The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Receives Epic Media Reviews

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More than just a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is a new way to share the epic. The Galaxy’s epic camera gives users more freedom to explore their creativity, like capturing truly cinematic Nightography videos with transformative AI. The Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy unleashes premium experiences, including ground-breaking AI and future-ready mobile gaming features.


During the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, Samsung Electronics announced that the smartphone would “offer the best camera experience supported by the highest performance yet”. Fast forward a couple of months and the reviews are in. If many of the reviews and reports on it are anything to go by, the new Series has put its best foot forward and certainly hit all the right notes. Read on to see what some of South Africa’s top media had to say about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Series.



Samsung’s latest flagship has proven that the Galaxy S23 series is on par with what you’d expect from a premium phone in 2023. True to form, the Samsung S23 Plus and its epic sister, the S23 Ultra (which packs Samsung’s first ever 200MP main camera) are not only notably larger than their predecessors, but are more efficient in every way possible; from improved camera, efficient display and overall better specs, with the battery lasting 20 percent longer,” wrote Tankiso Komane, the award-winning publisher and journalist of Now in SA.


The Fortress of Solitude’s Evan Saunders, a seasoned professional with over two decades in technology journalism, shared his impressions about what comes out of the Galaxy S23 box. He said “although the S23 range still features the Android 13 OS, which many of the most recent smartphones were upgraded to in 2022, the new range comes with One UI 5.1 out of the box. This brings with it a host of optimisations and fresh features, especially in the form of multitasking.” He got to spend a few weeks with the Galaxy S23 Plus and his overall take on the device was that, “The Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus is a great standalone smartphone. It offers all the modern features you’d need in a daily driver and is optimised for long battery life and multitasking.


Another place where you can look for reviews on the plus and base devices in the Galaxy S23 series is HTXT, one of South Africa’s leading technology news and review sites. Hypertext’s editor, Robyn-Leigh Chetty said, “Samsung has pretty much perfected its flagship phone-making process.” When talking about performance the site said that that’s where the base Galaxy S23 really starts to shine. “Running things is the latest mobile silicon from Qualcomm, namely the octa-core Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, which is paired with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage. It is a solid mix that yields the best benchmarking we have recorded to date.” The site goes on to say the user interface is “relatively clean and simple to use and the modest 3 900mAh battery on offer delivers a surprisingly long amount of life, as we were able to get through a day and a half before a charge was required.”



As a final verdict, Hypertext said, “The base model Samsung Galaxy S23 is a good phone and the latest in a long line of flagship offerings from the South Korean outfit that delivers a simple and clean aesthetic, powerful performance, clear display, and solid battery life.


Top Tech Reviewer and editor of Stuff Magazine, Brett Venter took special note of the leaps in innovation in this new Galaxy S series. He said, “Samsung’s out to wow you and if you’ve been away from the upgrade game for a while, it absolutely will. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the company’s greatest phone to date. We kinda say that every year but it’s always true.



In closing, Brett Venter said this to his readers, “If you’re considering the Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’re probably after the power, the camera, or the stylus. Odds are you’re only reading reviews to reinforce how right your opinion is. Yes, yes. Well done. You’ve got your sights set on Samsung’s best smartphone to launch in 2023 (barring some sort of technological miracle).


The Galaxy S23 series doesn’t only make a case for itself as one of the best premium smartphone offerings, it does so while pursuing sustainability and giving users an epic experience at the same time.


In writing for the eco-conscious audience,  Accountancy SA (SAICA) magazine’s seasoned corporate business writer, Mpho Netshivhambe said “It is our responsibility today to take care about and for our environment so that future generations will enjoy the same benefits we enjoy. The Galaxy S23 raises the bar for premium technology designed with the planet in mind. It is made using even more recycled materials including pre-consumer recycled aluminium and recycled glass, and post-consumer recycled plastics sourced from discarded fishing nets, water barrels and polyethylene terephthalate bottles.


It looks like the media just can’t get enough of the Galaxy S23 series. Satisfy your curiosity, visit for more on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and for the Galaxy S23 Plus and Base smartphones.


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