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AT&T Selects Samsung as a Technology Supplier for CBRS and 5G Initiatives


DALLAS, September 10, 2018 – AT&T today announced Samsung as a technology supplier in two nationwide networks initiatives to bring consumers and businesses the next generation of wireless networks.

Samsung was selected to supply AT&T with equipment for its first 5G-ready Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) network solution. Samsung will provide CBRS-compliant radios and base station equipment for AT&T’s CBRS innovative spectrum band which allows both licensed and shared access that helps enable efficient use of finite spectrum resources.

According to the announcement, AT&T will primarily use the CBRS solution to deliver home and enterprise broadband services. Millions of U.S. households lack access to broadband service, and in many cases a fixed wireless access (FWA) architecture can cost-effectively reach homes and businesses where fiber cannot. Plans are to start lab testing of CBRS equipment early next year, with plans to rollout commercial CBRS technology in U.S. cities beginning in late 2019.

“We are excited to build upon our relationship with AT&T with this commercial agreement to bring our newest 5G-ready CBRS solution to their network,” said Wilf Norrlinger, Vice President, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America . “Samsung is a big believer in using LTE-based technologies and 5G innovation to expand broadband availability across the U.S., and we look forward to playing a central role in accelerating this evolution.”

In addition to the CBRS news, AT&T also selected Samsung as one of its technology suppliers to help AT&T build its mobile, nationwide 5G network. In AT&T’s release, the company shared plans to introduce mobile 5G in parts of five additional cities – Houston, Jacksonville, Louisville, New Orleans, and San Antonio – this year, with plans to keep the momentum going into early 2019. For full details on AT&T’s 5G announcement, visit here.

“5G will deliver unprecedented user experiences and business models that require ground-breaking solutions, along with the exploration of new spectrum bands such as mmWave,” said Mark Louison, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networks Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Samsung is delighted to continue our journey towards this transformative technology with AT&T – from a successful consumer trial in South Bend, Indiana to wide-scale commercial rollouts – and we look forward to applying our experience in advanced network deployments, backed by our broad capabilities.”

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