IFA 2023: Samsung SmartThings connects people to the things that matter most

August 31, 2023
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Samsung reveals new research demonstrating consumers’ latest desires for technology in the home


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today showcased its latest innovations for the connected home. During its IFA 2023 press conference, the company highlighted its vision for SmartThings is to enable consumers to prioritise the topics they care about – from helping to save energy, increasing security and access to great entertainment to making their everyday lives more efficient. The ever-growing SmartThings ecosystem allows its 285 million users to adapt and personalise their homes to suit their needs, seamlessly connecting and controlling multiple compatible appliances and devices via one app[1].


Samsung’s presence at IFA 2023 comes as the company shares new consumer research, conducted across Europe to understand evolving needs for technology in the home[2].


“Samsung is passionate about connecting our users to the people, places and pastimes that matter most to them,” said Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Europe. “We will continue to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest innovations in technology to make sure the SmartThings ecosystem grows and develops in a way that allows people to make even more of the connections that matter.”


Enhancing the at-home experience


The SmartThings app allows users to control their homes from anywhere, helping them to enjoy seamless entertainment as well as keeping them safe. Across Europe, our homes continue to be more important than ever as they play multiple roles each day – from offices to places for relaxation and entertainment. Seven in ten consumers (71%) agree that technology has a positive impact on their everyday living, including how they interact with their friends and family, how they conduct their chores and how they enjoy their hobbies¹.


Now, those with a passion for food can fully connect themselves to the joy of cooking and eating with Samsung Food, the new all-in-one app for recipe searching, saving and sharing, meal planning, cooking and grocery shopping. Announced at the press conference, Samsung Food is available in 104 countries and eight languages, and puts the world’s food knowledge at users’ fingertips, empowering them to make the food, health and cooking decisions that are right for them. It can also connect to users’ kitchens, instantly sending the right time and temperature to their compatible Samsung oven. With more than 160,000 recipes, there will always be something new to cook.


By the end of the year, using Food AI, Samsung Food will provide personalised recipes reflecting users’ dietary requirements, such as converting recipes into a vegan version in just a few taps. In a further enhancement due later this year, it will link with Samsung Health so tailored meal plans can be adapted to suit preferences and dietary requirements, as well as support users in reaching their health goals[3]. In 2024, using Vision AI technology, Samsung Food will use photos taken of meals to check nutritional information, recognise ingredients and recommend the best recipes to use them in[4].



As the number one TV brand for 17 years in a row[5], Samsung has an unrivalled commitment to entertainment. It has completed its super screen line up with the launch of the 4K Q80C and  98” Neo QLED 8K, which will be available in Australia via special order only.  Samsung plans to bring its full range of Micro LED screens to Australia by the end of the year, offering incredible contrast and jaw-dropping detail that places viewers in the middle of the action whether gaming or watching films.


To celebrate Disney’s 100th anniversary, Samsung has announced new Disney themed artwork that will be available on The Frame TV via the Art Store[6]. Over 100 pieces of iconic art from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm and National Geographic, as well as classic images of Mickey, Minnie, Woody, Cinderella and many others, will be available. Users can also display their family photos for a magical home environment.


Also announced at the press conference was the global launch of The Freestyle 2nd Gen. This versatile, portable projector delivers a big screen experience wherever the user chooses – even on the ceiling. The Smart Edge Blending feature offers landscape and portrait screen experiences, meaning two Freestyle 2nd Gen projectors can be paired to give a 160” panoramic and 120” vertical viewing experience[7]. What is more, with complete access to the Samsung Gaming Hub[8], users of the Freestyle 2nd Gen can enjoy the biggest games from Samsung’s streaming partners.


In partnership with Xbox and Bethesda Softworks, this now includes Starfield[9], the stunning, next-generation role-playing game set amongst the stars. Playable through the Samsung Gaming Hub with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, without the need for a console[10].


Taking small steps for our planet


Samsung is committed to developing products and services that can help people save money and take steps towards a better planet. These topics are high on the agenda for consumers too, over three quarters (77%) say they seek out tech products that save energy – not only to save money, but for the benefit of the environment too4. Two-thirds (67%) also consider it important that their next appliance can connect to an app that allows them to monitor and reduce their energy consumption4.


With energy prices increasing across Europe[11], 72% of those asked are concerned about the cost of running appliances in their home[12]. To help combat this, SmartThings Energy can help users optimise the energy used across their appliances to suit their needs and lower usage.


Keeping your home secure


Samsung understands the reassurance that smart technology can provide across the generations. Security was an emerging theme from the research conducted. Watching their home while they aren’t there (54%), feeling safer when home alone (39%) and keeping their family safe when they are out of the house (39%) are seen as the key safety benefits of smart technology[13].


The SmartThings ecosystem includes a range of partners who are committed to helping people keep their homes and loved ones safe. This now includes Yale, a leading brand in home security. The Yale Linus® Smart Lock and the new Smart Opener for Gate & Garage enable doors and gates to be locked remotely via the app to ensure peace of mind for all family members.


Unlocking the future through smart technology


Samsung is invested in a future built around the possibilities that technology can unlock. One area it aims to make a difference is in making the technology for smart homes more easily available. The research shows a quarter of Europeans consider the inclusion of smart technology to be a key factor in the desirability of their next home and over three quarters of respondents said fully functional smart homes are appealing (77%)12.


Understanding this, Samsung is working to make these possibilities a reality and it believes in the power of collaboration when it comes to driving this vision forward. By partnering with ABB Smart Buildings and SMA, one of the world’s leading providers of photovoltaic and storage system technology, it hopes to connect people more closely to their homes by embedding the possibilities of smart technology into houses before they are bought. By integrating ABB and SMA products into SmartThings Energy, homes can become safer, smarter and efficient. For example, the ability to run appliances at the optimum time, tracking energy use to adjust consumption based on energy prices and usage patterns, and optimising energy use based on solar production.


[1] SmartThings app requires Samsung Account, internet connection and SmartThings enabled devices. Please visit www.samsung.com/au/apps/smartthings/ for a list of current compatible devices.

[2] Conducted in conjunction with Opinium amongst 2,500 adults from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Polled between the 28th of July and the 1st of August 2023.

[3]The availability of this feature in Australia is yet to be released.

[4] The availability of this feature in Australia is yet to be released.

[5]Source – Omdia, Jan-2023. Based on overall TV market share by manufacturer on an annual unit & revenue basis.

[6] Supplied with 20 artworks. Additional artworks (including Disney themed collection) available for purchase or via subscription. Internet connection required.

[7] Requires 2 x units of The Freestyle (2023). Both projectors and your mobile phone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Requires SmartThings. Feature currently supports image content only on Galaxy and iOS devices. Video content is unsupported on iOS devices and requires future software updates on Galaxy devices (to be released in 2023) to support both image and video content.

[8] Internet connection, additional gaming service subscriptions and third party apps may be required. Content services are subject to change without notice. Requires Samsung Account.

[9] Starfield has been given a restricted (R18+) rating by the Australian Classification Board.

[10] Internet connection, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and compatible controller required. Fees apply.

[11] GreenMatch. https://www.greenmatch.co.uk/blog/energy-prices-europe

[12] Conducted in conjunction with Opinium amongst 2,500 adults from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Polled between the 28th of July and the 1st of August 2023.

[13] Conducted in conjunction with Opinium amongst 2,500 adults from the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. Polled between the 28th of July and the 1st of August 2023.

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