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[U.K.] Samsung KX Welcomes Royal Warrant Holders Association To Explore the Transformative Power of AI 


Samsung Electronics U.K. recently invited members of the Royal Warrant Holders Association to a forum on the transformative opportunities of AI. Held at Samsung King’s Cross (KX) in London, the event featured a dynamic panel discussion and Q&A session with esteemed speakers from the worlds of AI, technology and business.

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[U.S.] How To Integrate Tesla Solar and Powerwall Products With SmartThings Energy 


Tesla and Samsung have partnered up to integrate Tesla Solar and Powerwall products into the SmartThings Energy platform. Tesla Energy customers can now manage home energy usage, storage and production from the convenience of the SmartThings app. Benefits include better preparation for power outages and the ability to make more informed decisions about energy usage. Detailed setup instructions can be found at the Samsung U.S. Newsroom.

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[Spain] Samsung Supports Spanish Paralympic Athletes Ahead of the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris 


As an official sponsor of the Spanish Paralympic Committee, Samsung Electronics is lending its support to Spains Paralympians by equipping them with the latest cutting-edge Galaxy devices. The company is providing them with new Galaxy Z Fold6 smartphones and Galaxy Buds3 Pro headphones so the athletes can use the noise-canceling app Unnoise. This app allows athletes to block out distractions so they can better concentrate on their training.

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[Vietnam] Samsung as an ‘Outstanding Business for Employees’ in Vietnam


The Vietnamese government recently presented Samsung Electronics Vietnam (SEV) and Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen (SEVT) with Certificates of Merit at the Outstanding Businesses for Employees Award 2024 ceremony. The honor attests to Samsungs efforts to create a positive workplace for all its employees under a people-first mindset. Follow SEVs Hoang Thi Hau and SEVTs La Thi Trang to discover the outstanding employee benefits Samsung offers.

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[Mexico] World Youth Skills Day: Inspiring Stories From Samsung


Samsung Electronics commemorates World Youth Skills Day by highlighting two corporate citizenship initiatives designed to empower young people: Samsung Solve for Tomorrow (SFT) and Samsung Innovation Campus (SIC). In Perus 2023 edition of SFT, students used recycled plastic bottles to build splints for hospital patients undergoing rehabilitation after suffering strokes. In Brazil, students developed a technique to help low-income people produce biogas and biofertilizer at home instead of burning wood and charcoal. SIC, meanwhile, prepares students for the demands of the labor market by training them in AI, the Internet of Things, big data and more.

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[U.S.] Samsung and MrBeast Put Top Creators to the Test With the Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Z Flip6


Samsung teamed up with MrBeast, the most popular YouTuber in the world with over 300 million subscribers, to hold a contest featuring fifty of the worlds biggest content creators with $1 million on the line. The creators tracked their heart rates in real time with the Galaxy Ring and displayed the results on a new Galaxy Z Flip6 as they attempted to bluff their way to victory.

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[India] Samsung Hosts Season 2.0 of #PlayGalaxy Cup, Putting Galaxy Z Fold6 in Hands of India’s Top Gamers 


The Samsung #PlayGalaxy Cup, one of the biggest esports events in India, took place July 11 and reached more than 150 million fans. Nearly 50 top gamers from the Samsung #PlayGalaxy community formed 12 teams and competed for the coveted #PlayGalaxy Season 2.0 Cup. After six hours of intense gaming — during which the Galaxy Z Fold6 optimized the experience with better display quality, processing power, battery efficiency and device cooling — the Delhi AI Legends team emerged victorious. 

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[Austria] An Ice-Cold Bath for a Good Cause: Samsung Ultra Ice Challenge Marks Launch of Galaxy Watch Ultra in Vienna 


To mark the launch of the Galaxy Watch Ultra, a smartwatch with innovative AI technology that promotes personal well-being and performance, Samsung Electronics Austria is organizing the Samsung Ultra Ice Challenge in Vienna, Austria on July 18. The goal of the event is to break the Austrian record for collective ice bathing, and Samsung will donate 100 euros to the Austrian Paralympic Committee’s youth sports program for every person who gets in the cold water. The challenge hopes to raise 25,000 euros for the Talent Days initiative, which makes sports more accessible for young people with disabilities.

