Samsung Gaming Insight Study: 7 in 10 Online Consumers in Southeast Asia and Oceania are Gamers

March 16, 2023
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Across the region, more than half (56%) play games a few times a week


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has released findings from its Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) Gaming Insight Study, which found that 7 in 10 online consumers in the region are gamers. Conducted in partnership with ONE Esports, over 6,800 consumers aged 18 to 49 across seven markets (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) were surveyed in the last quarter of 2022[1], showing a widespread love for gaming whether at home or on-the-go.


Across the region, playing to de-stress and relax was cited as the top reason for gaming (74%), with an average of 7 hours a week spent on gaming. Most gamers (92%) preferred to engage in gameplay from the comfort of their home, and over half of gamers (58%) were found to spend an average of USD $30 monthly on gaming-related purchases such as exclusive online content, esports tournament tickets, streamer subscription, skins, and merchandise collectibles.


The study identified four distinct gamer personalities among gaming fans in this region – Hardcore Gamers, Gaming Enthusiasts, Casual Gamers & Spectators, as well as Casual Gamers, based on their total time spent playing games and watching gaming or esports content. The study found that more than half of gamers surveyed (56%) indulge in this pastime at least a few times a week, consisting of Hardcore Gamers and Gaming Enthusiasts (See chart below).



Gaming Enthusiasts and Hardcore Gamers are highly vested in their hobby, where their top gaming-related activities include watching gaming videos, discussing gaming with others, reading gaming updates and news, spending money on gaming-related items and lastly, following gaming personalities on social media (see chart below).



Carl Nordenberg, Regional Head of Mobile Experience Business, Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania, said, “Gaming today is much more than a hobby – it is a pastime that brings people together. The Southeast Asia and Oceania region holds a huge community of gamers, and this study sheds new light on their distinct gaming needs and habits, both as players and as e-sports fans. With this understanding, we can continue empowering our Samsung users to enjoy their gaming passion to the fullest. Whether on our powerful Galaxy devices, QLED TVs or gaming monitors, Samsung provides the best gaming experience, for casual and hardcore gamers alike.”


Jane Guo, Vice President, Analytics & Insights, ONE Esports, said, “We are thrilled to have partnered with Samsung on this study, powered by our in-house first-party consumer insights. The study uncovers a huge market of gaming enthusiasts and hardcore esports fans in the SEAO region, who look for high performance and a superior gaming and viewing experience when choosing devices and accessories such as smartphones, laptops, headphones and monitors. Samsung’s range of innovative gaming devices allows them to connect with these consumers compellingly.”


Designed For Your Every Gaming Need


The new Galaxy Z Fold4’s 7.6-inch Main Screen with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate provides immersive gaming experience anywhere you are.


Mobile gamers who wish to game on-the-go without sacrificing gameplay and graphics quality can try versatile and powerful devices such as the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and Galaxy A series.



PC and console gamers can choose from Samsung’s best performance monitors, the Odyssey Ark and Odyssey OLED G8, while those who wants a truly immersive gaming experience on a TV can look to the Samsung Neo QLED QN90C.



On the other hand, those who enjoy watching gaming content can consider devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, Smart Monitor M8 and The Sero.


For more information on Samsung devices optimised for gaming, please refer to the appended factsheet.



Get Your Best Game On with Samsung Devices

It is very likely that you are a gamer or know a friend or family member who is one. In fact, 7 in 10 online consumers in Southeast Asia and Oceania are gamers, a passion that spans all ages, according to the recent Samsung Gaming Insight Study[2].

Check out these Samsung devices, virtually guaranteed to elevate your gaming experiences be it on your mobile device, gaming console, or PC.

Galaxy S23 series


Experience the world’s fastest mobile graphics with the Galaxy S23 series’ “Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy”[3]. Equipped with AI-powered adaptive performance and a bigger Vapor Chamber[4], the Galaxy S23 series’ virtually guarantees to immerse you in any gaming marathon.


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Galaxy Z Fold4

With a 7.6-inch main display, the Galaxy Z Fold4 promises ultimate, immersive gaming. Coupled with a 120Hz refresh rate display and the powerful Snapdragon Processor, shift easily between work and play with this durable smartphone powerhouse.


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Galaxy A73 5G /Galaxy A53 5G /
Galaxy A23 5G


The Galaxy A Series’s Game Booster feature optimises battery life, temperature, and memory use while blocking background activities for a focused gaming experience[5]. Enjoy clear gaming action thanks to the A53 5G and A73 5G’s sizable FHD+ Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus displays.


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Tab S8 Ultra


The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s 14.6-inch screen[6] and 120Hz display delivers a visually striking gaming experience. Equipped with Hyperfast 5G capabilities[7], the Tab S8 Ultra is the perfect companion for smooth and uninterrupted cloud gaming wherever and whenever.


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Craving a Mind-blowing, Immersive Gaming Experience?

