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[Podcast] The Metaverse's Impact on Driving Meaningful Action


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The Metaverse's Impact on Driving Meaningful Action
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Recorded from Samsung 837, our digital playground located in the heart of NYC’s Meatpacking District, Samsung Electronics America is debuting our new Innovation Without Boundaries podcast that explores how we’re solving evolving consumer and societal needs through new innovations and creating a more enriched, equitable, and sustainable future. The podcast guests will feature top leaders, creators, and change makers that are breaking the boundaries of what’s possible with technology.

On the heels of Samsung’s own 837X metaverse launch, our first episode – “The Metaverse’s Impact on Driving Meaning Action” – features Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Samsung Electronics America, Brian Brown, Senior Group Creative Director, Razorfish, and Jessica Berger, Vice President, Innovation at Publicis Media. Together, they discuss the opportunities to create unique experiences in the metaverse that can drive everyday changes. Podcast The Metaverse's Impact on Driving Meaningful Action All roads point to the metaverse as being a new frontier for people to access information and services, make and sell virtual goods, communicate, and socialize – all in real-time. But will this Web 3.0 environment become the chosen medium for consumer awareness and engagement on pressing issues that are occurring in our physical world?

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Samsung is an experience-minded brand and we’re harnessing the metaverse to allow consumers from anywhere in the world to immerse themselves in our cutting-edge technology and experiences. This virtual realm offers an enriched opportunity for educating and engaging young consumers on our sustainability, customization, and connectivity brand priorities in new and exciting ways. From embarking on themed quests to earning exclusive NFT badges and unique wearables, Samsung is powering the exploration of our seamlessly connected and personalized products, while highlighting how everyday changes we make can have a meaningful impact on the environment.

“As we virtualize and dematerialize through the metaverse, we’re still using energy. It’s important to keep with the fundamentals and reduce as much as possible, while being laser-focused on efficiencies, even in the metaverse. As the grid becomes green, and we spend more time in this virtual environment where electricity is necessary to run it, it’s incredibly important to transition to a clean economy using renewable power, which is one of the reasons why Samsung is really focused on that. The metaverse just opens up so many opportunities,” said Mark Newton, Head of Corporate Sustainability at Samsung Electronics America.

“Bespoke and customization is something that we’re thinking a lot about right now. The simple ability to take a piece of creative that is in the contract on the blockchain and extend it to the real world as a souvenir from that experience is really interesting. Imagine creating a piece of art in the metaverse. That piece of art can exist outside of your metaverse platform because it’s connected to a blockchain and it can then be pulled into your profile page on or on your refrigerator or your Frame TV,” said Brian Brown, Senior Group Creative Director, Razorfish.

“Thinking about the bigger picture, the experience is meant to allow someone to experience something virtually without having to leave the house to attend a live concert or the need to travel by car or plane, so the metaverse can help offset your carbon emission output,” said Jessica Berger, Vice President, Innovation at Publicis Media.

“When you apply a third dimension to an experience, you really need story and interactivity to be enticing to people to pull them through that experience so they can walk away knowing more about our sustainability goals or why the environment is important to us,” added Brian Brown.

Download the episode to hear how Samsung is bringing the metaverse and sustainability together, and celebrating our community for joining us on our mission to leave the world a better place. The episode offers insights into how brands can tap into this new realm to connect with consumers, influence engagement, and uncover future opportunities for bridging the metaverse and the real world. (Download the podcast transcript here.)

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