Exploring Samsung CJG5 Monitor with Gaming Industry Expert Paulo J. Gomes from Deep Silver

on August 27, 2018
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On August 21, Samsung Electronics unveiled its new CJG5 curved gaming monitor at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne, Germany. Offering strong benefits for casual and serious gamers alike, the CJG5 monitor is also well-equipped for the general user.


As more and more people explore the myriad fantasy worlds of role-playing games, or the rapid-fire action of first-person shooters, there is increasing demand for a computer monitor that brings even greater value to gamers.


In order to explore the monitor’s features in more detail, the Newsroom caught up with Paulo J. Gomes, Director and Producer of Bigmoon Studios from Deep Silver. Gomes gave his expert, hands-on opinion of the monitor while playing Deep Silver’s DAKAR 18.



Swift Reactions


The faster the refresh rate, the more fluid the motions on the screen, creating smooth images free from blurred movements. This lowers latency on cursor movements and scene transitions, improving the speed and efficiency of your work and play. With rapid refresh rates of 144Hz – significantly over and above the standard monitor refresh rate of 60Hz – the CJG5 was designed to deliver a more realistic in-game experience without interruption.


“The impeccable visuals augment the gaming experience, not only for DAKAR 18, but also for wide range of genres,” explained Gomes. “In DAKAR 18, you can drive from fast racing zones to slow driving environments. The CJG5 increases the experience by provide exceptionally responsive graphics and ensuring players do not experience picture lag or interruption with a 144Hz frame rate.”


Response times also prove key to reducing a player’s overall reaction speeds and, at 4 milliseconds(GTG), the CJG5’s response times give players a competitive edge. This means that the monitor is well-suited to playing high res games, as it reduces eye strain and produces no afterglow.



Resolution Redefined


It is an era when visual media continues to push for even more content in high definition. The growing Wide Quad HD (WQHD) market is responding to these demands with higher resolutions, providing crisp detail and pin-sharp images.


With a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440, the CJG5 monitor has a real estate approximately 1.7 times larger than a Full HD device. The WQHD device lets you see more of what you want on the screen, reducing the need to zoom or scroll as you navigate documents and webpages.


“I could tell a difference throughout the entire game,” said Gomes “With four times higher resolution compared to the standard HD monitors, the CJG5 showcases precise, life-like images. It’s extremely important for DAKAR 18 since we replicate the real lands of Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.”


Better picture quality also improves the gaming experience, as the display gives players a wider field of view so that they can see and react quicker.


For Gomes, this has a significant impact: “The VA curved panel and three-sided bezel-less design, combined with the highest resolution, creates an immersive gaming experience. The CJG5 benefits users who swiftly move their focus while playing games. With DAKAR 18, you need to shift focus a lot to identify where you are and avoid getting lost.”



Comfortable Viewing


Those who spend a significant portion of the day looking at a screen may experience eye strain due to intensive use. The CJG5’s 1800R curvature can help to improve comfort levels when looking at the screen for a long stretch of time, reducing eye fatigue and strain.


“In addition to the effects of the curved screen, Samsung’s Eye Saver Mode reduces fatigue-inducing blue light emissions and the monitor’s Flicker Free feature suppresses screen flicker, allowing less strain on your eyes,” Gomes remarked.


The curved display can also provide a more immersive experience for gamers, heightening the sense of realism.



Optimized for Gamers


The monitor is also packed with features which quickly optimize settings for particular viewing experiences. The CJG5’s game display mode instantly adjusts black gamma levels, contrast ratios, sharpness and color value settings for any game genre including FPS(First Person Shooting), RTS(Real Time Strategy), RPG(Role Playing Game), and AOS(Aeon Of Strife) – while the cinema mode does the same for movies.


The monitor is equipped with a Game UI, which offers an OSD dashboard menu for an instant overview of key settings.


“I particularly appreciated the image enhancement setting on the OSD dashboard to really enjoy the graphics throughout the game,” Gomes shared.



Striking Contrast

A high contrast ratio can be a game-changer, adding a new dimension to the images displayed on the screen. Players can spot objects and movements in dark arenas or landscapes more easily.


Samsung’s VA panel technology offers an industry-leading 3,000:1 contrast ratio, which creates deeper blacks, brighter white and richer colors. This depth and vibrancy enhance gameplay, adding to the sense of immersion.


“When playing a game like DAKAR 18, you must have the most clear, vibrant images available to experience the greatness of the game,” explained Gomes. “Without a high contrast ratio, the graphics can fall flat and the game is not as interesting.”



Equipped with a rapid refresh rate and response time, WQHD picture quality, comfortable screen curvature, optimized gaming features and a best-in-class contrast ratio, the CJG5 monitor provides gamers with real value.


Offering his final words on the monitor, Gomes said: “This is next step in gaming monitors and has definitely redefined what gamers should expect. This monitor, in my opinion, would be great for any game with realistic environment graphics like DAKAR 18. The high resolution and refresh rate on this monitor work together harmoniously, meaning gamers remain fully engaged and immersed for longer.”

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