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Samsung Launches Flex Connect, a Demand Response Program Utilizing SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode and Automations, in NY & CA

Earning rewards for supporting the grid is easier than ever with the SmartThings Flex Connect program


SmartThings, Samsung’s global connected living platform, has launched SmartThings Energy Flex Connect, a demand response program that enhances its intelligent device management and supports eco-conscious living in California and New York. With the program, eligible users have the ability to earn Samsung Rewards points when they enroll and automate their devices, fostering a more sustainable energy grid through conserving energy during peak demand events.    

Comprehensive Energy Management Made Easy

It’s now more convenient than ever for SmartThings users to manage home devices to gain advanced control over their energy management through the SmartThings Energy Flex Connect program. Eligible users now have the ability to enroll supported devices in the program through SmartThings Energy, a service within the SmartThings app, enrolling devices like thermostats, plugs, air conditioners, lights, TVs, and appliances to automate participation in energy events and save energy when the grid is strained.

More Flexibility, Choice, and Control

The flexibility to automate various loads such as thermostats, plugs, AC, lights, TVs, and appliances in the program gives users the choice and control over their energy management, ensuring a personalized approach to energy conservation. First, it can automatically turn on the AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy to save extra energy use in the supported appliances. Second, with the power-off function, users can consume less energy from having their appliances turned off when appropriate — this includes certain third-party lights and plugs.  Finally, savings can also be achieved through smart temperature adjustment for thermostats.

Eligible users can select which devices participate and adjust their preferences at any time. With the automation capabilities built into SmartThings Energy, enrolled devices participate in an event when a Demand Response signal is received, allowing users to support the grid and save energy, without lifting a finger or sacrificing their comfort. SmartThings Energy even helps users who do not own any compatible appliances by sending alerts in the application when a peak event is triggered, so users can take action in their own ways to save energy when notified.

Incentives for Enrollment and Participation

When users enroll their devices and actively engage in energy-saving events, participants can take an active role in contributing to their community’s efforts to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact. What’s more, users can earn Samsung Rewards deposited into their account, encouraging greater involvement in energy-saving initiatives and fostering a sense of collective responsibility.

“At Samsung, we are all about helping users obtain greater flexibility and convenience with their smart home devices,” said Chanwoo Park, EVP, Samsung Electronics. “SmartThings Energy empower our users with tools and information to monitor their energy consumption and save money, and launching Flex Connect is a crucial step in creating a greener and smarter world. Customers can not only conserve energy with Flex Connect, but also earn Samsung Rewards for participating.”

About SmartThings:
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