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Samsung Gaming Hub Adds Boosteroid Cloud Gaming, Expands Game Streaming to Millions

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming joins Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade, and Blacknut Cloud Gaming to bring more games to Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung brings game streaming to millions of existing Samsung Smart TV owners with a global rollout for 2020 model-year TVs.


Samsung Electronics announced that Boosteroid, the world’s largest independent cloud gaming provider, has joined the growing lineup of Samsung Gaming Hub partners providing access to high-end video games on compatible Samsung Smart TVs, monitors, and the Freestyle 2nd Gen projector.1 Boosteroid on Gaming Hub offers Samsung players access to some of the most popular game titles in the world.

Samsung Gaming Hub continues to provide high-quality game-streaming to give players more ways to discover and play the games they love,” said Mike Lucero, Head of Gaming for Samsung Electronics America. “Game streaming is more popular than ever, and we aim to make it easier for players to access. With a Bluetooth game controller, virtually anyone can pick up and start playing games with Samsung technology. Our content library just got bigger with Boosteroid’s catalog of well-loved games.”

“We created Boosteroid to offer players effortless access to high-end gaming rigs through the cloud, allowing unlimited AAA gaming,” said Vlad Kosmin, Corporate Vice President for Boosteroid. “Samsung Gaming Hub is a dream platform for our players because it was built from the ground up for game streaming, removing barriers to entry with no downloads and no consoles or PC required. We’re eager to welcome a new community of players to our platform through Samsung.”

Boosteroid joins Samsung game streaming partners Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade, and Blacknut Cloud Gaming to bring the best streaming games to Samsung device owners. Through Samsung Gaming Hub and Boosteroid, users can seamlessly enjoy a vast catalog of free and paid games directly on Samsung devices.

Bringing Game Streaming to Millions of 2020 Samsung Smart TV Owners Globally

After launching the Samsung Gaming Hub on 2022 Samsung Smart TVs and monitors and bringing the service to 2023 TVs and monitors2 Samsung introduced backwards compatibility for partner apps with 2021 Smart TVs giving tens of millions of players access to their favorite games and services on Samsung devices – no console or PC required. Samsung Gaming Hub continues its global expansion, unlocking game streaming through partner apps for millions of players on select Samsung 2020 Smart TV models and bringing more access to high-quality games worldwide.

Players can access thousands of games on Samsung 2020 Smart TVs through individual apps from game streaming partners3. Roll-out to 2020 model TVs began earlier this year to customers in the United States and Canada, with global rollout now complete for 2020 Samsung smart TVs and Monitors (version 2500.0)4.

Individual gaming apps can be downloaded directly on the TV in the Samsung App Store via the Media Hub.

For more details, visit the Samsung Gaming Hub page:

To learn more about the latest Samsung Gaming TVs, visit

1 Boosteroid is currently available on 2023 and 2022 model year devices compatible with Samsung Gaming Hub in select territories.
2 For a full list of Samsung Gaming Hub and Gaming Hub Partner app compatible devices, visit
3 Service availability for partners may vary by region. Service subscription can be required by partners. NVIDIA GeForce NOW service on 2020 TV’s is currently in beta. System requirements:
4  All except the T5300, T4300, LSP7 and LSP9. No FHD TVs (except 32’’ Frame) and no 2020 projectors.

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