Bespoke Around the World: How Users Are Experiencing Bespoke Appliances Across the Globe

on November 21, 2022
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Samsung Electronics is striving to meet consumers’ needs in line with its evolving lifestyle. Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke home appliances allow users to choose more personalized designs and function.


To display the unique features and accomplishments of the Bespoke product series, Samsung Newsroom is highlighting the ways Bespoke appliances are being showcased and celebrated in countries around the world. From unique and breathtaking new designs to innovative and expanded functionalities, Samsung Bespoke appliances are taking the world by storm.



New Ways To Customize Your Home in Singapore

▲ Various designs from the Samsung Bespoke Disney Collection


Bespoke appliances in Singapore are blending whimsical designs to offer customers a unique and playful concept for their homes. In celebration of the widespread love for Disney characters, Samsung introduced its Bespoke Disney Collection in August of this year. The collection features Samsung appliances with designs of some of Disney’s most well-loved characters, giving Singapore consumers the ability to add a touch of childhood wonder and nostalgia to their home’s design.



Celebrating Innovation and Diversity in Indonesia

▲ Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator featuring the “Reimagine Indonesia” design by illustrator Rachel Ajeng


In celebration of the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Samsung teamed up with two Indonesian illustrators, Kathrin Honesta and Rachel Ajeng, to showcase limited-edition designs on the Bespoke refrigerator and AirDresser. Consumers can choose from three designs: “Butterfly Garden” or “Timun Mas” by Kathrin Honesta or “Reimagine Indonesia” by Rachel Ajeng. The designs highlight Indonesia’s ethnic and cultural diversity, allowing Indonesian consumers to enjoy artistic pieces in their homes while also taking pride in their Indonesian roots.



Presenting Unlimited Design Possibilities of Bespoke in South Africa

▲ (From left to right) The four #MyBespokeChallenge candidates: Keneilwe Mothoa, Zwelibanzi Nzuza, Maresa Maartens and Mbali Maseko


Samsung’s Bespoke Home Challenge in South Africa will once again take place to showcase the unlimited design possibilities of Bespoke appliances. For two weeks, contestants will build their ideal kitchen and living space. Four finalists have already been selected, and the contest’s winner will be announced early in 2023. The challenge will give a platform to users’ creativity and innovation and allow participants to create their dream home design using the ultra-customizable and sleek Bespoke series.



Also in Korea, Samsung announced the winner of #BESPOKERendezvous, a Bespoke refrigerator design contest. Of the 1,114 works that were submitted, about 28,000 people voted online to select the top ten finalists. Samsung held an onsite #BESPOKERendezvous party and award ceremony where Cho Kyung-min’s water-inspired design, “Floating Rings,” was selected as the final winner.



A New Level of Personalization in the U.S.

▲This year, Samsung has added limited-edition panel art in collaboration with artist Alex Proba to its collection of exclusive Bespoke designs.


With Bespoke, true customization is more than choice  it’s also about self-expression. Within the U.S., Lowe’s and Samsung teamed up to launch a limited-edition collection of panels for Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator, offering shoppers another way to customize their spaces and express their unique personal styles. The panels, which can be mixed and matched with Samsung Bespoke’s portfolio of panel colors and finishes, are exclusively available at Lowe’s while supplies last.


▲ The three custom refrigerator panel styles, created by artists Alexa Meade, Amber Vittoria and Domonique Brown, available now exclusively at Lowe’s while supplies last.


These panels are designed by three distinctive artists: Alexa Meade, Amber Vittoria and Domonique Brown. Each edition incorporates the artists’ signature styles and distinct points of view, allowing American shoppers to let their own personal styles shine through.


▲ MyBespoke custom design panels allow users to personalize their Bespoke refrigerator according to their preferences.


What’s more, Samsung is also launching new MyBespoke panels that will allow consumers in the U.S. to tailor their Bespoke refrigerators to match their daily lives. The panels, which will be introduced to the market soon, allow consumers to display their favorite artwork, family photos, creative design and more on the customizable French doors of the Bespoke refrigerator. To complement the personalized design they select, consumers can also choose from various colors and finishes, allowing them to create a one-of-a-kind refrigerator unique to their home.



Redefining Art and Auctions in Poland

▲ A Samsung Bespoke refrigerator with an illustration of the Chateau de Fontainebleau from French artist Thibaud Hérem was auctioned on September 26 at the DESA Unicum in Poland.


In Poland, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator with a design from French artist Thibaud Hérem was auctioned off at the DESA Unicum, a leading auction house in the country and the eighth-largest auction house in Europe. The auction included various unusual art objects, including furniture, sculptures and home accessories. For the first time in the country, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator featuring an image of the Chateau de Fontainebleau, a building of great importance to French art and culture, was awarded to the winning bidder and considered a piece of applied art. The proceeds earned from the refrigerator will be donated to Friends of the National Museum in Warsaw Association to build a new collection for the museum and the “Self-Portraits XXI,” a project that supports contemporary Polish artists.



A Flagship Store Centered Around You in Mexico

▲ Visitors to the first Bespoke Home flagship store in Mexico can experience a variety of Bespoke products at once, including refrigerators and washing machines.


▲ From simple yet elegant colors to bright and eye-catching designs, customers in Mexico can enjoy a revamped home design thanks to Bespoke appliances.


Samsung continues to bring its Bespoke appliances to customers around the world through the successful opening of its Bespoke Home flagship store in Mexico City, making Mexico the first country in Latin America to launch the series. The new flagship store is located in the Centro Comercial Perisur, one of the biggest shopping malls in the country, with an average visitor count of 2 million people a month. The store offers a wide range of Bespoke Home appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, washing machines and more, making the store the one-stop shop for users’ home appliance needs. Visitors can also experience Samsung’s SmartThings, allowing them to fully experience an expanded and personalized home via a fully integrated home system.



Recognizing Innovative Excellence in Australia

▲ Three of Samsung’s Bespoke Home appliances were awarded gold in the Product Design category at the 2022 Australian Good Design Awards.


At the 2022 Australian Good Design Awards, three of Samsung’s Bespoke Home appliances  the Bespoke Cube Air Purifier AX53, Bespoke refrigerator and Bespoke AirDresser  won gold in the Product Design category. This award recognizes the impressive innovation and top-notch design of products that improve the lives of Australians. The Australian Good Design Awards are considered the highest honor for design and innovation in the country, attesting to the creativity and reliability of Bespoke appliances.



Explore Real and Virtual Worlds in Korea

▲ Consumers in Korea can experience Bespoke products using the Bespoke Home Meta service.


Consumers in Korea can enjoy Bespoke products both in real life and in the metaverse. Samsung has launched its new Home Meta service in Korea, a metaverse-based 3D experience that allows users to choose and experience Bespoke products in an environment similar to their homes. Users can choose the exact model and color they desire, view products not available in stores and simulate how the appliances will appear in their house using the virtual service.


▲ Bespoke Studio offers a 3D virtual tour based on Samsung’s flagship Bespoke showroom.


In the U.S. and other regions, users can access the Bespoke Virtual Showroom, an online flagship that takes them on a virtual journey through a true-to-life Bespoke showroom. This experience lets customers explore, customize and purchase Bespoke products, allowing users from all over the world to come together and share their passion virtually.



Bespoke A Global Sensation

All across the globe, Samsung delivers Bespoke appliances that both meet users’ evolving needs and provide stylish, customizable design options that suit the tastes of its customers in every country. As it continues to expand the capabilities of home appliances, Samsung will work to ensure that its Bespoke Home lineup is reliable, high-quality, innovative and  above all  centered on the user. For more worldwide news about Bespoke, stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom.

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