24 Hours of Living the Dream Life With Galaxy Wearable Devices

on September 27, 2022
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Living your dream life means living each day to the fullest. Aside from accomplishing personal goals, there is another thing that many people prioritize when striving to live their dream life: a healthy lifestyle.


JM, a YouTuber with a following of about 450,000 subscribers, specializes in reviewing IT devices. Recently, he challenged himself to live an even more perfect dream life by using Galaxy wearable devices. To achieve this perfect dream life, he used the Galaxy Watch5 series, which acts as a health coach on your wrist by precisely tracking and recording health data, and the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which provide enriched audio experiences with crisp, clear sound in a comfortable design.


Samsung Newsroom spent the day with JM, who has invested much time in evaluating the latest devices, to see how he could live a perfect life with Galaxy wearables.



6 A.M.: Start the Day by Checking Your Sleep Patterns


Each day starts and ends with sleep, making it an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, sleeping well is more important than sleeping for a long time. To help you monitor your sleep, the Galaxy Watch5 tracks your sleep cycles throughout the night, allowing you to view your sleeping patterns and quality after a long night of rest.



By providing you with detailed information on your sleeping duration and patterns, the Galaxy Watch5 helps you create healthy sleeping habits with insights that help you fine tune your sleeping schedule. The watch comprehensively monitors your activity while you are sleeping, such as the sleep cycles you pass through, tossing and turning, the number of times you woke up and more, providing you with an overall sleep score based on the quality of sleep. The watch can also detect snoring and displays your oxygen saturation while asleep.



The Galaxy Watch5’s sleep management feature analyzes users’ sleep quality in four stages based on how deep they sleep. After the watch records and analyzes seven days of sleep, the app compares the user’s sleep type to the sleeping patterns of different animals. Users can also receive a customized sleep coaching guide in order to improve their sleeping habits.



8 A.M.: Discover More About Your Body’s Condition With the BioActive Sensor


After waking up, a low-impact at-home workout is the perfect way to start your day. To check your workout progress and body statistics, the Galaxy Watch5 can accurately calculate your body’s composition.



The Galaxy Watch5 comes with a BioActive Sensor with increased accuracy to measure data from your body, including the percentage of body water, skeletal muscle mass and body fat, allowing you to keep track of your fitness progress or body statistics. Thanks to an improved design, the wider BioActive Sensor on the back side of the watch covers a larger part of the wrist, providing increased accuracy.



Users can easily see all measured data at a glance to track their progress as well as changes in their health and body. The watch goes beyond simply recording calories consumed and workout duration and enables users to monitor their health on their wrist.




1 P.M.: Upgrade Your Workout With Galaxy Wearables


JM has received an international tennis umpire certification, and his wife Sally is a former professional tennis player, making tennis not just a fun activity but a part of their daily lives. To them, the Galaxy Watch5 is an essential accessory to track their workout progress while playing tennis.



The Galaxy Watch5 series can track progress for a variety of sports as well as different forms of exercise, such as weight training and jogging. Users can add more sports by connecting the watch to the Samsung Health app. The watch automatically starts tracking exercise with a lot of movement, such as jogging and riding a bike. For other sports or exercise, users can manually tap the track button on the watch to start tracking.



JM and his wife also often enjoy listening to music while playing tennis. While playing tennis, the couple sported the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, earbuds that fit comfortably when worn. With an ergonomic design and a weight of a mere 5.5 grams, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro stay comfortably snug in your ears, even while playing sports that require intense physical activity.



The Galaxy Buds2 Pro also boast richer sound quality thanks to the 360 Audio feature and the longer lasting battery life allows it to play audio for up to 29 hours. With an IPX7-rated water resistant capability, the watch has increased durability and can withstand water and sweat from outdoor activities with ease.



After finishing a workout, the Galaxy Watch5 shows a comprehensive summary of your workout, including the duration, calories burned, heart rate and more. If you work out regularly, you can refer to previous workout data from the week to systematically manage your health.




6 P.M.: Use Smart Features Optimized for Outdoor Activities

Spending more time outside by exercising or doing outdoor activities can help you relax and connect with nature in your dream life. Galaxy wearables are here to help you get started. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro, recently added to the Galaxy Watch product lineup, acts as your personal health coach through all outdoor activities. Thanks to increased durability and its smart workout-assistance functionality, the Galaxy Watch5 Pro is the perfect workout partner, keeping you company and helping you stay motivated during any outdoor activity.



The sapphire crystal display and titanium frame of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro make it strong enough to withstand the elements. Sapphire crystal is resistant to scratches, providing users with ease of mind while wearing the watch during outdoor activities.



If you enjoy hiking or long-distance cycling, the GPS-based smart features help you map your route. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes with the Route Workout feature, which can store routes for later use, and the Track Back feature, which guides you back to where you started by retracing your route, making it especially useful for outdoor activities such as hiking.



Share your recorded routes with other Galaxy users as a GPS Exchange Format (GPX) file by using the Route Workout feature. You can download GPX files shared by others on your Galaxy Watch5 Pro to experience the exact same routes through the Turn-by-Turn Navigation feature.



Additionally, similar to car navigation, the Turn-by-Turn Navigation feature smoothly guides you through recorded workout routes using vibration and voice commands. Designed specifically for outdoor activities, the watch provides tailored guidance for situations where you cannot easily look at the watch screen, such as when riding a bike or hiking.



With an improved battery capacity of 590mAh, use the Galaxy Watch5 Pro for hours and experience a widened scope of features and increased usability.



9 P.M.: Focus on Yourself With Active Noise Cancelling


After a long day, taking a moment at night to focus on yourself and wind down can relieve stress from the day. The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature of the Galaxy Buds2 Pro blocks out noise for better immersion when listening to calm music or focusing on the sound of your breath.



The Galaxy Watch5 series also measures your stress level and blood pressure. When your stress level is high, follow the watch’s guide and focus on deep breathing to refocus and give yourself a mental break.


With a plethora of unique features, the Galaxy wearables help you take care of your physical and mental health. By considering the wants and needs of users, the wearables provide innovative features, increased performance and convenience, helping you live your dream life.



Which Feature Does YouTuber JM Recommend the Most?


JM, the YouTuber featured in this story, was especially impressed by the fast-charging speed of Galaxy Watch5 among its many features. The Galaxy Watch5 series supports 10W fast wireless charging, and it can be charged to up to 45 percent battery in just 30 minutes depending on the model. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro also boast a fast-charging speed, with the ability to play up to one hour of audio after just five minutes of charging. “With other wearable devices, I had to pay a lot of attention to when I would have to charge them, but I didn’t have to as much with these Galaxy wearable devices,” he said.



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