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How the warmer weather affects the air around us


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 06 September 2018 – Change is in the air. Most people anticipate the end of winter with the eagerness of a Labrador puppy who just spotted its owner arriving from work. The end of the sniffle season is warmly welcomed, but is the change of season all that good for us? Surprisingly, spring is not exactly a breath of fresh air.


Springing a surprise

As Robert Larkan, Head of Digital Air Solutions at Samsung South Africa explains, “Temperature and humidity levels, as well as the concentration of gases and chemicals in the air are all affected by changes in the weather. The outdoor climate affects the climate indoors and influences air pollution in your home.”


The beginning of spring in South Africa can be predictably unpredictable. While summer is mostly hot and winter cold, early spring can be either. This kind of erratic weather can cause more frequent headaches, joint pain, tiredness, and even the return of the dreaded cold. The moist air associated with seasonal thunderstorms can also concentrate and break up pollen and pollution into smaller particles which are more easily inhaled deep into the lungs and even trigger asthma attacks. Warm and moist conditions also spur on the release of fungal spores which can set off allergies in some of us. The reality is that every season influences the quality of air in your home and can even affect how you sleep. Fortunately, modern advances in air conditioning do a make a difference.


“Despite the season, you can still control the air around you when you’re indoors. In fact, at Samsung we’ve pioneered technologies that can counter what the seasons blow in. Our air conditioners have an easy filter that captures dust, dangerous contaminants and allergens and a Virus Doctor that reduces certain harmful viruses and bacteria,” says Larkan.


Summer saves the day

South Africa races more quickly to summer than many other countries. There is much less of a transition from spring to the blazing African heat than our friends in the North. Better still, the sunnier weather puts us closer to our comfort zone, which is at around 20 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, we don’t need to sweat to keep cool or shiver to keep warm.


Of course, the more the temperature exceeds the 20 degree-mark, the less comfortable we feel. Air-conditioning becomes a factor once more. This is where Samsung’s Wind-Free™ technology can come to the rescue. After you’ve selected the desired temperature with Fast Cooling mode, it maintains the ideal temperature without any direct wind by gently dispersing cool and still air through micro air holes for a natural cooling effect. This also negates the stuffiness people feel in artificially regulated temperatures. This can defuse office aircon wars that are commonplace when the summer months hit. At home you feel more comfortable and are more likely to get a peaceful night’s sleep.


Whether spring is in the air or you have that summer feeling, your health and how you feel is impacted by the air around you. Isn’t it great to know you can control it?

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