The Smartest S Pen ever

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The Note9 works like magic. The S Pen is its powerful wand.


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 03 September 2018 – The S Pen isn’t for everyone. Or is it? The Samsung Note9 has changed the game. And it’s very possible that the S Pen will change how many people use their devices. The original S Pen separated the Galaxy Notes from other smartphones. But its now more than a highlight, it’s a full-blown, state-of-art advantage.


Justin Hume, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung South Africa, says, “The S Pen has been upgraded in a big way and the difference is clear. The Bluetooth-enabled feature has taken it far beyond a note-taking or doodle-making extra. It’s a remote control for a device that’s more powerful. There’s a multitude of situations in which a remote control for your phone makes sense. You can trigger your camera, skip songs on your playlist or change your presentation slides.”


That selfie on a majestic rockface, which requires a group jump into the air, just got more impressive. Once you’ve got your device pointed at you and set up to take a picture, you can leisurely walk away from it, S Pen in hand. When you’re sure that you and your group are ready for lift-off, so is your selfie wand. Just click it as you rise. When you land you’ll have a picture destined to amplify those sought-after social media loves. If not, the S Pen is still good to go again.


You’re playing music off Youtube or Spotify. Then it happens. You’ve somehow stumbled on a remixed and badly covered version of your favourite song. Skip. In an instant. That’s the power of the S Pen. So why not take that power into the boardroom? Controlling presentations has never been easier. You can change slides effortlessly, even pulling off moves like double clicking away a picture that really shouldn’t have been in your presentation in the first place – making it instantly disappear from the screen.


So with everything you’re suddenly using your remote for, the last thing you need is to lose your grip on your newfound power. No problem. Each time you slide the S Pen back into its dock on the phone, it recharges in under a minute. Holding on to your new prized possession is also a breeze. For added security, the S Pen will alert you the moment it detects that your phone is moving out of range.


The S Pen may just be what you never knew you wanted. And it just so happens to be a part of a game changing device. Maybe its time to consider what the Samsung Galaxy Note9 can do for you.

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