PrinterOn CEO Says Samsung Partnership Will “Take Our Technology Mainstream”

on May 31, 2016
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Samsung affiliate PrinterOn has been a making a name for itself in cloud printing circles for 16 years. In fact, the company was pioneering in this field even in the days before people started using the term “cloud.”


The company began life as a Canadian document handling company. But in the late 1990s, PrinterOn realized that market was changing. It acted fast as the millennium approached, and first launched its cloud printing services in 2001.


Angus Cunningham, PrinterOn’s President and CEO, explains that timing was everything. He says, “We saw mobility as a strong and fast-developing market force. At the same time, we also realized mobile workers still needed to use traditional office tools as part of their work.”


Cunningham says PrinterOn foresaw a shift in the market. This led solution providers to shift their focus “from niche to mainstream needs.”



Cloud Breakthroughs

PrinterOn’s strategy paid dividends. Cunningham says businesses are now making key decisions with mobile matters in mind. “Cloud acceptance is clearly growing,” he notes. “Our vision of the cloud has allowed us to take a design-based approach. That means we can provide a broad base for all our current products.”


For smaller companies, however, spreading news of your developments is not always easy. Cunningham explains, “While we did see great opportunities, we faced limitations in terms of developing our business. As we were a smaller business at the time, we had to focus on areas where we could drive up revenue.”



Shared Visions

Samsung Printing Solutions was impressed with PrinterOn’s vision for the future of mobile printing and began to take a keen interest. The two companies started talking in 2010 and signed preliminary agreements in 2013. Finally, in September 2014, Samsung and PrinterOn finalized a wide-ranging partnership deal.


It was a deal that brought immediate benefit to both parties. Cunningham says Samsung believed PrinterOn’s solutions would be compatible with a wide range of printers, and that they were “open-standard and agnostic.”


Says Cunningham, “Samsung also recognizes that most companies have a mixed set of printers. To better service that need, you need to be able to handle a diverse printer lineup.”


PrinterOn CEO Angus Cunningham uses a smartphone to manage a print job on a Samsung multifunction printer.

PrinterOn CEO Angus Cunningham uses a smartphone to manage a print job on a Samsung multifunction printer.



Going Global with Mobile Printing

The Samsung collaboration means PrinterOn can now deliver solutions to a much bigger market.


“We have always been strong in terms of R&D. But before we struck our partnership with Samsung, we did not have a huge marketing presence,” explains Cunningham. “For us to really get into the mainstream, we needed a good partner. With Samsung, we have much more in the way of worldwide technical resources. Our product and R&D teams can access these to speed up their product and service development.”


And the collaborative advantages do not stop there. The PrinterOn chief adds, “There are now more eyes to look at our products, and more minds to consider market needs as we develop new solutions. Samsung told us, ‘If you need something, let us know and we’ll make it happen.’”



Security Matters

Many IT decision makers say security is a concern when it comes to mobile printing and cloud services. That is why PrinterOn’s solutions help ease such concerns. These include high-grade end-to-end encryption, which ensures sensitive documents stay safe.


“Security awareness is part of our culture,” says Cunningham. “We review our own security as part of the development process. We also encourage our customers to perform their own security audits and to share the results with us. We then use this feedback and incorporate it directly into our product development.”





New Horizons

PrinterOn now offers a range of cloud and mobile printing services suitable for companies of all sizes. Cunningham says, “All our product lines are in a state of growth.”


And PrinterOn sees big opportunities in the mobility sector. This, explains Cunningham, is another area where the Samsung partnership can help. PrinterOn solutions developments also can also add value across multiple Samsung businesses.


Most importantly, says, Cunningham, the partnership offers plenty of potential for future growth. He says, “Enterprises are going more mobile than ever. As mobile devices become more powerful, the scope for integration will only continue to broaden.”



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