When you’re moving fast, it’s easier than ever to pay with a quick tap. Starting today and rolling out over the course of next week, you can tap and go with Samsung Pay¹ when you use public transit systems in more cities around the country.

No need to wake up your phone2, swipe up to activate Samsung Pay, and authenticate the way you do when you shop at a store or kiosk. Just hold your phone near the mobile pay reader or ticket validator at select subway turnstiles and bus lines. Samsung Pay takes care of the rest, so you can stay on the go.

Already, millions of New York mass transit riders can use Tap&Pay mode to pay for their subway or bus fares from their phone with the MTA’s OMNY (“One Metro New York”) contactless fare payment system. That’s several New York minutes saved—so you can spend time doing more of what you want.

What’s more, Tap&Pay has arrived in Portland, Oregon. It’s coming to more cities—introducing even more time savings—soon. In the meantime, in transit systems that support mobile payments but not the faster Tap&Pay, you can pay using Samsung Pay the way you do at the store by swiping up to select your card, authenticating with Fingerprint or PIN, and tapping to go.

Mobile payments make it fast and fun to pay your fare for your ride. No more searching your wallet for a MetroCard, only to realize you left it at home. No more waiting in line to buy a new card, only to miss your train. Simply set one of your eligible payment cards in Samsung Pay as your preferred transit payment method, and you’re on your way.

Mass transit is one of many ways to sail through your day with Samsung Pay. It’s an important part of our vision for a world built around mobile wallets.

Samsung Pay is on millions of Samsung Galaxy devices in more than 24 markets on six continents around the world. Samsung Pay currently supports 2000+ banks and credit unions and hundreds of merchants, with more on the way.

That’s because Samsung Pay works almost anywhere you can tap or swipe a card. It’ll work virtually anywhere contactless payments or magnetic stripe readers are accepted, which makes it a super convenient service for mobile payments on the market. And it’s secure. Samsung Pay can only be opened by you and it’s protected by the defense-grade security of Samsung Knox.

Plus, it’s much more than a wallet (and a lot less bulky). It’s a marketplace where shoppers can access great deals and experiences in-store and online from hundreds of popular brands and retailers. You can even see great deals near you and connect your many membership and loyalty cards for even more savings. And, with every purchase you make, you may earn cash back awards or get extra perks through Samsung Rewards.

Samsung Pay will continue to add more features and services to give people more convenient ways to shop, save, and get from point A to point B—or from Atlantic Avenue to Union Square – and eventually everywhere in between.

For more information on Samsung Pay, visit www.samsung.com/samsungpay.

¹ Compatible with Samsung Pay enabled phones (S6 + later) and wearables (Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Fit2, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active)
2 Compatible with Android P. Android O users will need to wake-up the display.