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on 24-01-2019

How to steer employees in the direction of your 2019 goals

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 24 January, 2019 – The new year is that unique time when forward-thinking companies feel inspired to kick-start a new era of amplified productivity. There’s just one catch. Employees returning from the carefree days of the festive holidays take a while to settle into an efficient daily routine. However, this is exactly the time for managers to refocus teams, build enthusiasm and set clear goals for the year ahead.


“In tough economic times, employee motivation can directly impact to the bottom line. Passionate staff who are focussed and engaged can be the difference between a bad and great year,” says Cambridge Mokanyane, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung South Africa.


Here are a few ways keep workers driven from the start of the year and through every ebb and flow of the business:


Create Crystal Clear Goals


Employees who know exactly what is expected of them and what they are working towards will enjoy a renewed focus at the start of the year. Take the time to hold one-on-one reviews to assess current performance levels versus expected deliverables. This is the moment to set targets that are achievable and measurable.


Map It Out


Take the time to plot out what a successful year will look like. By mapping out ongoing projects with clear deadlines you can create a greater vision of what the business is aiming for and the employee’s role in the quest. The business year can be an adventure so it’s essential to explore what routes didn’t work last year and flag the ones the company will pursue in 2019.


Make It Worth It


Turn business goals from numbers on a spreadsheet to targets that drive productive behaviour. Bonuses or other pay rewards work but so do smaller rewards that acknowledge hard work and progress. And the rewards don’t have to be financial. A day off is often worth a lot to a staff member – time to run those personal errands that never seem to get done or catch up on some sleep away from their kids. Even a small internal competition can be just the right spark to gain and maintain the attention of staff.


Use Technology To Shake Things Up


Just because something worked last year doesn’t mean it’s going to have the same impact in the new year. Why not turn last year’s ordinary meetings into this year’s most memorable experiences. For example, the Samsung FL!P is an innovative digital flipchart that helps create interactive presentations. This means both managers and staff can work smarter, faster and better. Samsung FL!P is an ultra-high definition LCD mobile display – a flipchart on steroids, with a touchscreen that allows you to display work, graphics and AV material, as well as write and save notes. Those with a laptop, tablet or smartphone can mirror their screens to share content. Notes and ideas from a brainstorm can also be recapped and shared instantly, using built-in email, distributed over your network or saved to USB storage.


With creative communication approaches, rewards and a mapped route to achieving goals, this could be the year staff seize the business torch and boldly lead the company into a prosperous 2019.

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