[In-Depth Look] Fully Covered: The Galaxy Note7 Accessory Lineup

on August 9, 2016
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Just as Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup has expanded with the new Galaxy Note7, its collection of Galaxy mobile accessories has also grown.


New covers and batteries, which include the new S View Standing Cover and the water resistant Backpack, have been carefully crafted to enhance both the design and performance of the latest addition to the Note family. Furthermore, new partnerships allow for limitless personalization.



A Better View

Among the new additions to the accessory lineup is the new S View Standing Cover. This light and portable cover, when opened, can be used to prop up the smartphone at 60 degrees—an optimized angle for watching videos.


This enables users to take advantage of the powerful entertainment features of the Galaxy Note7, such as its HDR technology, which provides a more true-to-life picture quality. As a result, the S View Standing Cover is ideal for TV fans, film buffs and YouTube enthusiasts who enjoy watching video content on the device’s large display.


The cover boasts a front transparent window, so even when it’s closed, users can still see important information on the Galaxy Note7’s Always On Display.


The S View Standing Cover is actually an upgraded version of the S View Cover, which was introduced in 2013 with the release of the Galaxy S4.




From Good to Great: Faster Charging and Water Resistance

But the S View Standing Cover isn’t the only new accessory that enhances the mobile entertainment experience.


Samsung, responding to the increasing consumer interest in supplementary batteries and battery packs, also developed a new set of devices to make the smartphone’s battery last even longer. These accessories will no doubt satisfy users who frequently play augmented reality (AR) games, watch 4K videos or engage in other activities that increase the device’s power consumption.


Introduced with the Galaxy S7, the Backpack, Samsung’s wireless charging battery case, is now IP68 certified and comes with a stronger water and dust resistance. This means that not only can you now use your Galaxy Note7 in a wet environment, but you can also charge it there, too, without any additional cables or power sources.


Despite an extra 3,100mAh of power, the Backpack maintains a slim design that allows for optimized functionality. For example, the case has an opening for the rear camera so users can continue to take pictures while charging. Likewise, it doesn’t obstruct the bottom of the device, so they can still use their earphones, too.


In addition to the Backpack, Samsung also developed two other accessories to make battery charging more convenient. They include the Wireless Charger, a fast-charging, cord-free device that features a stand-type design, and Battery Pack, which quickly charges the Galaxy Note7 in addition to being fast-charging itself. Moreover, with the in-boxed Micro USB connector, users can also charge USB Type-B smartphones in a snap.






Samsung’s Got You Covered

Samsung’s various cover-type accessories offer enhanced device protection, but still maintain the design heritage of the Galaxy series.


The Clear View Cover, for example, is made of a translucent material that allows the phone’s Always On Display to be viewed at all times. Users can answer calls without opening the cover, and can even use its reflective surface as a mirror.


The LED View Cover comes with a stronger privacy guard for those who want to conceal their smartphone screen from prying eyes. For those who love the unique feeling of leather, the Leather Cover is an ideal option. Its soft leather interior prevents damage to the display. The Clear Cover is a transparent phone case with a design that works in harmony with the aesthetic of the Galaxy Note7. Shutterbugs will appreciate the Lens Cover, which includes a wide-angle converter lens and a high-grade telephoto converter lens. The Keyboard Cover comes with a QWERTY keyboard and a rear cover. When fitted on the phone, it automatically adjusts the screen ratio for optimized functionality.



Designed for Samsung

In 2007, Samsung launched the Samsung Mobile Application Partnership Program (SMAPP), a certification program that ensures the quality of mobile accessories for Samsung products. By allowing certified products to use the Designed for Samsung trademark, it established an ecosystem to promote a win-win relationship with business partners. Any partner that participates in SMAPP can work directly with Samsung to ensure that their products are developed and ready for sale when a new Samsung product is launched.


For the Galaxy Note7, Samsung will release accessories specially designed for the product by various partners including Kate Spade, Rebecca Minkoff and Tumi.


Last but not least, a USB Type-C adapter is also available, as it is now supported by the Galaxy Note7. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets equipped with a micro USB port, the adapter lets users charge and transfer data easily to the latest addition of the Galaxy Note series. It is also provided as an in-box item of the Galaxy Note7.



For more product information, please visit www.samsung.com/galaxy



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