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7 Things to Know About Syncing Spotify to Galaxy Devices to Amp Up Your Summer Listening


Life’s moments are infinitely better with music. Well, now you can elevate those moments by seamlessly integrating your favorite tunes or even podcasts onto your Galaxy smartphone and wearables with Spotify. As part of our “Things to Know” series, we’re unveiling the seven essential features that amplify the power of music, making it easier than ever to vibe out to your favorite tracks this summer.

So, let’s dive into how you can create the ultimate soundtrack for your daily life with Samsung and Spotify.

1. Sync Spotify to Your Galaxy Devices for Instant Beats

Sync up your Samsung Galaxy phone or watch with Spotify and enjoy your favorite tracks wherever you go! It’s easy – just log into the app. If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to create an account. Once your phone is connected, simply tap Spotify on your watch and grant the necessary permissions. That’s all there is to it! Now you’re all set to instantly enjoy your favorite beats on the go.

Check out the video here.

2. Wake Up on a High Note with Spotify

Say goodbye to annoying alarm sounds and hello to waking up with your favorite music! On your Galaxy device, you can set your alarm to Spotify. Here’s how: Open the Clock app, go to the Alarm tab, and tap Add to create a new alarm. Choose the time, date, and give it a name. Then, tap Alarm sound. If you’re not logged into Spotify yet, you’ll be prompted to do so. Once logged in, you’ll see a variety of options from your listening history, including your Liked Songs playlist. Pick the song you want to wake up to, then tap the back button twice. Hit save, and voila! Get ready to kickstart your mornings on a high note with Spotify.

Dive deeper here.

3. Control Spotify with Just a Tap on Your Galaxy Buds

Get ready to take control of Spotify with just a tap or touch of your Galaxy Buds. It’s simple – start by configuring the settings in the Galaxy Wearable app. Pop your buds in your ears and connect them to your phone. Then, open the Galaxy Wearable app and head to Touchpad or Touch controls. Make sure the touch setting is switched on, then tap Touch and hold. Under Left or Right, select Spotify to set your command. Now, hit Back, navigate to Earbud settings, and then Labs if you want to control music volume. Tap the switch to turn on Double tap earbud edge, enabling volume adjustment directly from the edges of your earbuds. Now you can groove on the go like never before!

Learn more here.

4. Enjoy Your Favorite Tunes Right from Your Wrist

Enjoy your favorite Spotify tunes wherever you go with your Galaxy Watch. Whether you’re on a long-distance run, hitting the gym, or running errands, your music is right at your wrist. Premium users get the added benefit of tapping into specific songs or playlists, shuffling without interruptions, and controlling playback directly from the Spotify home page. Easily access your Recently Played songs, Featured Playlists, and browse various music genres to find the perfect track. Free users can still enjoy music on shuffle, they’ll just have to watch the ads too. With Spotify and Galaxy Watch, your music accompanies you wherever life takes you!

Watch here.

5. Rock Out to Spotify Premium on Your Galaxy Watch

Experience the ultimate convenience by downloading your favorite Spotify playlists directly to your Galaxy Watch. Once you’ve linked Spotify to your Samsung account, simply tap on Spotify on the watch, grant permission, and select a playlist. What’s more, you can turn on the download option to store your playlist offline on your watch, eliminating the need to connect to Wi-Fi or use a data connection. If you’re a Premium user, you can even choose specific songs to play on your Watch and rock out!

View the how-to here.

6. Fire Up Your Playlist with Bixby & Google Voice Assistants

You can use Bixby and Google voice assistants to fire up your Spotify playlist — especially handy when you’re multitasking. Simply log into Spotify to link the app to Bixby, say “Hi Bixby” to wake it up and instruct it to play music. For Google Assistant, just say “Hey Google, play Spotify.” Premium users can even specify which artist or playlist to play. You might need to connect your music account to Google Assistant, in which case, tap the chain link to do so and receive personalized recommendations. Keep in mind that free users can open Spotify, but only Premium users can command or select specific songs.

Dig deeper here.

7. Streamline Music Controls from Your Galaxy Media Panel

Say hello to streamlined media control with the Samsung Galaxy media panel. Simply open the Quick settings panel and tap on Media output. If prompted, grant the necessary permissions. From there, you can easily manage all your audio playback directly from your phone. Play, pause, or skip tracks with ease. Adjust the volume effortlessly using the slider. Plus, you can even customize where the audio plays by selecting from your connected devices in the Bluetooth audio device list. It’s your music, your way, all from one convenient spot!

Explore here.

“Music is the answer” and Samsung is making it effortless for you to instantly play your favorite tunes or discover new music on your Galaxy devices, wherever you are.

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