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It’s time: Winter Is Coming

on 11-04-2019

Samsung Wind-Free™ technology is set to keep South Africans warmer, healthier and reduce costs this Winter


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 11 APRIL 2019 – Summer in South Africa is renowned for its warm, seemingly endless summers. However, every April and May we begin to feel the first signs that Winter is fast approaching. And this Autumn is no different. It’s now almost time to dust out the long jackets, jerseys and handkerchiefs. And while it’s always been difficult in our country to warm up homes designed more for a hot climate Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner is about to provide a solution to take on any cold spell. Better still, it can do so while still factoring in energy efficiency.


“The rising cost of energy has always been a key consideration we face every winter – how to keep the electricity bill to a reasonable level while keeping warm. However, Samsung’s innovative Wind-Free™ technology ensures that energy efficiency is optimised so that you can take full advantage of a much more relaxing night in,” says Robert Larkan, Head of Digital Air Solutions at Samsung South Africa.


Not only does Wind-Free™ ensure a constant temperature, it has a filter that captures dust, dangerous contaminants and allergens thanks to its Virus Doctor. This helps eliminate harmful viruses and bacteria, contributing to your health and wellbeing in winter as well as summer. When it comes to indoor cooling, the
Wind-Free™ system is clearly effective. Instead of simply moving air around, like a conventional fan does, the Samsung’s Wind-Free™ system gently disperses cool and still air through micro air holes for a natural cooling effect. And because it’s energy efficient, it also has a positive effect on your energy bill. The fact is, with Samsung’s Wind-Free™ air conditioner you can keep warm, healthier and save on energy costs.


And with built in Wi-Fi, it enables you to control the settings anywhere, anytime via a Smart Home app on your smartphone. This makes it more convenient than ever before to arrive home to a warmer home. As a company committed to human-centred technology Samsung is pleased to be deliver this level of innovation, designed to make life easier, especially during the season when effortless comfort is so welcomed.


Now that’s a winter worth warming up to.

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