Samsung Releases New BESPOKE Range of Laundry Appliances, Delivering Smart and Eco-Conscious Solutions

June 27, 2023
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Sporting five-star energy ratings and design-forward innovation, the Bespoke AI™ Laundry delivers intelligent washing capabilities to simplify cleaning routines.


Samsung Electronics Australia is today unveiling its 2023 Bespoke AI™ Laundry range, with the line-up currently rolling out across retail stores nation-wide. Heroed by the high performing Bespoke AI™ Washer (12kg[1]) and Dryer (9kg[2]) and supported by the new mirror-finish Bespoke AI™ AirDresser[3], Samsung’s 2023 Bespoke laundry range delivers the largest capacity,  most eco-conscious, efficient, and intelligent Samsung laundry solutions to date. In joining Samsung’s award-winning Bespoke Home[4] family of home appliances, the beautifully designed Bespoke AI laundry range has the potential to transform Australian lives by delivering streamlined convenience through SmartThings, connectivity and intuitive automated features to enrich customers’ daily routines.


Samsung’s Bespoke AI™ Washer and Dryer series also brings the new Less Microfiber Cycle to Australian shores for the first time following its announcement at CES 2023. Developed with support from OceanWise and Patagonia, Samsung’s Less Microfiber Cycle was born from a desire to help reduce the large amount of microplastic pollution entering global waterways each year. By tweaking Samsung’s BubbleWash[5] technology – which improves performance of cold-water cycles – and pairing it with a lower agitation rate, Samsung and its partners produced the Less Microfiber Cycle with the aim to reduce microplastic emissions during wash cycles.


“Our new Bespoke AI™ Laundry range uses AI innovation to learn your usage patterns, and provide recommendations to help care for your clothes and reduce your mental load,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President-Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.


“The new laundry line-up embodies Samsung’s broader Bespoke Home commitment to make Australian homes more personal and intuitively functional, to ultimately add convenience to your everyday life. In applying SmartThings, Samsung unlocks another level of value and convenience beyond the laundry, by helping to monitor the energy output of compatible devices, schedule chores to suit your routine, and make eco-conscious decisions.”


Save Energy, Water and Detergent with Every Load

Aligned to Australian consumer demand for value-led high performing, reliable, and well-designed laundry appliances, Samsung’s 2023 Bespoke AI™ front-load Washer and Dryer models intuitively leverage the latest SmartThings enhancements and AI technology, including SmartThings Energy and SmartThings Clothing Care, to add convenience to everyday life. The combination of in-built intelligence and external control enables the new laundry products to learn individual users’ usage patterns and provide personalised automation based on their lifestyles, routines, and preferences.


The new Bespoke AI™ Front load washer range offers BubbleWash™, which turns detergent into bubbles that quickly get absorbed into the laundry at cooler temperatures. Leveraging this technology, the Bespoke AI™ Washer achieves a 5-Star energy rating across each of its capacity sizes – 9kg, 12kg, and 18kg[6].


Australians can also reduce energy usage with AI Wash Cycle – a smart feature that washes clothes thoroughly and gently with less water and detergent[7]. By detecting the weight and softness of the fabric in each load and analysing the levels of water turbidity, AI Wash Cycle actively monitors the ongoing soil level of the laundry. By optimising the ideal amount of water and detergent using Auto Dispense and continually adjusting the soaking, rinsing and spinning times, this feature quickly and efficiently achieves great results for laundry, virtually every time.


The Auto Dispense feature adds the appropriate amount of detergent and softener needed for each load, taking the guesswork out of laundry. It holds enough detergent for up to one month of washing[8], so there is no need to fill up the detergent tank after every load.


When it comes to drying items, the Bespoke AI™ Dryer (DV90BB9440GB/ DV90BB9440GH) offers a variety of intelligent, energy-saving options. Heat pump technology in Bespoke AI™ Dryers provides an energy-efficient, cost-effective and gentle way to dry clothes.[9] Sporting 9-Star energy ratings across its 9kg, 10kg and 12kg models, the Bespoke AI™ Dryer uses Digital Inverter Compressor technology to dry loads quickly and efficiently using refrigerant to heat the air, instead of electricity. The AI Dry technology, in particular, continually monitors the temperature and humidity while adjusting the settings to ensure that laundry is optimally dried and no energy is wasted. By using recycled warm air, the dryer can help to reduce its overall run cost. Bespoke AI™ Dryers also use the power of steam to attack bacteria, mites and allergens on clothes and other items, like linen and soft toys. Hygiene Care+ cycle sanitises both dry and wet items[10] without affecting the drying performance by infusing them with high temperature heat that helps eliminate up to 99.9% of certain common bacteria[11].


As with all 2023 Bespoke appliances, the Bespoke front-load laundry pair are integrated with SmartThings[12], allowing Australians to take charge of their energy usage at home using SmartThings Energy. A feature of the free SmartThings app, SmartThings Energy empowers users to easily monitor and manage the energy use of compatible devices while recommending ways for households to be energy efficient. This enables users to make eco-conscious choices with their laundry routine. In addition, SmartThings Clothing Care provides optimal clothing management services customised to users’ lifestyles. Based on the garments’ material, usage patterns and the current season, SmartThings Clothing Care can recommend the best wash and dry cycle for clothes while also letting users schedule laundry, order detergent and more.