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[U.S.] Samsung Joins Los Angeles Chargers in Announcing Official Opening of ‘The Bolt’ 


“The Bolt,” the Los Angeles Chargers’ new headquarters and training facility, is opening its doors to the public for an exclusive two-day event on July 13. Encompassing 150,000 square feet of breathtaking architectural design, The Bolt boasts an ecosystem of over 250 Samsung LED displays spread across a meticulously planned three-story layout. The Chargers will kick off their inaugural training camp on July 24 and fans will soon be able to pre-register for free tickets.

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[U.S.] Samsung Expands Next-Generation Customer Care With AT&T and AI Tools


Samsung Electronics America is making customer service faster and more convenient. Galaxy users who use AT&T as their mobile network carrier can now receive same-day, walk-in care to repair their phones. Samsung is also harnessing the power of AI to better equip Samsung Care experts to answer customers’ questions and resolve issues faster over the phone or through text messages.

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[Spain] Samsung Spain Ranked Among Top 100 Companies With Best Corporate Reputations in Spain 


According to the Merco ranking, Samsung Electronics Spain is among the top 100 companies with the best corporate reputations in Spain this year. Samsung Spain’s “quality of product and service” and “respect for consumer rights” helped the company rank second in the Consumer/Household Electronics sector category for the second year in a row.

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[South Africa] Future Generation Lab Africa and Sanaa Mothabisa Present ‘Ekhaya,’ a Short Film Captured Entirely on the Galaxy S24 Ultra 


Samsung Electronics Africa’s Future Generation Lab collaborated with film director Sanaa Mothabisa on a campaign called “AI Create” to create “Ekhaya,” a compelling short film inspired by his mother’s relationship with his youngest sister. Captured entirely on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, “Ekhaya” demonstrates how Galaxy AI’s features can come to life in consumers’ everyday experiences to bridge both technological and generational divides.

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[Türkiye] ‘Waste-Free Kitchen’ Event Highlights Sustainability Benefits of Samsung Bespoke AI Home Appliances 


Samsung Electronics Türkiye recently organized a “Waste-Free Kitchen” event to highlight the sustainability benefits of its Bespoke AI home appliances. The host, chef Özge Şahin, presented guests with dishes from her upcoming book. Her recipes  all prepared with Bespoke AI appliances  incorporated stems, peels and other food products that often go to waste. At the event, guests had the opportunity to learn how Bespoke AI features can minimize waste and guide consumers toward a more energy-efficient, sustainable lifestyle.

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[Poland] Samsung, Asseco and Xtension Jointly Introduce BiocertiX, a Certified Biometric Signature Service


Samsung Electronics Poland, Asseco and Xtension have teamed up to unveil biocertiX, a certified biometric signature service that marries the conventional signature with cutting-edge technology for Samsung tablets. Xtension’s software records and encrypts the user’s biometric data, such as handwriting characteristics, writing speed and the force of their stylus on their tablet screen. The system’s credibility is ensured by Asseco’s qualified trust services, which make sure the encrypted data is linked to a specific signature that can’t be forged. BiocertiX has been certified by Common Criteria to be a highly secure solution for digital signatures.

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[Italy] Samsung Italy Contact Center Ranks No.1 in Italy in 2024


Samsung Electronics Italys contact center took first place in the Consumer Electronics Technology and Media sector category of the German Institute for Quality and Finances Top Contact Center 2024/25 survey, which ranked the best contact centers of companies operating in Italy. It also placed third overall with a 72% satisfaction rate, much higher than the industry average of 52.45%. We are proud of this recognition, which proves our ongoing commitment to providing excellent service. Customer satisfaction has always been a priority for us, said Federica Mauri, Head of Customer Experience at Samsung Electronics Italys Service Division.

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[Taiwan] [Interview] Solve for Tomorrow: The Story of Two Taiwanese High School Students Turning Tea Waste Into Oil-Absorbing Sheets 


Samsung Electronics Taiwans Solve for Tomorrow competition invites students throughout Taiwan to devise tech-based solutions to social and environmental issues. Last years winning duo transformed tea waste into oil-absorbing sheets for water quality improvement. The 2023 champions shared their experience at the Design Thinking Workshop for the 2024 edition, inspiring participants to bring their creative ideas to life. With sustainability experts in the judging lineup, this years final is set to take place on November 29.

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