At Samsung, we’re proud of all that Samsung Pay has achieved this year, and we’re excited to celebrate with a new rewards program coming this week for our U.S. users that shows our appreciation every time a customer uses Samsung Pay at checkout.

Since its launch just over a year ago, Samsung Pay has driven innovation of the digital wallet experience, helping users slim down your physical wallet – and maybe even leave it at home. Samsung Pay has added support for more than 500 banks and credit unions, along with a growing number of loyalty, membership and gift cards. And it continues to add innovative new features like Deals, which shows coupons and discounts at nearby stores that users can redeem instantly. Samsung Pay now supports in-app payments, and beginning next year, it will start to support online payments, as well. With Samsung Pay, we’re simplifying the payment experience everywhere, and anywhere, you shop.

As we enter the New Year, and look to the future of mobile payments, we want to build on the success of Samsung Pay by giving new users even more reasons to try it out – not to mention, thank our existing customers for using a service they already love. That’s why we’re excited to offer Samsung Pay users a first-of-its-kind rewards program for a mobile payments platform: Samsung Rewards.


Samsung Rewards works just like a points-based credit card rewards program. Every time you make a purchase with Samsung Pay, you earn rewards points.¹

Samsung Rewards also allows you to “double dip” on rewards points – that is, with every credit card purchase made via Samsung Pay, you may be able to earn points, miles or cash back from your card’s issuer, as well as points toward Samsung Rewards.²

What’s more, debit cards don’t usually have any sort of points system. But thanks to Samsung Rewards, you can now earn rewards points when you use your debit card.

And the more you use Samsung Pay, the more points you earn. Samsung Rewards has loyalty tiers with point multipliers – you can earn double, triple, or even quadruple points, depending on how often you use the service each month.

You can get even more points through limited-time bonus offers. Samsung Rewards will partner with retailers and small businesses and give users seasonal opportunities to earn additional points – anyone who joins Samsung Rewards in November or December, for example, will receive double points on purchases made in those months.

Users can then redeem their points for Samsung products, vouchers for, Samsung Rewards Visa Prepaid Card value, and gifts cards to some of the country’s leading retailers. Users can also be eligible for additional prize giveaways – called “Instant Wins” – that include things like trips to Napa Valley and Las Vegas that surprise and delight.³

For Samsung Rewards, this is just the beginning, when the program launches this week. In the coming months, Samsung Rewards will rapidly expand to include a wide variety of Samsung’s products and services, like and S Health, exclusive events and experiences and our partner programs.

We are always looking for ways to offer Samsung customers more value, to enhance their experience with our products and services, and, ultimately, make their day-to-day lives a little more convenient. Samsung Pay helps people slim down their physical wallets, and Samsung Rewards helps to keep their digital wallets full.

¹Samsung Rewards program is subject to enrollment and terms and conditions.  For more information, please visit:
²Points earned in other rewards programs are subject to the terms and conditions of those programs. Samsung Rewards are not affiliated with any specific card issuer’s rewards program.
³Entry required. Samsung’s “Instant Win” program is subject to terms and conditions which will be available once the program launches.

Nana Murugesan

About the Contributor

Nana Murugesan is VP/GM of Services and New Business at Samsung Electronics America.