Cool down without the blast with Samsung’s new era of Air Conditioners

October 29, 2020
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Samsung Electronics Australia today announced the release of two new Air Conditioner models, the GEO AR5500 and award-winning GEO Wind-Free™ AR9500. Packed with intuitive features and smart innovations, the new range includes air filtration, dehumidification functions and in-built Wi-Fi features that make it ideal all year-round.


Designed to enhance comfort levels in the home, Samsung’s innovative Wind-Free™ system* disperses air gently and quietly through an astounding 23,000 micro air holes, leaving no unpleasant feeling of cold wind on your skin.


“The Wind-Free Air Conditioner range from Samsung is a breakthrough for our portfolio of air solutions that have been selected and calibrated to help make Australian homes more comfortable through our chilly winters and hot summers.” said Mike Lilly, Head of Product and Operations Air Conditioning, Samsung Electronics Australia.

“With our new wind free technology, people will barely even notice air movement in the room as it is cooled by these air conditioner units. Once the desired temperature is reached, the system disperses fresh air uniformly without the unpleasant blast of wind.”

“With summer fast approaching an efficient cooling system like Wind-Free™ can make all the difference to your time spent indoors. With a focus on clean air and smart, efficient technologies, these air conditioners are perfectly suited for the Australian climate,” Lilly added.


Fast and Quiet Cooling

Ideal for all types of households, the latest Samsung Air Conditioner range features technology to cool spaces quickly. The advanced design consists of a large fan unit; large air intake area and a wide blade to help disperse conditioned air throughout the room. Samsung’s Air Conditioners take the guess work out of settings and adjusts itself according to room conditions, outside temperature and previous usage patterns with the inclusion of the AI Auto Cooling feature. This innovative feature learns how you use your unit and customises the setting to suit i.

The Wind-Free™ AR9500’s Good Sleep mode can help create the ideal sanctuary for sleeping – without an unpleasant cold air flow.* Good Sleep Mode automatically adjusts the air flow direction and fan speed at a pre-set temperature and an operating time the user controls. Perfect for those hot humid nights, Dry Mode helps remove high humidity from the room and the Wind-Free™ model also uses a Humidity Sensor which accurately measures the humidity.

The range also features Digital Inverter Boost technology which is designed to maintain the desired temperature with less fluctuation and reduce energy consumption by up to 73%ii. It also uses strong magnets made of Neodymium and includes a twin-tube muffler to minimise noise and vibration.


Clean Air

The Wind-Free™ AR9500 model also boasts two Tri-Care filters which helps keeps the air you breathe hygienic, maintains the performance of the unit and can collect up to 98.8% of inactivate bacteria iii, selected virusesiv and allergensv. Its three layers include a high-density filter that is designed to help extract large dust particles, fibres and even animal hairs. It has a Zeolite Coating Filter that helps capture fine dust, and reduce certain potentially dangerous viruses, bacteria and allergens.

The Tri-Care filter has received approval for its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial features by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive’s Choice® program. The non-for-profit seeks to inform the public about asthma and allergy management and empower consumers to identify asthma and allergy-aware products and services.


When the Air Conditioner units are turned off, the Auto Clean function automatically runs the fan on low speed for a period of time to dry off moisture within the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. This keeps the unit dry, minimising the growth of bacteria.


Simple Design & Usability

The Wind-Free™ model recently took home a Good Design Award being praised for simple design with a powerful set of features that are executed perfectly. Samsung’s Geo Wind-Free™ models also have WiFi connectivity, allowing users to control and monitor the air conditioner remotely via the Samsung SmartThings App – pre-setting temperature and

time form anywhere, at any timevi.


Pricing and Availability

The Samsung GEO Wind-Free™ AR9500 and GEO AR5500 are available now.

GEO Wind-Free™ AR9500                    Capacity Room Size Guide^                     RRP

2.5kW                                                           9 – 28m2                                                       $1,099.00

3.5kW                                                          25 – 38m2                                                     $1,299.00

5.0kW                                                          35 – 55m2                                                     $1,799.00

7.0kW                                                           48 – 72m2                                                     $1,999.00

8.0kW                                                         55 – 85m2                                                      $2,499.00


GEO AR5500                                            Capacity Room Size Guide^                      RRP

2.5kW                                                         9 – 28m2                                                         $999.00

3.5kW                                                        25 – 38m2                                                        $1,199.00

5.0kW                                                        35 – 55m2                                                        $1,599.00

6.8kW                                                        48 – 72m2                                                        $1,899.00

8.0kW                                                        55 – 85m2                                                        $2,299.00





i A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. Stores user data, preferences and usage patterns to suggest the most appropriate operating function.

ii Tested on AR09TXCAAWKNEU model, and compared to Samsung model AQ09TSLXEA

iii Tested the plaque number of virus detected after passing through the tri care filter (PFU/ml) in controlled room conditions. Based on Intertek tests.
iv Based on pollen allergen reduction, concentration of each allergen quantified by ELISA. Study conducted by ITEA (Institute of Tokyo Environmental Allergy

v Antibacterial assessment conducted by Intertek, with reference to KS K 0693:2016, on ATCC 6538 and ATC 4352.

vi Each SmartThings compatible device requires a network connection. Feature performance may vary based on distance and network quality. All devices should be registered with a single Samsung Account. Compatible devices and available features depend on country, region and carrier. Check compatible devices and available features at Samsung SmartThings App search or in the SmartThings app. A Wi-Fi connection and compatible phone is required



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