The BESPOKE AI™ Smart Washer 18kg Grande and 12kg Dryer cater to the large capacity needs of Australian families. Image simulated for illustrative purposes.

Designed With Your Lifestyle in Mind

With almost half of Australians wishing they had a nicer looking laundry[13], Samsung has designed the Bespoke AI™ Washer and Dryer in line with its Bespoke Home vision to create appliances that are both stylish and functional.


Available in white and black colourways, the new Bespoke front-load laundry pair feature a modern, flat-front design that can blend into virtually any interior design theme. Finished with a round, tempered-glass door that delivers both style and durability, the Bespoke AI™ Washer and Dryer’s simple yet clean form factor is an ideal choice for any modern home. The flat front-load design also offers convenience and flexibility in installation. Whether stacked vertically or installed side-by-side, the pair offer a focal point for almost any laundry room.


Performance You Can Trust, Year After Year

Purchasing a washer or dryer is a big investment, and Samsung wants to ensure that it is built to last. Unlike traditional motors, the advanced Digital Inverter Motor on Bespoke AI™ Washer and Dryers utilise strong magnets for a quieter and more powerful. Offering outstanding durability, this motor uses high-quality components and eliminates the use of brushes that wear out. As such, Samsung provides a 20-year warranty[14] for the Digital Inverter Motor in machines sold in Australia


A complete clothing care solution

Samsung’s 2023 BESPOKE AirDresser (DF10A9500CG) completes Samsung’s 2023 clothing care range by enabling Australians to keep their clothes fresh and sanitised from home. Pairing powerful and intuitive Wi-Fi enabled clothing care with an elegant crystal mirror-finish design, the 2023 Bespoke AirDresser uses air and steam to gently remove up to 99.9% of certain bacteria and dust mites[15] from fabric.


Enhanced with a large capacity design, the 2023 Bespoke Mirror AirDresser easily fits up to five pants or five jackets, and includes a new long dress zone to freshen more clothes at once. Australians can refresh clothes in as little as 20 minutes or choose from one of the AirDresser’s 24 cycles optimised for various kinds of fabrics – from wool and linen to down and delicates. The 2023 Bespoke AirDresser’s AI features also learns users’ favourite cycles and can automatically recommend them when it detects repeat garments (e.g. school uniforms, etc.).


In 2023, Samsung is bringing SmartThings to its cutting edge AirDresser technology for a seamless clothing care experience. Image simulated for illustrative purposes.


Pricing and availability  

Samsung’s BESPOKE AI™ Smart Washers and BESPOKE AI™ Smart Dryer line-up is currently available in select retail stores across Australia.



To find out more or to start planning the design of your new bespoke laundry, visit:    

[1] Model numbers – WW12BB944DGH [white] / WW12BB944DGB [black] available nationwide at select retailers)

[2] Model numbers – DV90BB9440GH [white]/DV90BB9440GB [black]

[3] Model number – DF10A9500CG

[4] Winner of the 2022 Canstar Blue Innovation Excellence Award – BESPOKE Range

[5] BubbleWash is known as EcoBubble in other regions.

[6] Relates to the four front load washing machines in the 2023 Bespoke range including WW12BB944DGH, WW12BB944DGB, WF18B9600KV, WW90BB944DGB.

[7] Actual results may vary depending on individual use. AI Wash holds detergent for up to 1 month’s washing, based on the average of 4 loads per week. May vary depending on the washing load and settings. Available on Android and IOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required. Mobile GUI images may vary by country, environment etc.

[8] Auto Dispense holds detergent for up to 1 month’s washing, based on 2~3 washes per week (5kg load/standard usage). May vary depending on the washing load and settings.​

[9] Actual results may vary depending on individual use.

[10] 2kg dried laundry or 2kg wet laundry.

[11] Based on independent testing by Intertek, by testing samples of applicable models to Samsung-defined test protocol. Individual results may vary.

[12] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

[13] 46% of Australians say they wish they had a nicer laundry. Samsung Quick Insights: Washing Machines conducted by Nature Research. Surveyed Australians aged 16+ nationally represented in March 2021. n=1,017

[14] See warranty Card or visit for details.

[15] A) Testing based on Samsung internal protocols. Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek. 1) Eliminates up to 99.9 % of certain viruses from cotton fabric when operated on Daily Care + Sanitize setting, including Influenza B, Norovirus (Murine Norovirus), Rhinovirus (Human Rhinovirus), Hepatitis A (Human hepatitis A), Rotavirus ( Porcine Rotavirus) and enterovirus Porcine enterovirus B) Eliminates up to 99.9 % of certain bacteria from cotton fabric when operated on Daily Care + Sanitize setting such as Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, MRSA, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophilia, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae, Corynebacterium diphtheriae , and Enterococcus faecalis C) Test results indicate that it can kill house dust mites from the outside of cotton clothes when operated on Daily Care + Sanitize setting. Testing based on Samsung internal protocols. Results provided to and interpreted by Intertek.

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