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on January 20, 2017
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Samsung Design Delhi is Located in Noida, Part of the National Capital Region of India.


Noida is an industrial hub of Northern India, and SDD is strategically placed along with the Samsung Research Institute, Noida at Logix Cyber Park. The design center is also located in close vicinity to the SRID (Samsung R&D Institute India – Delhi) and SIEL (Samsung India Electronics of Production Ltd.) manufacturing unit in Noida.



SDD is a Vital Part of the Community Leading the Way in Design


SDD was established in March, 2008 to support HQ by validating Feature Phone design preferences with local users of the South West Asia region. SDD gradually expanded its design task force, from 13 people when it started out, to over 50 designers in 2016. The majority of the designers are from tier 1 design universities around India, with a diverse design skill set such as UX, ID, CMF, graphics & packaging, research, and service design. Collaborative teamwork helps SDD to produce holistic design output with SIEL’s Sales & Marketing and R&D departments.



Discover the Insights, Design the Value, and Drive the Future


As a leader for emerging markets, SDD’s mission is to discover insights as an infinite design inspiration provider, design value to create globally successful products and drive the future to build new growth opportunities.




Our Team

IM Product Design Team

We live up to the promise of creating desirable product solutions, offering core value and viable for execution at our production facilities. Our design approach & process is highly research driven, empathizing with the growing needs and expectations of our consumers.


IM UX Design Team

The UX team undertakes research and supports the main office with regional insight. Designers ranging in fields from GUI, UI, VI and research are involved from early stages of need-identification to feature conceptualization.


Graphic & Packaging Team

Starting as support for packaging line-up, the graphics team has advanced to creating localized packaging and visuals for all mobile models apart from flagship products. Also the team undertakes logo and graphic design for local products as well as visual design trend research.


Consumer Electronics Team

The team creates CMF and UX designs based on local insights. They collaborate with the main office and also with local partners to direct consumer centric innovations for local consumers and demands.



Our Work


Galaxy J2

Galaxy J2 is a smartphone for consumers in emerging markets with unique design and UX features. The ergonomically formed grip that wraps around the entire device acts as a placeholder for your thumb and other fingers, a Natural Grip Line. The Smart Glow emitting from the Ring Flash function is a form of establishing unique identity and self-expression especially for the youth of India. The lock screen and packaging especially reflect this glocal (Global + Local) sensibility, taking cues from the rich visual tradition of India.


S Bike Mode

S bike mode is a unique and easily adaptable app that gives priority to urgent calls while riding. Our aim was to change the habit of riders of talking on the phone while riding. Once activated only the urgent calls bypass through the auto-answering system filter. And to answer the call, the rider has to park his bike and come to a complete stop. The app was implemented in Latin America, the Middle East and South West Asia, following its success in India.


India localized Themes

We have created localized visual directions for an enhanced user experience. India specific artwork and thematic directions have been created as a part of the “Make in India” campaign, thus providing the user with a totally localized look & feel. The themes have been made available for both Android and Tizen platforms. These themes have been highly successful in the Samsung Theme Store with downloads having crossed the 75,000 mark.



Active Wash+

Active Wash+ system includes a dedicated sink, which provides a convenient and unique space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes. The Magic Dispenser, specially designed to create a powerful water vortex, dissolves both liquid and powder detergent, spreading it evenly before a wash. It was the winner of iF and Good Design Awards for design excellence.


India’s 1 Door Wonder

The 1 Door refrigerator has a stylishly unique round-top design that has distinctive crown design and added extra space. It comes equipped with power cut resistant Coolwave cooling feature that keeps food chilled and frozen for 9 hours. Its ridged design also provides safe storage for bottles, a multi-utility door bin and FreshMax that provides extra space to store fruits and vegetables. It has a special divider to attach plastic bags and separate bottles, an auto close function and built-in deodorizer.


Dialogue Between Patient and Hospital

Better medical service for the masses, and for the doctors and nurses to be efficient and satisfied with their work is the goal of the Samsung In-Patient Solution. A collaboration with Noida Samsung Research Institute, the solution is implemented in the Global Hospital in Mumbai. The solution is receiving positive feedback not only as a return on profit model from hospital administration but from patient and staff who participated in the pilot test.



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