What You Need To Know About Laundry Days

on 07-08-2018
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Choose the right washing machine for your needs, ensure your clothes are washed to perfection and keep your machine functioning optimally


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 07 August 2018 – With technology advancing almost daily, there are a few laundry day beliefs that most definitely don’t apply anymore. Certainly, the days of slogging over a washing tub filled with suds and afterwards squeezing and wringing soaked clothing and linen has long gone. But, while time and labour-saving laundry devices have been an essential part of daily life since the first electric washing machines came onto the market in 1904, modern-day machines offer far more than just an easier wash day.


Choosing the right machine for your home is largely down to your lifestyle habits. Large loads need higher capacity machines and for families who play hard, great stain removal is a must. Also, different types of fabrics require different treatment, so choosing a machine with a variety of cycle settings is imperative.


There was a time not too long ago that it was thought wise to build up a full load of washing before putting it in the machine. That’s no longer the case, especially with Samsung machines as they automatically weigh the load and then add the right amount of water, meaning you don’t waste a full load’s water on a half load. Today’s washing machine also don’t just have an on and off button. Laundry has become relatively scientific, allowing you to really hone down the exact needs of each load. For example, Samsung’s AddWash has 13 different cycles to facilitate every type of clothing and state of dirtiness. The Super Fast cycle allows up to 5 kilograms of clothes to be washed in under an hour and the Hard Spots and Easy Ironing modes help ensure wash days aren’t a major chore.


Justin Hume, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung South Africa, says, “Our innovative technology takes people into account – we know that nobody really enjoys laundry day, so we’ve integrated our latest advances to make life that much easier, as well as to ensure clothes are not only clean, but protected.”


When it comes to detergent, more is definitely not better. Most detergent manufacturers recommend the amount to use per wash cycle and putting too much in could have a negative effect on clothing and the machine itself. With Samsung’s Ecobubble technology, air, water and detergent are mixed before they come into contact with the load and the foam bubbles are absorbed more quickly and easily, increasing cleaning efficiency. There are two savings in this – you need less detergent and less heated water to get incredible results.


Most people believe that the inside of a washing machine is always clean – after all, clothes are regularly washed, so the inside must remain clean. This isn’t strictly true, with lint and soap build up. It is recommended that machines are cleaned once monthly by removing the residue of detergent and softener from the trays as well as lint from the filters to ensure optimal laundry cleaning. It’s also wise to give the rubber seal a wipe-down with a damp cloth and keep it open when not in use to ensure it stays dry so mould can’t build up. Samsung’s Wash & Dry WD7000 offers the function of automatically notifying users when the compartment requires cleaning.

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