Samsung Unveils New BESPOKE Lineup for Connected and Customised Kitchen Experiences at CES 2023

January 4, 2023
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Ahead of CES® 2023, Samsung Electronics today unveiled the newest additions to its customisable BESPOKE Home lineup. Samsung’s latest home appliances and services were designed to meet a growing demand for customisation and provide a new level of intelligent connectivity in the kitchen. Including a wider selection of BESPOKE refrigerator types and appliances including BESPOKE Induction Cooktop and BESPOKE Microwave, and advanced AI Pro Cooking for the BESPOKE AI™ Oven that optimises and assists in preparing meals; the Samsung-powered kitchen is becoming a smarter, more versatile, and more interactive space than ever.


“At CES 2023, we are continuing to build on the success of our BESPOKE lineup with the introduction of new BESPOKE refrigerators and built-in appliances that give consumers even more ways to express themselves in their kitchens,” said Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.


“Our goal is to maximise the freedom customers have to pursue personalisation and productivity in their kitchens, with new features enhanced with everything from large, responsive screens on our refrigerators to AI-powered cooking assistance. These latest features and products go beyond simply helping users in the kitchen and allow them to truly express themselves through the power of customisation for more enjoyable experiences. Furthermore, with the latest kitchen innovations and customisable designs, these new appliances work seamlessly with SmartThings services[1] to provide unmatched convenience and savings at home.”



BESPOKE Expands to Include Popular Top-Mounted Refrigerator Models to Provide Even More Customisation in the Kitchen

In keeping with the BESPOKE design aesthetic, the BESPOKE Top-Mount refrigerator features a flat, minimalist design with a customisable front panel available in both glass and cotta metal finishes. Users have the option to choose from a wide range of door colours[2] and finishes to harmonise their refrigerator with their home décor.


The BESPOKE Top-Mount Refrigerator features Samsung’s Optimal Fresh Zone+ and Active Fresh Filter to help ensure food is kept fresh. Users of Samsung’s BESPOKE Top-Mounted Refrigerator can also enjoy added energy savings through SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode. The AI Energy Mode will optimise the compressor speed and the frequency of the defrost cycle, based on users’ usage patterns and surroundings[3], helping households to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.


The BESPOKE Top-Mounted Refrigerator will be available in Australia from Q2 2023.



New Family Hub brings Better Connectivity

Samsung’s revered Family Hub refrigerator will sport new software in 2023. Samsung TV Plus now offers [4], while Google Photos integration transforms the platform into a digital photo frame that makes it easy to share and display photos. Thanks to the large screen space and Samsung TV Plus’s new picture-in-picture (PIP) feature, users can catch up on their favourite TV shows while checking and monitoring the status of other kitchen appliances while keeping an eye on what they are cooking at the same time.


The new Family Hub software update will roll out in Australia incrementally via Wi-Fi from early 2023.



Prepare Healthy Meals Like a Master Chef with the BESPOKE AI™ Oven

 The BESPOKE AI™ Oven[5] makes meal prep a breeze, combining powerful intelligence with innovative cooking technologies to help produce delicious meals that can cater to users’ dietary preferences.


AI Pro Cooking optimises cooking settings while monitoring food. If the oven is set to cook a recognised dish using the cooking mode, temperature and time the oven recommends, the AI Pro Cooking system will even send users food warning notifications to prevent burning.[6] Using an internal camera and powerful AI,[7] the oven’s Sense Inside[8] feature – [9] AI algorithm of its kind to receive an AI cooking appliance verification by UL Solutions – can recommend cooking settings by recognising various different dishes and ingredients[10].


Whether users are testing a healthy recipe or looking to elevate everyday recipes at home, the BESPOKE AI™ Oven makes mealtimes more convenient. Integration with SmartThings Cooking and Samsung Health allows the BESPOKE AI™ Oven to analyse users’ workout stats and diet goals to recommend meal options based on the ingredients they have at home.


Topping off the BESPOKE AI™ Oven’s modern, clutter-free design is its convenient Push to Open Door, which replaces a traditional handle for a simpler and more streamlined look. The BESPOKE AI™ Oven will be available in Australia in mid-2023.


Samsung’s latest BESPOKE home appliances take the smart kitchen to the next level by powering more personalised cooking experiences and helping to make it easier for households to save energy. To learn more about the latest additions to the BESPOKE lineup, please visit




Samsung is excited to bring an expanded BESPOKE Home range of appliances to Australia in 2023, including new BESPOKE refrigerator types and appliances including BESPOKE Induction Cooktop, BESPOKE Microwave, and advanced AI Pro Cooking via the BESPOKE AI™ Oven.


  • BESPOKE Top Mounted Refrigerator will be available in Australia from Q2 2023.
  • New Family Hub software update will roll out in Australia incrementally via Wi-Fi from early 2023.
  • BESPOKE AI™ Oven will be available in Australia mid-2023.
  • BESPOKE Induction Cooktop will be available in Australia in 2023.
  • BESPOKE Microwave will be available in Australia in 2023.


“The appliances in people’s homes are inherently personal and we recognise that everyone has distinct preferences. We believe Australians should be empowered to play an active role in customising their devices which is why we continue to expand our BESPOKE Home offering to include more appliances with even more connectivity and design options.”


“In expanding our BESPOKE Home range, we’re offering Australians the ability to easily sync our SmartThings services with their lifestyles, making sustainable living simple, driving exceptional energy savings, and using AI to power a new wave of customisable experiences, ultimately enabling consumers to enjoy more personalised and sustainable lifestyles.” Jeremy Senior, Vice-President- Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.


[1] Available technology, functions, and features may vary by country, service provider, network environment, or product, and are subject to change without notice.

[2] Colour options may vary by region

[3] * Available on specific models from May 2023 through a Wi-Fi update. The test results are based on a comparison of the factory setting temperature when using AI Energy mode and without using AI Energy mode. Results may vary depending on the usage conditions and patterns.

** Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

*** SmartThings will display a notification before activating the saving algorithm in both ‘Maximum mode’ and ‘Custom mode.’

[4] Internet required and data usage fees may apply. Channel offerings are updated monthly. Total number of channels are subject to change at any time without notice.

[5] Features may vary by region.

[6] EU models provide users with alert to prevent overcooking and are able to send burn notifications for recognised dishes.

[7] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and Samsung account are required.

[8] Only available when using the Customer Recipe menu. The type and quantity of some ingredients may not be recognised.

[9] The probe method in burn detection is out of the verification scope.

[10] European model recognised 106 dishes.

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