Protect Your Device Against Accidents and Worries with Samsung Care+

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Standard and Premiums Plans to protect your cherished device and give you peace of mind

Our mobile devices are an integral part of our daily lives. Besides helping us stay connected, storing our important data, and helping us manage our activities, they are a great source of entertainment. That is why ensuring their safety and longevity is of utmost importance. For Samsung users, it’s all taken care of by Samsung Care+, a service designed to protect your Galaxy devices from accidental damage and provide peace of mind, which you cannot put a price on. Samsung Care+ offers two options, the Standard and Premium plans, each with a unique set of benefits tailored to users’ needs.


The Standard Plan is a reliable choice for those seeking basic cover for their mobile devices. With this plan, you get protection for your phone in everyday scenarios and adventures. Available in 12 or 24-month packages, it covers the essentials – screen repairs, back glass, and battery replacement. With one claim allowed within 12 months, users enjoy the convenience of software coverage, and comprehensive hardware repairs. However, it’s important to note that water damage coverage is only available with the Premium Plan.


For users who demand the utmost protection, the Premium Plan steps up the game. Available in 24 or 36-month packages, the premium plan gives you premium cover for the ultimate assurance and peace of mind. It offers an extensive array of coverage that includes screen repairs, back glass, battery, mainboard, liquid damage, and external casing. With the Premium Plan, users can make two claims within 3 years, providing an extra layer of security. Additionally, it includes water damage coverage and even extends to cover additional camera repairs for the Galaxy S24 series devices.



The best time to secure your device with Samsung Care+ is now. Sign up within 30 days of purchasing your device, whether online or at a Samsung authorised store, and unlock the full potential of this service contract. Unlike traditional insurance, Samsung Care+ is a service contract tailored specifically for your Galaxy device, which ensures that you receive expert service and genuine parts, giving your Galaxy device the care it deserves.


You don’t have to deal with cumbersome paperwork or complex procedures as Samsung Care+ offers an easy sign-up and claim process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. Over and above enjoying reduced repair fees, you also get to choose from various payment plans, including convenient one-time payments or monthly instalments that cater to your budget.


“Samsung Care+ stands as the epitome of device protection, offering tailored plans, expert service, and exclusive benefits. The standard and premium plans are there to give you cover that suits your unique needs. We do this to ensure our customers can fully enjoy their devices with the knowledge that should anything happen to them, they will get the attention they need and get fixed. Sign up for Samsung Care+ today and experience the ultimate peace of mind and continued performance of your Galaxy device,” said Justin Hume, Vice President for Mobile eXperience at Samsung South Africa.

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