The Department of Education and Training Victoria selects Samsung AX90T air purifiers as part of safe return-to-school plan

September 22, 2021
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Samsung Electronics to provide 51,000 air purifier units to the Department of Education and Training to install in Victorian schools



Samsung Electronics Australia commends the Department of Education and Training Victoria on its decision to install its AX90T air purifiers in public schools as part of its safe return-to-school plan.   


Samsung will supply 51,000 AX90T7080WD (AX7500) Air Purifiers to the Victorian Government Department over the next four months. Given the critical timing, Samsung has chartered a flight from its manufacturing hub in Korea to deliver the air purifier units in a timely manner.


Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics Australia, said that Samsung commends the Victorian Education and Training Department for looking at different types of technology as a way to protect and bring confidence back to the community.


“It’s tremendous to see that the Department of Education and Training Victoria has reviewed a multitude of options to keep Victorian students safe as they return to school in a post-COVID environment and we are thrilled to be a part of their plan.


“Research has shown air purifiers can help minimise the spread of harmful airborne contaminates. We believe that the addition of air purifiers with HEPA filters into classrooms will also bring confidence that the right precautious are being taken as we get into the rhythm of our new normal.”


Minister for Education in Victoria, Hon. James Merlino MP, said “I know Victorian families can’t wait to see their kids back in the classroom – but we need to keep them safe once they’re there, and we’re delivering ventilation devices to prevent as much transmission on school sites as possible.


“With a roadmap in place to get all students back to school safely, we’ll make sure every single Victorian child is supported when they’re back in the classroom – whether that’s with their schoolwork or their wellbeing.”


The efficacy of portable air purifiers has been independently verified by University of Melbourne research, since published in The Journal of Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology[1]. Using Samsung’s AX60T5080WD (AX5500) Air Purifier, the research found portable air cleaning devices that have HEPA filtration helped increase the clearance of aerosols.


Samsung technology allows the remote operation of its air purifier en masse. The SmartThings and ‘B.IoT’ (Business IoT) software allow for remote management of these devices at scale in schools, hospitals, quarantine hotels, offices and other indoor environments. Managing these units at scale and remotely is far more efficient, effective and safer than manual and individual device management in locations where it is not always possible or safe to enter a space or room (e.g. COVID quarantine).


In addition to education environments, Samsung’s air purifiers are already being used in a variety of settings within the Australian public and private sectors to help reduce the risk of airborne transmission of COVID-19, including hotel quarantine programs in Victoria and Queensland, and major hospitals.


[1] *Buising, K. L., Schofield, R., Irving, L., Keywood, M., Stevens, A., Keogh, N., Skidmore, G., Wadlow, I., Kevin, K., Rismanchi, B., Wheeler, A. J., Humphries, R. S., Kainer, M., Monty, J., McGain, F. and Marshall, C. (2021) “Use of portable air cleaners to reduce aerosol transmission on a hospital coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) ward,” Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, Cambridge University Press, pp. 1–6

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