Samsung brings BESPOKE Refrigerator to Australia, expanding its BESPOKE Home Connected Living Range

October 13, 2022
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Samsung’s new Bespoke Refrigerator taps into trends of modularity and customisation, responding to Australians’ desire for personalisation, flexible functionality, and a bespoke aesthetic in every room of the house.

Samsung brings its range of customisable BESPOKE Refrigerators to Australia


Samsung Electronics Australia has expanded its Bespoke Home range with the introduction of Bespoke Refrigerator – a new category of premium customisable fridges that can be personalised via an array of stylish colour and spatial combinations to fit individual aesthetics and household needs. Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator range is available from today via Harvey Norman, Winnings Appliances, The Good Guys, and Samsung Online Store, with prices starting from $2,999[1].


Bespoke Refrigerator now sits at the heart of Samsung’s award-winning Bespoke Home range of appliances, centered on innovation, design, customisation, sustainability, and flexible functionality for every room.


Since the pandemic, Australians have become increasingly attentive to the way appliances fit into their living spaces, with the majority agreeing that dated looking appliances get under their skin[2] – especially the fridge[3]. With the ability to combine modular units, colours and textures to adapt to suit a customer’s lifestyle as their needs change and grow – whether it’s having identical fridge/freezers or taking a more eclectic ‘enhance, elevate, and expand’ approach – the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator range has a solution for everyone.


“At Samsung, we believe that Bespoke Home is more than a product range or category. Bespoke is a way of living that can be brought to life through products that can be customised to suit individual styles and needs, offering both form and function for today’s design-conscious consumers,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President – Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia. “We’re excited to bring our Bespoke Home appliance series to the kitchen with Bespoke Refrigerator, giving Australians yet another opportunity to tailor their home to their individual styles and needs.”


“Samsung already has a range of award-winning[4] Bespoke Home appliances available in Australia including our Bespoke Jet stick vacuum, Bespoke AirDresser and Bespoke CubeTM air purifiers. Given the kitchen is the heart of the home, we see the Bespoke Refrigerator as the pinnacle of what this customisable range of products can offer to our customers.”


Bespoke Refrigerator: Designed for you, by you


Samsung’s Bespoke Single-door freezer in Cotta White, Bespoke Single-door freezer in Clean Pink, and Single-door Freezer Satin Blue.


Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator line-up offers a selection of premium modular fridges based on more considerations than ever before, including customer personal taste, lifestyle needs, and a desire to make more sustainable choices. Available in four, two, and single-door options, there are no limitations on the number of modular fridges that can be combined. The Free-Standing Bespoke French-Door Refrigerator with an Integrated Beverage CentreTM completes the range, helping to cater to the varying needs of Australian households.


Truly innovative, the Bespoke Refrigerator line-up can be further customised by mixing and matching interchangeable panels from a stylish colour palette consisting of Cotta White and Cotta Charcoal in a metal finish, in addition to Clean Pink, Clean Navy, Satin Blue, Satin Grey and Satin Beige in a glass finish, with more colours and finishes to be available in the future.


Blending premium function with custom design, the internal spacing of each Bespoke Refrigerator model can be further personalised with individual temperature controls for different sections such as produce and beverages. Together, these external and internal customisation options enable Australians to design their ideal kitchen space and elevate the home appliance experience.


Furthermore, modular units and individual colour panels can be changed, combined and upgraded[5] as often as desired, ensuring the fridge is flexible to the needs of the user for longer.


The Bespoke Refrigerator range includes:


  • Modular Single-door Refrigerator or Freezer options (1-door)
  • Modular Bottom Mount Refrigerator (2-door)
  • Modular French-Door Refrigerator (4-door)
  • Free-Standing French-Door Refrigerator with Beverage CentreTM (4-door)


“Australia is among the leading markets for Samsung’s lifestyle television range and in particular, our customisable Frame TV. Similar to the Frame, our Bespoke Home products represent the very best in tech but with design and style at the forefront. Given this success, we know that Bespoke Refrigerator and the broader Bespoke Home range is going to be extremely popular with our local consumers,” said Mr Senior.


Adapting to lifestyle needs with uncompromising functionality


Samsung’s Bespoke Bottom Mount Refrigerator in Cotta White in modular configuration with Satin Beige Single-door Freezer and Clean Navy Single-door Fridge.


In addition to its dynamic range of colours, materials and modules, the Bespoke Refrigerator range delivers premium flexible functionality, and includes many of the advanced refrigeration features[6] that Samsung is renowned for as a home appliance market leader.


Features include Triple Cooling™[7] which provides optimal control of temperature and humidity in each compartment while helping to keep food fresher for longer[8]. FlexZone™[9] and Convertible Modes[10] can transform freezer modules and compartments into additional fridge space and back again simply and easily – perfect for entertaining.


