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on August 26, 2016
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Samsung’s Gear IconX fitness earbuds are designed to keep you more connected to both your music and your health. Free of cords, even free of your phone. Here, we’ll answer a few common questions to help you better understand Gear IconX’s no-strings-attached spirit, in case you’re considering cutting the cord on your listening experience once and for all.


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Q. What makes Gear IconX different from other wireless earbuds?


First, Gear IconX is completely, 100-percent cord-free, offering you more freedom to comfortably listen to music or take a phone call on the go than would be possible with wired or otherwise tethered earphones.


Beyond that freedom of movement, Gear IconX also works as a standalone fitness tracker and music player. The earbuds come with 4GB of built-in storage and are equipped with an accelerometer and heartrate monitor (HRM) sensor, allowing you to both listen to music and accurately track workouts while leaving your phone at home.



Q. What kind of information does Gear IconX gather from my ears?


Gear IconX cuts cords, not corners. So whenever you walk or run these earbuds will accurately track the duration of your workout, as well as your speed, distance, calories burned and heartrate, and efficiently relay the information to your ear via motivating notifications recorded by real people.


You’ll also be notified when you reach your vigorous-intensity zone—your optimal heart rate range for effective exercise—keeping you focused and motivated by ensuring maximum efficiency in your workout.


Of course, all of Gear IconX’s accumulated health information syncs seamlessly with the S Health app, helping users attain a more complete picture of their health.

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Q. My workouts can get pretty intense. What keeps the earbuds from falling out?


Gear IconX’s inner eartips are molded to fit your ear’s internal acoustic canals, while the outer wingtips ensure a secure grip during even your toughest workouts.


Both the ear- and wingtips come in three sizes—large, medium and small—allowing you to mix and match to find the most comfortable combination for your ears. They’ll fit snugly, so you can run, jump and carry on with life worry free. They aren’t going anywhere.



Q. If the earbuds are button-less, how do I control them?


Gear IconX’s earbuds utilize built-in HRM sensors to detect when you’re wearing them and automatically power on.


From there, an intuitive design aided by voice prompts allows you to control volume, play, pause and skip tracks, manage calls and toggle additional functions simply by tapping, swiping or pressing and holding the earbuds’ touch-sensitive surface.


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Q. How’s the sound quality?


While it is true that many manufacturers concentrate more on convenience than sound quality in their wireless earphone designs, as we’ve outlined here, Gear IconX are no ordinary earbuds.


Gear IconX is distinguished by its standalone capability, which allows users to listen to music saved in the each earbud’s built-in storage, independent of a smartphone. Because it’s capable of playing music directly into users’ ears, the listening experience doesn’t suffer from the loss of sound quality due to compression that’s typical when using more traditional wireless earphones.


In short, Gear IconX delivers the level of sound quality expected of wired earbuds, just without the wires.



Q. How often will I need to charge them?


When fully charged, Gear IconX will last for 3.8 hours in standalone mode and 1.6 hours in audio streaming mode. You can easily extend your use, however, with the included charging case, which allows you to store and recharge the earbuds whenever you’re not using them.


So with a single charge of the case and earbuds, and factoring in the two additional charges the case provides when you’re out and about, Gear IconX will be good to go for up to 11 hours of standalone play.


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