Make Old Air New Again with Samsung Air Purifiers

August 13, 2020
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Samsung Electronics Australia today announced the release of a new Air Purifier range designed to keep homes healthy and clean to help Australians breathe cleaner air. Packed with intuitive features and smart technologies, the new Air Purifier range demonstrates Samsung’s industry-leading technology with modern design, to create meaningful solutions for real problems consumers face at home.


With Australians spending up to 90% of their daily lives indoors1, breathing clean air while at home has never been more importanti. While many of us are aware of the pollution in our modern lives, very few are aware that indoor air quality can be two to five times worse than outside air2 containing common airborne particles such as gases, dust, chemicals, bacteria and various odours that come with everyday lifestyles.


“Air Purifiers are designed to make air in the home as pure and healthy as possible” said Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia. “Australians are conscious of the air we breathe and at Samsung we are committed to bringing meaningful innovation into homes that help make our lives easier, which is especially true of Air Purifiers as we approach hay fever season.”


Ideal for families with children, households with pets or asthma and allergy sufferers, Air Purifiers can capture up to 99.97%3 of ultrafine dust and even bacteria to help combat seasonal allergens and make old air, new again4. Airborne particles can be 70x smaller than the diameter of a single strand of hair, with items smaller than 2.5 ㎛ potentially having serious health consequences for children, the elderly and allergy sufferers5.


Samsung’s new range is designed specifically to purify air in all types of living spaces quickly and powerfully. For large rooms, the AX7500 and AX5500 utilise a 3-way air flow and dual power fan. The front air inflow draws in air from the front, which ensures it operates just as effectively even if it’s placed against a wall. It then goes through three distinct filters to offer a multi layered purification system that is designed to capture airborne particles, harmful gases and inhibits the spread of captured bacteria:

• Washable Pre-Filter: designed to capture larger dust particles, like pollen, general house dust and pet dander

• Activated Carbon Deodorisation Filter: designed to capture harmful gases and unpleasant odours, like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, cooking odours and household cleanersii

• True HEPA Filer: capturing up to 99.97% of 0.3 ㎛ ultra fine dust like smoke, mould and exhaust fumes and inhibits the spread of captured bacteria


The dual power fan then quickly distributes the purified air through the 3-way air holes (top, right and left).6


Samsung Air Purifiers work quickly and effectively, using a comprehensive detection system with advanced sensors and a display that can provide users with precise information about current indoor air quality conditions. The intuitive ‘4 colour indicator’ display changes in real-time whilst Dust and Gas Laser sensors can automatically monitor and adjust fan speeds to maintain healthy air quality.

Select models across the range are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users to monitor and control their indoor air quality from anywhere, and conveniently by using the SmartThings app. With a simple touch or voice command using Bixby, users can turn the unit on or off, check the air quality and control functions. 7


Samsung’s new Air Purifiers also feature ‘Whisper Quiet Sleep Mode’ that switches display lights off, operates with a softer air flow and is whisper quiet (20dBA8), to help create a comfortable sleeping environment. For ongoing clean air, the Air Purifier will notify the user when the filter needs to be replaced. Depending on level of usage this can happen from 1-3 years of use. Replacement filters can be purchased online and through retailers.


Thoughtful design ensures the Air Purifiers are compact to fit smartly into any home, while concealed wheels make light work of moving it from room to room depending on your needs. A child lock also helps provide peace of mind and can prevent accidental changes in settings, whilst a timer to pre-schedule activity helps minimise energy consumption.


The new Air Purifier range is available now from select retailers nationally and online at


Samsung Air Purifier Range Pricing

Model                 RRP                          Retailers                                                                               Availability

AX9500             $1,299.00                                                                  November

AX7500             $999.00         , JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys            Now

AX5500             $799.00         , JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys            Now

AX40T3030      $449.00        , Bunnings                                        Now

AX34T3020      $449.00        , The Good Guys                             Now


Filer replacements

Replacement carbon and HEPA filer                                                 RRP, ex GST

AX9500                                                CFX-H100/GB                        $199

AX7500                                                CFX-C100/GB                         $149

AX5500                                                CFX-D100/GB                        $149

AX40T3030 & AX34T3020             CFX-G100/GB                        $119



Samsung Air Purifier Range Models


The AX9500 includes Samsung’s innovative Wind-Free™ technology, which disperses clean air gently and quietly through approximately 60,000 micro-holes, with less draft and noise level.

The AX9500 comes in a modern, cube-style shape and metal finish that blends well with even the most stylish of contemporary interiors. Also modular in design, it can be easily stacked and set up, and each unit comes with its own docking component. The AX9500 also features a Numeric EasyView Display and a Laser PM sensor. The sensor monitors air quality in realtime, identifying gaseous contaminants and particles smaller than 1.0 ㎛. Users can see the results on the display, which shows the level of PM1.0/2.5/10 size pollution and the overall air quality level with a 4-color Indicator. Wi-Fi connectivity.



The AX7500 offers fast and wide coverage that consumers need from an Air Purifier, with the ability to reach from corner to corner in the room thanks to its Front Air Inflow designed to draw air in easily, while the Dual Power Fan discharges the air following the purification process using its 3-Way Air Flow. The AX7500 also features a numeric air quality display and a Laser PM 1.0 sensor, which monitors air quality in real-time, displaying the air quality level with a 4-colour Indicator. Wi-Fi connectivity.



The AX5500 offers fast and wide coverage that consumers need from an Air Purifier. The front air inflow is designed to draw air in easily. After going through the purification process, a power fan then quickly distributes the clean air in multiple directions using its 3-Way Air Flow. This enables the airflow to reach a wider area more quickly, achieving a particle clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 455 cubic meters per hour. The AX5500 also features a numeric air quality display and a Laser PM 1.0 sensor. The sensor monitors air quality in real-time, displaying the air quality level with a 4-color Indicator. The unit also features hidden wheels that let users easily move the unit where they need it most. Wi-Fi connectivity.




The AX40T3030 helps users check the indoor air quality more intuitively, utilising dust and gas sensors to monitor air quality and to optimise the operating modes automatically. The AX40T3030 also blends perfectly with a relaxing and cozy atmosphere at home.




The AX34T3020 has a number of features that enhance user convenience, such as its Sleep Mode function that optimises operations so it runs quietly. It features sensors for dust and gas which work with the Air Purifier’s intuitive 4-color Indicator as well as visually demonstrating air pollution levels in real time.

The AX34T3020 is also easy to operate and maintain – it’s as simple as opening the rear door and removing the washable Pre Filter which only needs periodic cleaning. While the 2-in-1 design of the HEPA filtration system, with its ultrafine dust filter and Activated Carbon Deodorisation filter will indicate with a blinking light on the unit when it’s time to be changed.




1 EPA IAQ Standards and Guidelines

2 EPA IAQ Standards and Guidelines

3 The filter media has over 99.97% dust collection efficiency, based on a particle size of 0.26 ㎛, as specified by 42 CFR part 84. Tested in the National Test Institute of Korea. Tested on AX40M3040WMD for xylene, benzene, ethylbenzene, styrene & formaldehyde gases in KCL (Korea Conformity Laboratories). Tested on the AX40J5009UW/SC for TVOC gases in the National Test Institute of China. Antibacterial function tested on the filter media of the dust collecting filter in the National Test Institute of Korea.

4 Samsung defines ‘New Air’ once air passed through a HEPA standard filter.

5 EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and Danish Cancer Society Research Center

6 Available in models: AX5500 and AX7500

7 Models include AX5500, AX7500 and AX9500. SmartThings & requires sign up and pairing with a compatible device.

8 Metric for model AX34T3020



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