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Taking Control of Your World Just Got Cooler

on 16-10-2019

You can effortlessly control a Wind-Free™ air-conditioner no matter where you are


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 16 October 2019 – Technology has shaped our lives in extraordinary ways. In just a few decades, we’ve transformed our reality with the rise of the internet, smartphones, electric cars, biological engineering, artificial intelligence and even augmented reality. However, sometimes it’s the unseen technological solutions like air-conditioning that makes all the difference.


Samsung’s intelligent Wind-Free™ air-conditioner is an example of technology where you need it most. You can effortlessly start turning your home into a smart home through the SmartThings Hub and free app, add in your favourite products like your air-conditioner and take control from another room – or even on your way from work. The genius of this innovation doesn’t stop there though. This free, easy-to-use app lets you receive alerts, trigger actions and communicate with your home – no matter where you are.


“The power to control our world is now increasingly in our own hands. By combining innovations like Samsung Wind-Free™ air-conditioner and the pioneering SmartThings app, you can now seamlessly do what you couldn’t do before, “says Robert Larkin, Head of Digital Air Solutions at Samsung South Africa


Samsung’s Wind-Free™ technology is an example of smart airflow control. After you’ve selected the desired temperature, it works in two stages by cooling the room down, then it automatically switches to wind free where it maintains the ideal temperature without any direct wind by gently dispersing cool and still air through micro air holes for a natural cooling effect. This also negates the stuffiness people feel in artificially regulated temperatures. Additionally, Wind-Free™ air-conditioners have Virus Doctor, ground-breaking technology that helps those, who are susceptible to airborne allergies. In order to prevent harm from dust, viruses and bacteria which cause diseases, it creates fresh and healthy air by reducing viruses and neutralising active oxygen radicals. It’s revolutionary technology that makes an incredible difference. Controlling your world has never been cooler.


Wind-Free™ Recommended Retail Price:
*Wind-Free AR12NSPXAWK – RRP: R16 899.00
*Wind-Free AR18NSPXAWK – RRP: R19 799.00
*Wind-Free AR24NSPXAWK – RRP: R23 499.00
*Includes free delivery and installation

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