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A New Era in Mobile Technology: Galaxy Fold On Sale in the U.S. Starting September 27


Starting September 27, U.S. consumers will be able to unfold the future when the category-defining Galaxy Fold becomes available in Cosmos Black and Space Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Fold - Cosmos Black

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Cosmos Black

The first-of-its-kind, foldable mobile device with the functionality of both a smartphone and a tablet will be available on AT&T at select AT&T stores, select Best Buy stores and Samsung Experience Store retail locations. Best Buy and Samsung Experiences Stores will also offer the Unlocked by Samsung versions of the device. You can visit to find the nearest location to purchase your Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold represents the biggest leap forward in smartphone design and engineering since the first smartphones launched more than a decade ago. Engineered with new materials and technologies, it reimagines everything you can do with a device that fits in your pocket and inspires new mobile experiences. When closed, you can access all of your apps comfortably in one hand on the cover display. When opened, you can explore new ways to multitask, watch videos, play games, and more on an immersive 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display.

A new device like the Galaxy Fold requires a new user experience, so we worked alongside Google and our partners in the Android developer community to optimize hundreds of apps for the device. App Continuity lets you seamlessly switch from the cover display to the main display without skipping a beat, while Multi-Active Window empowers you to run three active apps at once on the main display.

So, when you’re using the Galaxy Fold’s cover display to look up an address on Google Maps, you can unfold the device to see more detailed directions on the tablet-sized screen. Or, when you want to stay in touch with friends while watching your favorite show, you can use the main display to watch a video, text your friends, and read a review online—all at the same time.With the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is redefining everything about the smartphone experience—from the way you purchase it, to the way you use it, to the way you receive support. We designed an elevated concierge experience to help you explore and grow accustomed to this sophisticated technology.

With Galaxy Fold Premier Service¹, you will have the opportunity to consult with a Fold Concierge who will walk you through the Galaxy Fold, the in-box materials, and the included accessories. Galaxy Fold includes Galaxy Buds and a custom aramid fiber case, which boasts thin and durable materials in a sleek design. As part of the onboarding experience, the specialist can perform Smart Switch to transition your contacts, photos, apps and more from your existing mobile device to your new Galaxy Fold. They will also demonstrate how to use the Galaxy Fold’s key features and will guide you on how to take care of your new device.

And that’s only the beginning. If you need additional assistance, Samsung has you covered.

As part of the Premier Service, you’ll have a Fold Concierge standing by to assist you with your Galaxy Fold. Whether you have questions about your device, or are looking for some quick tips, you can reach Galaxy Fold specialists at a dedicated toll-free number any hour of any day. The Fold Concierge is available to connect in whatever way is most convenient for you, including through the Samsung Members App via video chat.

The Galaxy Fold is a remarkable device that will redefine the way people use their smartphones. We can’t wait to unfold the future with you on September 27.

[1] Galaxy Fold Premier Service is available to anyone who purchases Galaxy Fold in the United States.

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