Furthermore, plumbed and non-plumbed Ice-Makers[11] have been built into Bespoke Refrigerator doors with slim designs to free up valuable storage space, proving that form shouldn’t compromise function. Select models also boast Wine Shelves[12] and Slide & Fold shelves[13] to personalise use for every passion, entertaining style, and family dynamic.


Bespoke Home connected living: Designed to be seen


Samsung’s award-winning Bespoke Home range includes Bespoke Refrigerator, Bespoke AirDresser, Bespoke Jet stick vacuum, and Bespoke CubeTM Air Purifiers.


The Bespoke Refrigerator French-door models are Wi-Fi enabled, providing integrated control such as energy usage, monitor and change temperature via Samsung’s SmartThings app[14].


These select Bespoke Refrigerator models join the Bespoke AirDresser, Bespoke Jet, and Bespoke CubeTM Air Purifiers – in addition to over 7,000 smart household devices[15] including Samsung’s The Frame, The Serif, and The Sero lifestyle TVs – on SmartThings, as the central platform to personalise, manage, and simplify smart home experiences[16].


“Bespoke empowers Australians to play an active role in customising their appliances so they look, function, and evolve with each individual’s lifestyle needs and preferences,” said Mr Senior. “Paired with our consolidated SmartThings platform, Samsung is enabling devices to seamlessly connect and adapt to individual routines and lifestyles, ultimately helping people lead more intuitive and comfortable lives,” Senior concluded.


Pricing and availability


Samsung’s Bespoke Refrigerator range is available from today via Harvey Norman, Winnings Appliances, The Good Guys, and Samsung Online Store.


  • SDFX3100N 387L Bespoke Modular Single-door Refrigerator – RRP: $2,999
  • SDFX3500N 323L Bespoke Modular Single-door Freezer – RRP: $2,999
  • SRLX4100N 339L Bespoke Modular Bottom Mount Refrigerator – RRP: $3,099
  • SRFX9500N 596L Bespoke Modular French-Door Refrigerator – RRP: $6,599
  • SRFX9550N 647L Bespoke Free-Standing French-Door Refrigerator with Beverage CentreTM – RRP: $6,099


For more information about the range, please visit or start designing your very own Bespoke Refrigerator via Samsung’s Online Design Studio


[1] RRP is $2,999 for the Bespoke Modular Single-door Refrigerator model and Bespoke Modular Single-door Freezer model.

[2] Fifty-six per-cent of Australians agree that a dated looking appliance bothers them. One Samsung report, July 2022 (n=1,022, Australians aged 18+, nationally representative on age, gender and metro/regional split), Nature Research.

[3] Forty-eight per-cent of Australians identify their fridge as a dated appliance in their home. One Samsung report, July 2022 (n=1,022, Australians aged 18+, nationally representative on age, gender and metro/regional split), Nature Research.

[4] Awards include but are not limited to: Canstar Blue 2022 Innovation Excellence Award – Bespoke Home range; Canstar Blue “Most Satisfied Customers” Award 2022 – Bespoke Jet Stick Vacuum; Good Design Award Gold Accolade each given to Bespoke Cube Air Purifier AX53, Bespoke Refrigerator, and Samsung Bespoke AirDresser in 2022.The Samsung Bespoke AirDresser and Air Purifier ranges have earned Sensitive Choice tick of approval from the National Asthma Council of Australia.

[5] Additional costs may apply.

[6] Features vary per BESPOKE Refrigerator model. Addition of new units is only available for Modular models with the pairing kit. Excludes the French Door with Beverage CentreTM model RF65A9675AP/SA. Please visit to explore the features.

[7] Available for Bespoke FDR w/Beverage Centre and Bespoke Modular FDR models only.

[8] Based on testing comparing Samsung Triple Cooling System with Samsung All Around / Mono Cooling Systems.

[9] Available for BESPOKE FDR w/Beverage CentreTM and Bespoke Modular FDR models only.

[10] Available for BESPOKE Single Door Freezer only.

[11] Bespoke Modular FDR offers a non-plumbed auto ice maker. Bespoke FDR w/Beverage CentreTM offers a plumbed dual ice maker. BESPOKE Single Door Freezer offers a plumbed Slim Ice Maker.

[12] Available on Bespoke Bottom Mount Refrigerator SRLX4100N and Bespoke Single Door Refrigerator SDFX3100N.

[13] Bespoke Single Door Refrigerator SDFX3100N.

[14] Requires download of the SmartThings app and a Samsung account.

[15] Based on ‘Samsung Openness 2022’ kit.

[16] Requires download of the SmartThings app and a Samsung account. 

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