Sink into your virtual world of choice with the Samsung Neo QLED QN90C and Odyssey gaming monitors for a perfect escape into a different reality.


Samsung Neo QLED


You’ve never experienced a truly immersive gaming experience until you’ve met the Samsung Neo QLED QN90C. Conveniently sized at 50 inches and 43 inches, and coupled with features like the FreeSync Premium Pro[8], Ultrawide Game View[9] and 4 ports of HDMI 2.1[10], Samsung’s Gaming TV delivers an incredible gaming experience, especially with its smooth motion enhancements with the Real Game Enhancer and low input lag of 4K 144Hz[11].


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Odyssey Ark 


The massive 55-inch curved Odyssey Ark is truly your Personal Gaming Theatre on your desktop. Enjoy impeccable sound detail powered by Sound Dome Technology and smooth gameplay with its ultra-responsive 165hz refresh rate. Be in total control with the Ark Dial[12] to keep up pro-level performance while accessing the Game Bar and Multi View easily.


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Odyssey OLED G8


The 34-inch Odyssey OLED G8 delivers a mesmerising view in OLED, enhanced with the Neo Quantum Processor for bright and brilliant picture. With a near-instant reaction time of 0.03ms response time and a 175 Hz refresh rate, the Odyssey OLED G8 allows you to react to every move at the quickest speed.


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Are You an Avid Gaming Spectator?

Stream your favorite gameplays in high definition with the Galaxy Z Flip4, Smart Monitor M8 and The Sero.

Galaxy Z Flip4


Compact yet powerful, the Galaxy Z Flip4 fits snugly in your pocket, and unfolds in Flex Mode[13] so you can watch your favourite streaming channels hands-free. Play, pause, and rewind all on-screen content accurately and easily with the Flex Mode touchpad[14].


Check out the Galaxy Z Flip4 here:

Smart Monitor M8


With Smart TV built-in[15], the 32-inch Smart Monitor M8 is a great device for enjoying game streaming services without the need to plug into to a PC. The M8 comes with UHD resolution, HDR 10+, and Adaptive Sound+ to totally immerse you in gameplay worlds.


Check out the Smart Monitor M8 here:

The Sero


The Sero’s Rotating Screen helps you view all content as is, whether landscape and portrait. With mobile-friendly features such as Tap View and AirPlay 2[16] for seamless screen mirroring and premium 4.1ch 60W speakers, the Sero can be like your phone, but bigger and better.



Check out The Sero here:


[1] The Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Gaming Insights Survey 2022 was conducted from September to November 2022 by ONE Esports. It surveyed 6,840 respondents on Facebook and Instagram, aged 18 to 49, from the following 7 markets: Australia (1,000 respondents), Indonesia (1,033 respondents), Malaysia (1,024 respondents), Philippines (1,167 respondents), Singapore (604 respondents), Thailand (872 respondents) and Vietnam (1,140 respondents).

[2] The Samsung Southeast Asia and Oceania Gaming Insights Survey 2022 was conducted from September to November 2022 by ONE Esports. It surveyed 6,840 respondents on Facebook and Instagram, aged 18 to 49, from the following 7 markets: Australia (1,000 respondents), Indonesia (1,033 respondents), Malaysia (1,024 respondents), Philippines (1,167 respondents), Singapore (604 respondents), Thailand (872 respondents) and Vietnam (1,140 respondents).

[3] Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy is optimised for Samsung and exclusive at the time of Galaxy S23 series’ launch. World’s fastest Snapdragon claim true as of February 1, 2023.

[4] Compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

[5] Game Booster compatibility may vary by game.

[6] Measured diagonally, Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s screen size is 14.6″ in the full rectangle and 14.5″, accounting for the rounded corners.

[7] 5G services are only supported in 5G network enabled locations in 5G-ready countries. Requires optimal connection. Actual speed may vary depending on country, carrier and user environment.

[8] Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and graphics processing unit. Require output source capable of FreeSync Premium Pro.

[9] Some game titles may not support the function or allow limited use of this feature. Screen resolution change from external device may be required.

[10] Picture quality will vary depending on quality and resolution of source content. 120fps is dependent on external source supporting HDMI 2.1.

[11] Requires compatible gaming PC supporting 4K resolution, 144Hz motion rate and Variable Refresh Rate. Low input lag is measured based on internal testing conditions and is subject to change according to game setting or specific conditions.

[12] Adjust screen ratio through the Game Bar or Quick Settings.

[13] ​Flex mode supported at angles between 75° and 115°.

[14] ​Requires activation of Labs in Settings.

[15] App availability may vary by country and separate subscriptions may be required. Requires internet connection and TV tuner is not included.

[16] AirPlay 2 functionality is available on all 2020 and later Samsung smart TV. Apple and AirPlay 2 are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. AirPlay 2 requires iOS 12.3 or later, or macOS 10.14.5 or later. Feature is available on Apple devices supporting Apple AirPlay2. Compatible iOS devices can only be mirrored to horizontal screen (vertical mirroring not available).


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