[Video] Experiencing the World with Gear S3

on January 18, 2017
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One of the remarkable qualities of Samsung’s Gear S3 is its versatility – whether you’re at work, outside in extreme weather or just having some fun, it’s a smartwatch that can adapt to your environment.


Samsung has launched several digital campaigns to showcase the unique experiences of Gear S3 users around the world, demonstrating the smartwatch’s innovative design and technology in both everyday settings and life-changing terrains.


Watch the videos below to see the exciting places and moments people have experienced with the Gear S3.



Extreme Unboxing in the Andes

As part of its Extreme Unboxing campaign for the Gear S3, Samsung Brazil followed Brazilian journalist Pedro Andrade and actress Mel Fronckowiak on a three-day journey to Macchu Picchu, Peru. Set against a background of magnificent mountains towering 4,600 meters high, the film shows how the Gear S3 endures through challenging terrains while guiding the adventurers with its resourceful features such as its alti-barometer, GPS and heart rate sensor. It’s easy to see why the Gear S3 is the perfect partner for explorers.




Combining Style with Technology

In France, Samsung introduced the many ways the Gear S3 can be customized for your own individual style with a video that shows more than 30 styles in less than a minute. With a wide range of interchangeable wristband options and faces, coordinating your smartwatch with any type of look is effortless. Whether wearing a suit, streetwear or even ski wear, you can match your Gear S3 to any outfit and still have access to its incredible features.




Free to Do What You Want

For a more personal perspective, British actor and singer Raleigh Ritchie illustrates where a day with the Gear S3 can lead you. Raleigh shows how Samsung’s latest smartwatch enhances all aspects of one’s life—fitness, career, and social interactions—to keep users on track and in style. See how the Gear S3’s S Health features, standalone music player and messaging functions enable you to be free to do and get what you want.



From Macchu Picchu right to the comfort of your own home, the Gear S3 goes wherever you go, demonstrating its true versatility. It’s functional for both everyday activities and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, but sleek and modern enough for even style enthusiasts to enjoy.



* The videos included in this article were created for marketing purposes.

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