Working from Home to Working from Your Phone: Discover How The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Is Set to Boost Your Productivity

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 13 October 2021 – Samsung’s most powerful foldable yet, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is opening up a new world of mobile productivity, giving you greater flexibility and more space to get work done. Much more than just a phone; it’s a smartphone, tablet and PC all in one, designed to make multitasking easy and seamless at work, at home and everywhere in between. With Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, South Africa’s trailblazers, entrepreneurs and business leaders can carry less and do more. Here are five gripping reasons to make the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G your next mobile device:




Double the screen space

Smartphone screens have gotten bigger over the last few years, but they’ve reached a limit. Foldables are the only form factor that gets more screen from a pocket-sized mobile device. Galaxy Z Fold3 5G starts as a sleek smartphone, ready for simple work tasks that only call for a glance and a few taps. It then unfolds to a 7.6-inch, 120Hz display in landscape mode, providing an expansive workspace so you can read, create, focus and get more work done. With the first ever under-display camera, you get an uninterrupted screen from edge to edge.


Work across multiple windows faster

The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is made for multitasking. Its user interface is tailored for the screen, allowing you to work across up to three windows at once. Foldable-optimised apps simplify the user experience even further. Microsoft has given your favourite Office tools a thoughtful update so you can edit, review and share documents on mobile like never before. Additionally, located on the right side of the screen in tablet mode, the Edge Panel is a home base for quickly accessing your most-used apps without disrupting your work. This toolbar is easily customisable, and when you find yourself frequently using the same apps together in Multi-Active Windows, you can save a pairing to the Edge Panel and launch your customised multitasking suite with just one tap. All of the apps in your pairing will open instantly — either refreshed or where you last left off, based on your settings.


Another great feature is its unique Drag and Drop functionality, which gives this device that extra bit of efficiency that makes all the difference when you’re immersed in work. Move images and text to and from emails, documents and presentations with a single motion — and no wasted time. For instance, you can drag an image from an email into a PowerPoint presentation as you’re preparing for an important meeting, or drag a paragraph from Word into a text message, without needing to copy and paste.


The first S Pen on a foldable device

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is the first Samsung foldable compatible with the S Pen, now with new models — the S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro — designed specifically for the foldable screen. Users who know and love this advanced stylus for note taking, annotating, editing and many other productivity tricks can take advantage of the wider, edge-to-edge display by purchasing a new S Pen Fold Edition or S Pen Pro for their Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. With capabilities as varied as converting handwriting to text, translating between multiple languages and using Smart Select to grab images and extract text, the S Pen lets users make the most of their mobile work suite. The S Pen Pro adds Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it as a remote control, particularly helpful for presentations.


Hands-free videoconferencing

When you flex the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, it stands upright on its own. Join a videoconference and you can chat hands-free with Galaxy Z Fold3 on your desk. Flex Mode videoconferencing is a major plus for business owners on the go. Whether you’re at the airport, in a hotel lobby or at a cafe, you have a device that stays standing for face-to-face meetings from afar. Meanwhile, you can use the bottom portion of the screen to take notes or view up to two other apps at the same time, without interrupting your call. And wherever you are, if there is a monitor nearby you can enjoy the fact that this incredible device has the computing power of a PC, and can virtually transform into one using Samsung DeX, which extends your mobile device into a desktop experience. By connecting your Galaxy Z Fold3 5G to a larger monitor, you can work seamlessly in a PC-like environment while your phone remains free for other uses. You can run DeX wirelessly on any Miracast-enabled display, including Samsung’s new Smart Monitor. If you don’t have a Miracast display, you can connect the device to your monitor via an HDMI to USB-C cable. Use Galaxy Z Fold3 5G as a trackpad, or free up the device for calls, texts and multitasking by connecting a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Galaxy Z Fold3 5G with DeX is the ideal solution for hot-desking and the hybrid workplace.


Next-level camera

The Galaxy Z Fold3 5G delivers an impressive camera system with some innovative new features. Making full use of the 7.6-inch interior display, Capture View allows you to view your latest photos on the left panel as you frame your next shot on the right. You can also activate the cover screen preview to let your subjects see themselves in real time as you snap away. It is also equipped with a front-facing camera on the cover screen, as well as the nearly invisible under-display camera when you’re in tablet mode. On the back of the device, you get a three-lens camera system including an ultra-wide angle lens so you can capture incredible shots of any subject.


From phone to tablet to PC, Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is a three-in-one powerhouse that will change the way you work. Upgrade to this one-of-a-kind device to multiply your productivity and be an early adopter of the foldable form factor that’s making mobile work and play more flexible than ever.


“As Samsung, we’re pleased to once again be redefining the possibilities with foldable smartphones. I have myself switched to the Galaxy Z Fold 5G and am excited at just how much my new favourite device empower users with the flexibility and versatility needed for today’s fast-paced world,” said Justin Hume, Director: Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa. This device unlocks new ways to maximise and enjoy every moment with a work-friendly ecosystem built on openness and innovation. The future is foldable.”

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