IFA Docent Series, Part 1 – TV as the Lifestyle Screen: The Future of Display

on September 1, 2018
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Samsung Electronics is committed to developing products that suit consumers’ changing lifestyles. Along this line, Samsung understands that the TV screen is everywhere these days – no longer just serving its traditional role of a television provider. TV screens are becoming the ultimate lifestyle product, and Samsung is at the forefront of evolving screens beyond previous size, resolution, form and usage limitations. For the first in the Online Docent series, Samsung invites you to join us on a tour of Samsung’s TV technology, straight from the City Cube Berlin. Read on for a virtual guide of the state of the art display technology on offer in Samsung’s dedicated booths at the IFA Exhibition Hall.



The Ultimate in TV Picture Quality: QLED 8K


This year at IFA, Samsung is introducing the QLED 8K, the very latest example of how Samsung products put you right into the center of the action. Right at the front of the visual display zone is a curved wall showcasing the QLED 8K, offering users the most advanced version of the current TV image on the market.



In the example video, see how 8K video brings you so close to the image with an immersive result that is truly life-life, making you feel like you could reach out and touch the details on screen; the quality of the image means you can even make out the minutiae of the hair on the ant’s back. This is because the QLED 8K has 33 million pixels, four times more than a 4K UHD TV. Because more pixels are packed into the same size display, you can sense the real vividness and clarity of the image even when looking close-up. In particular, extra-large screen options of 65-inch, 75-inch and beyond give you an unprecedented sense of depth, just like being in a movie theater.



With 4,000 nit peak brightness –the highest amongst mass-produced TVs and the standard followed by major Hollywood studios – viewers can see things they have never seen on a TV screen before. Real 8K resolution, combined with QLED Quantum Dot technology and Q HDR 8K, has come together to create the viewing experience that users actually want – be it the detailing in the flicker of a campfire or the contrast balance of afternoon sunlight passing through leaves.



At this exhibit, visitors can get a sense of the QLED 8K’s revolutionary AI upscaling features, which transform UHD, HD and even SD content into near-8K quality resolution. On the right-hand side of the 8K HL Zone, an informative panel is set up to inform visitors about the 8K QLED’s AI features. The 8K AI Upscaling capabilities use machine learning to upscale your content to near 8K standards. Visitors can compare 4K and upscaling 8K picture quality: details not previously visible in at 4K resolution are now rendered vividly present. Comparing the two resolutions of the same content side by side, you can clearly see how the upscaling feature optimizes textures and features so that they appear sharp and life-like, in comparison with the other resolutions which, next to 8K, appear pixelated and less vibrant.



Smarter Lifestyle, Meaningful Screens: Perfect Solutions

Moving along to the Living Room section, visitors can peruse the multitude of Samsung’s solutions to keeping your television and living space as aesthetically pleasing as possible, such as the One Invisible Connection.



Across from this presentation space is the Ambient Mode Zone, offering the ultimate in complementary smart TV design. With Ambient Mode, Samsung presents a rebuttal to the notion that TVs are useless once switched off by enabling users to customize the ‘off’ screen with pictures, weather updates, soothing patterns – and, as demonstrated to visitors in the Ambient Mode Zone, even existing wallpaper patterns for seamless design consistency.



Just next to this Ambient Mode display is the Contest booth, showcasing the finalist designs for this year’s exciting competition put on by Samsung and design magazine Dezeen to create the next Ambient Mode lifestyle screen options, conceptualized by users themselves. The competition’s grand prize winner is to be announced here at IFA, with shortlisted works on display at Ambient Mode Contest booth.

Fine Art for Every Taste, Made Effortless: The Frame 2018


Directly across from the Ambient Mode presentations is The Frame 2018, a game-changer in the lifestyle TV category. Visitors are enjoying the latest improvements to The Frame’s beloved art display features, with various screens showcasing the ‘Slideshow’ function, which changes the display content automatically on user-set time patterns. The ‘Favorite’ feature can highlight and prioritize the most-viewed artwork so that users can view their favorite contents, displayed in crystal-clear quality. The variety of content options offered by The Frame has also expanded to feature over 850 iconic pieces of art, with new artworks available on the Frame’s Art Store from such revered collections as the Tate, London, and the Uffizi, Florence.



The Future of Content Displays: The Wall


Coming now to the very front of the visual display section, and the end of our tour, we reach the Wall – the zenith of display technology that goes beyond previous conception s of screen size, resolution and form limitations. Visitors to this presentation are experiencing the awe-inspiring  picture quality and definition of the 146-inch screen with a module-based, bezel-less design and MicroLED technology. MicroLED technology emits color and light without color filters and backlights, and ultra-low reflection black technology and HDR10+ further contributes to the most vivid, life-like image quality to date.



Visitors are taken aback by the luminosity of the Wall’s image quality, with none of the images – regardless of scale – losing their contrast or textures. Not a single detail or color point is compromised on this impressive display. The Wall is built with inorganic materials for excellent luminescence efficiency and durability, and is free from the burn-in. The Wall for B2B was launched in June this year, and this latest Wall will be released for home line next year.


Stay tuned for further installments in this series exploring more of Samsung’s IFA 2018 booths and find out more about different ways Samsung Electronics is making the everyday more innovative.

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