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Entrepreneurs and freelancers need exceptional mobile ability and with it, excellent security for their data

The Global Entrepreneurship Index for 2016 report says that ‘entrepreneurship is key to reducing unemployment and powering growth globally.’* This is particularly relevant to South Africa, where the unemployment figures are challenging, so to say the least. Although a study that tracked over 5,0000 American entrepreneurs pointed out that those who kept their day jobs when starting a business had a 66% better chance of succeeding than those who quit their jobs to start, this doesn’t exactly bode well for South Africans who simply can’t find a job.**


With the advent of the internet and the uptake of mobile devices, freelancing or entrepreneurship has become one of the go-to options to beat unemployment. There are numerous hubs dotted around the country where freelancers and even one-person entrepreneurial businesses can spend time working in a creative office-like environment, networking and collaborating with others.*** It’s no longer essential to have an entire staff of people on the pay-roll to run a successful business – collaboration and outsourcing is fast becoming the norm.


One of the problems freelancers or one-person businesses face, however, is that there’s a blurred line between professional and personal activities. This is especially true on mobile devices, which store valuable information needed to manage everyday life, conduct business and stay in touch with friends and loved ones. With work and play blending together more often, important apps, information and messages for both personal and business applications are mixed together on a single device. This increases the opportunity for unwanted outsiders to access sensitive data such as email, contacts, photos, account information and more.


It’s common to see young business-people or freelancers plugged in to their working day at a local coffee-shop. While free wi-fi might make all the difference to a young entrepreneur or freelancer, connecting to public portals can make mobile devices susceptible to security breaches, and expose personal and business information to risk – even at trusted establishments like airports or coffee-shop chains. Samsung Knox’s security platform builds a digital fortress around mobile devices, shielding sensitive information from malware attacks so meeting a deadline is the only thing to worry about.



With so much data available and the ability for devices to serve as access points to multiple networks, services and even other devices, it is vital to have security that fits into individual mobile lifestyle, instead of dictating what can and can’t be done on a device. The very last thing a freelancer wants to worry about is if their valuable data and work is safe. It’s difficult enough juggling finding and retaining work while still executing all the tasks required, and then managing invoicing and payments as well. An integrated security platform that’s built in become paramount. Paying accounts on the go is also incredibly common and protecting banking information is vital. Samsung devices are secured by Knox, a two-fold security system that begins in the device’s chipset and extends through every single layer of the device, including the operating system and application layers.


The platform ensures Samsung devices have overlapping defence and security mechanisms that protect against intrusion, malware, viruses and many more malicious threats. From the very moment the device is turned on, Knox continually serves to protect the device’s integrity as well as the personal and professional information stored on it. Samsung Knox makes a modern mobile lifestyle possible by allowing the separation of professional information from personal on the same device through Secure Folder. Secure Folder uses Knox container technology to provide a secure space separate from other apps, email and information, creating an additional layer of security.


Building the economy and turning unemployment on its head is becoming gradually more viable, thanks to increased connectivity and mobility of small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Tools that ensure security and convenience for these innovative and creative individuals is essential for success. By constantly monitoring device integrity and isolating and encrypting data through on-device encryption, Knox brings a level of protection that means freelancers and entrepreneurs can simply get on with the business of doing business.






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