Hit the Slopes with Gear S3

on February 3, 2017
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Whether an amateur skier or snowboarding pro, winter sports enthusiasts recognize the importance of good gear. Not only does it speak volumes about your style, but it can make or break your experience on the snow. With a durable build, sophisticated design and a slew of outdoor-centric features such as an alti/barometer and GPS, the Gear S3 makes for a safer and more exciting winter sports experience.



Built for the Great Outdoors

While well-fitting boots, goggles and a stylish jacket are all important components of slope wear, the Gear S3 is the ideal addition to one’s gear.



The Gear S3 Frontier, in particular, was made for the outdoors and adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise sporty look.  But it doesn’t just look good. With military-level durability and IP68 water and dust resistance, it is also able to stand up to low temperatures, strong winds and even snow, should you happen to take a few spills.




Ultimate Functionality, Right from Your Wrist

The Gear S3 makes it easy to check the weather, even before walking outside. Detailed weather information including the current conditions and temperature, daily highs and lows, rainfall probability and UV index are available at a glance, right from your wrist.



Once on the slopes, you don’t even have to take off your gloves to check the altitude and air pressure. Simply rotate the bezel to navigate between widgets.


Thanks to its embedded sensors, the Gear S3 can accurately measure these conditions, and track changes over the previous six hours. This information is especially useful in the case that the weather becomes inclement, and can help you adjust your plans as needed.



As exhilarating and exciting as skiing can be, it’s sometimes necessary to stay connected. Fortunately, with the Gear S3, you can take calls, check messages and send quick replies with a twist of the bezel, without ever taking your smartphone out of your pocket. The Gear S3 LTE model, meanwhile, will allow you to connect even without your smartphone, so you can leave it back at the ski lodge.




Safety Features You Can Count On

Getting caught in bad weather is a big concern for winter sportsmen and women. The Gear S3 is equipped with an SOS feature that can be used in the case of a snowstorm or other emergency.


All it takes to activate the feature is a triple push of the button on the bottom right corner of the smartwatch. Once an SOS is triggered, the Gear S3 sends a call to your pre-programmed contact. Location tracking functionality then lets responders pinpoint your position in real time.



Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or just along for the ride, enjoy winter sports with the Gear S3!

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