Samsung expands its Air Purifier range to introduce the Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46

March 30, 2023
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Samsung taps into Australian’s desire for cleaner, fresher air with seasonal changes approaching.
SmartThings and Wi-Fi enabled, the new Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 is a convenient solution to help reduce pollutants in the home.  

Samsung Electronics Australia has announced the latest addition to its air purification range—the
Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46, which is now available to purchase at leading retailers including Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, and The Good Guys, in addition to the Samsung Online Store (RRP $699). 


The Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 uses 3 Way Air Flow to complete the purification process quickly, and can automatically optimise your air quality through preset filters in Auto Mode. 


It’s built-in Wi-Fi and connectivity application, SmartThings[1], allows users to control and monitor the air pollution levels in their homes from anywhere at any time, adjusting power and fan speed across three levels to suit the needs of the space. 


With the Australian summer coming to an end, Michael Lilly, Head of Product – Air Solutions, Samsung Electronics Australia, says air purification is a critical consideration for any household to help withstand the seasonal changes ahead.  


“The new Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 offers Australian consumers a quick and easy way to give every space – from their open plan living rooms, to cosy home offices, right up to corporate spaces – more breathable air, free of pet allergens, common allergens, and potentially harmful odours through seasonal transitions.” 


“Designed to strike the ideal balance between premium aesthetics and powerful features that help eliminate dust and deodorise spaces, the AX46 provides consumers more options to suit their lifestyles.”  


A new addition to Samsung’s range of award-winning Air Purifiers

Awarded with the National Asthma Council’s Sensitive Choice Accreditation badge, the Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 is ideal for supporting Australians affected by asthma or allergies, as determined by an independent expert panel. Its anti-bacterial dust-collecting filter contains zinc oxide, which has excellent bacteriostatic properties to help reduce the growth of certain bacteria in a space by up to 99.9%[2].


HEPA filtration keeping your space clean and clear of 99.97% bacteria, dust and pet dander

Offering a HEPA filtration system and designed to work in whisper quiet conditions, the Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 gives consumers the convenience of eliminating up to 99.97% of 0.3㎛[3] ultra-fine dust and certain harmful gasses[4] at the touch of a button. This powerful filtration is particularly helpful for those living with furry family members, providing a solution to help keep their home free of pet-related allergens and odours by using an Anti-Bacterial Dust Collecting Filter with Zinc Oxide to clear harmful bacteria[3]. 

The Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 helps to improve the air quality in homes and corporate settings


The Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 covers up to 60m[2], making it an excellent fit for large spaces like open plan homes or office floors. In addition, it is fitted with neatly hidden moving wheels, allowing consumers to simply push or pull the AX46 to any space that needs more intensive purifying. The sleek and stylish silver tones make blending the Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 into any space simple. Its clever design also makes cleaning and maintaining the filters a pain-free process. 


Key features of the Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 include:  


  • Removes up to 99.97% of ultra-fine dust[2] – using a washable Pre-Filter, the AX46 extracts larger dust particles and activates its Carbon Deodorisation filter to remove harmful gases. 
  • Includes built-in Wi-Fi with SmartThings[1] – to remotely take care of your air from any place. This feature enables users to set a timer, turn the device on and off, and automatically begin purifying when the air quality worsens.  
  • Whisper quiet sleep mode – enables a softer, quieter air flow to help users to enjoy a good night’s sleep. With the settings and lighting on the display reduced, there is little to no chance of being disturbed while air is being thoroughly purified.  
  • Fast purification with 3 Way Air Flow[5]
  • Clean air delivery rate up to 467m3 p/hr[4]  – to ensure your space is constantly being restored with the fresh air and comfortable air quality. 


Pricing and availability

Samsung’s Versatile Plus Air Purifier AX46 has an RRP of $699 and is available now in stores and online via Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, The Good Guys, and the Samsung Online Store. 


Samsung’s Air Purifier range has been created to equip Australian consumers with the most optimal functionality and experience for open homes, commercial and corporate spaces. To find out more, visit  


[1]Compatible with Android 11 or later and Samsung Galaxy devices with One UI 3.1 and above or iOS 12.0 or later / iPhone 6 or later / iPad mini or later. Each device must be connected to Wi-Fi or other wireless network. For interoperability through SmartThings, all the devices should be registered with a single Samsung Account. Available technology, functions, and features are subject to change without notice. Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.

[2] Tested on the zinc oxide dust collecting filter media for Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (ATCC 4352) and it reduced bacteria up to 99.9% in the FITI Testing & Research Institute of Korea.

[3] Tested by the Korea Conformity Laboratories. The electret filter media has over 99.97% dust collection efficiency, based on a particle size of 0.3㎛.

[4] Tested by the Korea Conformity Laboratories on the AX5500 for formaldehyde, ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid and toluene gases.

[5] Based on internal test results. Tested on the AX060B510RPD compared with the Samsung conventional model AX40K3020UWD. Performance may vary depending on the actual usage environment. – to purify a wide area quickly and easily drawing air from the front, so it works just as effectively if it is against a wall.  

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