Watching A Fascinating New World Evolve

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How television has impacted human culture forever


• Technology has changed how we view the world
• Television has brought the world infinitely closer
• We can now experience what we never could before


Science made many rapid strides in the 20th century. Television is one of the most dramatic ways it has done so. The whole world now lives in our homes, from politics, science, sports, major moments in history – every facet of the planet and its people are available to us instantly. Through television, we have even broken down our perceptions of people, countries and stereotypes and revealed the commonality between us all. It has made the planet a global village. From grainy black and white visuals to crystal clear 8K the world’s eyes have opened wider and wider and impacted how we view our entire universe.

It’s Brought the World Closer


We now know more about the culture, geography, weather and everyday life of foreign lands. Faraway places with strange sounding names are more familiar to ordinary people. Television has in fact broken through the barriers of thousands of languages to communicate humanity’s shared language of love, family, friendship and the pursuit of happiness.


It’s Enriches Our Souls


The medium has however also showcased our common flaws such as greed, jealousy and betrayal. This is reflected in reality shows that feature the lives of everyday people, in dramas we just can’t get enough of. Perhaps they allow us to hide, or even explore our own fears and weaknesses. Either way, there are millions of people glued to the next reality TV star or family.


It Is One of the Greatest Teachers Ever


Whether you’re young or old, there are a multitude of programmes designed to educate us about the natural world, sciences, history, biology and geography. In many ways, it has brought subjects taught in school to life in a way that’s completely enthralling – engaging all the senses. On ground-breaking TV’s such as Samsung 8K QLED TV, you can see even more than the human eyes can see. It’s immersive viewing that puts the classroom in incredible places like the middle of the African Savanah during a stampede, deep within an erupting volcano bursting with heat and light or upon a cloud blissfully drifting through the air above a city.


“With innovative technology such as Samsung 8K QLED TV every scene is amazingly vivid and real. It’s designed for those who want the best combination of picture quality, smart TV capabilities and design – a way to bring the world and people together in a way we never could before, “says Nithia Pillay, Director of Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.


Ultimately, television allows us to connect with diverse people, travel to fascinating places, get a front row view of mesmerizing concerts, astounding world events and gain incredible human insights – all from the comfort of our couch. It’s a world worth watching.

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