Stellar Shots Every Time: The Galaxy Note9’s Intelligent Camera

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Capture South Africa’s infinite beauty with the smartphone camera that does it all


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 12 September, 2018 – The Galaxy Note9 builds on Samsung’s legacy of innovative camera technologies with an intelligent camera that takes the work out of capturing the perfect photo. Brand new functions including Scene Optimizer and Flaw Detection utilise artificial intelligence to help users get the most out of the device’s advanced camera. Together, this powerful combination of smarts and specs makes it easier than ever to snap stunning shots.


“We live in a country with a natural landscape that is awe-inspiring, from Table Mountain to The Drakensburg. The Note9 gives South Africans the opportunity to capture our landmarks, cultures and people through a lens that’s pixel perfect.”, says Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.


Optimal Colour Every Time

Picture this: When catching a sunset during your holiday, you snap a pic with your phone only to find that the image on the screen hasn’t quite captured the majesty of the moment. The Note9’s new Scene Optimizer function makes it easy to photograph breathtaking moments just like this by automatically optimising camera settings to capture the full beauty of the scene.




Scene Optimizer utilises deep-learning technology to analyse objects, scenery and time elements in the camera’s frame to identify exactly which type of scene you’re about to photograph. The function is currently capable of recognising 20 types of scenes—including ‘Food’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Indoor scenes’ and ‘Landscapes’— and automatically adjusts the color tone based on how the scene is classified1.


The function corrects the saturation, white balance, brightness and contrast to provide the best possible image. And because it does not require a network connection, it’s always available to help make your photos look great.


Snap Flawless Photos

Even the best photos can be spoiled by a simple blink, a blur, a smudge on the lens, or by harsh, overpowering light behind the picture’s subject. That’s where the Note9’s Flaw Detection function comes in. Once a photo has been snapped, the feature automatically scans it for flaws and notifies you if any are found2.



The function helps users capture and save more memorable moments by ensuring that the picture they take is the best possible shot. Say you’re enjoying a special evening with friends and decide to immortalise it with a fun photo. Rather than realising later that your eyes were closed, with Flaw Detection you’ll be immediately informed of any flaws in your photo, so you can capture the memory with an additional shot.


Use The S Pen As A Remote For The Camera

The S Pen’s connectivity allows it to serve as an intuitive remote control for the Note9 that lets you easily manage key functions, including the device’s camera, meters away from the device. This means that when taking a selfie or a fun photo with friends, after launching the camera, rather than reaching for the shutter button (and possibly jeopardising your carefully framed shot), you can instantly snap your pic with a click of the S Pen’s button. A double-click will switch from the front to the rear camera, and vice versa.


Crisp Images In Any Lighting

Whether we’re at a restaurant, a concert, or simply enjoying a balmy evening under the summer sky, we’re constantly snapping photos in low-light environments. That’s why Samsung outfitted the Note9’s camera with an array of innovative technologies that allow it to produce stunning shots day or night.




Combining an F2.4 aperture lens with an F1.5, the brightest currently available on a smartphone, the Dual Aperture lens automatically adjusts to light just like the human eye, letting in more light when it’s dark and less when it’s bright to produce images that are crisp and clear.


The Note9’s multi-frame processing technology adds further clarity to photos taken under less-than-ideal lighting conditions. This technology, which combines several photos into one to create an optimal image, allows the camera to provide better HDR at night, and enriches the Live Focus feature with improved brightness and noise when taking pictures in low-light environments.


Capture More Moments In Epic Detail

The Note9’s camera also includes support for Samsung’s recently introduced Super Slow-mo function, which ramps the camera’s shutter speed up to 960 frames per second to allow users to record spectacular slow-mo videos. Four times slower than traditional slow-motion video, Super Slow-mo is powered by the camera’s Super Speed Dual Pixel image sensor, which supports much faster image processing thanks in part to its integrated DRAM memory chip. The feature also includes an automatic Motion Detection function that instantly starts recording as soon as it detects movement.



The Note9 allows users to transform 0.4 seconds of footage into approximately 12 seconds of Super Slow-mo video when taken in single shot mode3. Once a video is recorded, the feature automatically adds appropriate background music that makes the recorded moment even more epic.


More Customisable AR Emoji

The Note9 is absolutely packed with innovations that empower users’ creativity and self-expression, and the camera’s refined AR Emoji feature is one of the most dynamic examples of this. Capable of mimicking users’ movements in addition to supporting dozens of pre-set expressions, AR Emoji stickers offer a fun way to express yourself and inject personality into messages. The Note9 analyses your distinct facial features to generate a 3D avatar that matches your appearance.



The feature, whose face-tracking function was recently enriched with more landmark detector points, has been enhanced for the Note9 with an array of customisation options that make it easier for AR Emojis to copy your distinct style. With loads of new outfits and accessories to choose from, as well as the ability to fine-tune details like your hair style, skin tone and facial features, the opportunities for expression are endless.


Note9 users will also be able to customise the backgrounds of their stickers with an array of new options and enjoy access to Samsung and partners like Disney’s ever-growing roster of AR Emojis based on iconic cartoon characters—a roster that’s set to become even more fun and diverse with the feature’s open SDK (software development kit).


If any smartphone can capture our nation in all its glory, the Note9 is it.


1Accuracy may differ by settings and surrounding conditions.

2Accuracy of Flaw Detection function may differ depending on surrounding conditions or subject. Blink detection works within 1.5 meters and a maximum of 3 people are detectable at the same time. Blur detection feature senses when the camera shakes and recognises face blur in the photo.

3Video is initially recorded at 480fps and digitally converted into 960fps footage.


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