is integrating Wi-Fi support into all new Bespoke appliances and will make connectivity a standard in all Samsung appliance lineups in the coming years.


Samsung has also announced the launch of the Bespoke Jet™ AI — the company’s most powerful[2] cordless stick vacuum cleaner, and the world’s first to be verified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Solutions, a leading independent safety science organisation, for AI. Combining up to 280W[3] of suction power with a run time of up to 100 minutes[4] per charge, the Bespoke Jet™ AI offers the performance required to give one’s entire home a thorough clean. Its AI Cleaning Mode[5] intelligently monitors brush load and vacuuming air pressure to distinguish different cleaning environments,[6] including the floor type, and automatically optimises settings such as suction power and brush speed[7] to maximise cleaning performance, usage time, and manoeuvrability. The vacuum also features a new All-in-One Clean Station™ that produces a powerful spinning cyclone to instantly and effectively[8] empty the dustbin. The Bespoke Jet™ AI will be available in Singapore by the end of Q3 2023.



Stylish Life – Taking Personalised Design to the Next Level 


The three million Bespoke refrigerators that have been sold worldwide since the lineup’s launch underline consumers’ resounding interest in appliances that offer more options and functionality than the old standards. Today, this rethinking of what appliances should offer users continues to define Bespoke design — a design approach that grows more dynamic and distinct each time it expands to a new product category.


To date, the Bespoke lineup includes a total of 15 product categories available to consumers in 52 countries, with each expansion of the lineup presents an opportunity to cater to more lifestyles and needs.


Bespoke Life in Singapore – Present and Beyond

Bespoke Life 2023 PR Main 1

Bespoke Home Appliances line-up for Singapore


In Singapore, Samsung has expanded its selection of Bespoke Home offerings. Earlier this year, a premium line-up — Bespoke Infinite Line including three freestanding products: a Wine Cellar, Fridge, and Freezer was introduced to homeowners who appreciate timeless value perfected by cutting-edge innovation and fine craftsmanship. Following that, the Bespoke Marvel Collection under the Bespoke Refrigerator line consisting of four action-packed super heroes designs was launched for homeowners who wish to ‘power up’ their kitchen’s décor.


Furthermore, cooking and cleaning can now be a breeze with the introduction of the all-new Bespoke line-up of Kitchen Appliances, which includes a Built-in Oven, Wall-mount Hood, Induction Hob, and a freestanding Dishwasher — to provide the ultimate solution to all your culinary and aesthetic needs. These additions perfectly complement the new Bespoke AI Laundry where the full range of Washers and Dryers will be launched by Q3 2023 to complete your home interior with the full Bespoke suite. More details will be provided soon.


To learn more about the next evolution of Bespoke, tune into Bespoke Life 2023 on June 7 at 10pm SGT. The event will be streamed on Samsung’s global YouTube channelSamsung Newsroom and



[1] AI Energy Mode is currently available in 40 countries including the U.S.

[2] Based on testing by the Korea Testing Laboratory, in accordance with the IEC62885-4: 2020 standard, using a handheld type of vacuum cleaner (with no brush) in Jet mode. The results were compared to the stated suction power of cordless stick vacuum cleaners with 200W suction power available in the market (based on sales data between January and December 2022, as compiled by an independent market research institute).

[3] Based on testing by the Korea Testing Laboratory, in accordance with the IEC62885-4: 2020 standard. Measured at the inlet of the non-motorised tool when the dustbin is empty, using Jet Mode and a large capacity battery that is fully charged. The results were compared to the stated suction power of cordless stick vacuum cleaners with 200W suction power available in the market (based on sales data between January and December 2022, as compiled by an independent market research institute). Results may vary depending on actual usage.

[4] The stated run time is based on using a large capacity battery at the minimum power level with a non-motorised tool attached. Results may vary depending on actual usage.

[5] AI Cleaning mode related functions/performance will be continuously updated and upgraded through SmartThings.

[6] The ability to identify different cleaning environments can be affected by environmental conditions.

[7] The brush rotation speed (rpm) can only be adjusted when using the Active Dual Brush.

[8] Based on internal testing using various types of dusts. Results may vary depending on the actual usage conditions.

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