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Samsung Members App Offers Free Technical Support


Believe it or not, people click, swipe or tap on their phone 2,617 times a day1 as they read, send texts or scroll through social media. That’s almost one million touches each year! With all this activity, it’s important to take care of your phone and conduct regular device maintenance checks, much like how you take care of a car to make sure it’s running smoothly. The Samsung Members App offers a quick and easy way to check on the health of your phone.

The Samsung Members app offers special benefits, news, free technical support and device diagnostics.

Benefits of the Samsung Members app
  • Device diagnostics: Run 24 different diagnostics to identify and test the components impacting your device.
  • Optimize performance: The app will give recommendations for optimizing performance. This may include clearing up storage space, closing unnecessary background apps or adjusting settings to conserve battery life.
  • Discover exclusive content: Access news, tips, tutorials, information on sweepstakes to get the most out of being a Samsung member.
  • 24-7 chat support: Samsung’s technical support team is always available through text chat, remote support and service requests.
  • Find community: The Members app offers a community forum where people can post questions and find solutions from other Samsung customers. The more you engage, the more you can earn badges, elevated status and rewards.
Where to Get the Samsung Members App

The Members app, which has a blue and white “M” logo, may already be installed on your phone. Check the Samsung tile on your phone, which includes Samsung Health, SmartThings, Smart Switch and other apps made exclusively for Samsung device owners. If it is not there, go to the Play Store and look for Samsung Members app, which has been downloaded 1 billion times and has a 4.6 star rating from 1 million people.

1“People touch their smartphone over 2,600 times a day, research shows,” Brussels Times

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