Samsung Accelerates the Next Generation of IoT with New and Advanced SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Platform Products for Interoperability, Enhanced Security, and Connected Services

USA on May 16, 2017
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Samsung Electronics today announced new and advanced SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform products that will help companies get to market faster with more secure offerings and services, improve return on investment, and bring IoT another step closer to Samsung’s vision of intelligent things.


The advanced SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform includes new end-to-end enterprise-grade security enhancements, and now enables easy-to-use, secure services for device onboarding, device and user management, edge node management, and secure OTA updates. Samsung is also introducing the new SAMSUNG ARTIK™ 053 module that will equip a new class of connected products with cutting-edge capabilities, and SAMSUNG ARTIK™ QuickStart, a design and development support program that will help customers and partners jumpstart their IoT businesses by making it easier and faster for companies to deliver secure IoT solutions that impact the lives of people across the globe.


The SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform makes it easier for businesses to securely activate, monitor, track, and add new functionality to products after deployment.  Together, with advanced SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Cloud connectors and device orchestration and management tools, these new services will greatly increase the capabilities of connected products, promote secure interoperability, and elevate the value of customer solutions that depend on the interoperability of things.


“We believe security and interoperability are critical to enabling next-generation IoT products that can connect to, and work with, many different devices and services,” said James Stansberry, Senior Vice President and U.S. Head of ARTIK at Samsung Electronics. “A smart, powerful IoT platform is key to fostering an interoperable, and most importantly, secure ecosystem. That is why we developed the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Smart IoT platform from the ground up with end-to-end security, and why we continue to integrate new security enhancements across hardware, software, cloud and communications.”


“Leveraging SAMSUNG ARTIK is a value add for our customers,” said Youngsoo Do, Senior Vice President of Digital Control Group at Samsung Electronics. “SAMSUNG ARTIK is instrumental to Samsung in building secure IoT products, and getting to market faster. The ability to connect to other smart devices also enables new use cases, and is helping us realize our vision of making all Samsung products IoT-enabled.”


New capabilities and partners added to the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform include:


ARTIK 053 Module

The production-ready SAMSUNG ARTIK™ 053 module is an affordable IoT solution with high-performance and hardened security for next-generation edge products like connected home appliances, building products, health care devices, and industrial automation. The new SAMSUNG ARTIK™ 053 module can dramatically reduce development time with integrated real-time processing via a 320MHz ARM® Cortex® R4 core, 1.4MB RAM and 8MB Flash, software and a pre-certified Wi-Fi radio. The currently available SAMSUNG ARTIK™ family of IoT modules include pre-loaded access to the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Cloud platform secure services, and include software for faster and simpler development of new connected enterprise, industrial and consumer applications.



New Services and Platform Enhancements

The SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform provides new, fully integrated end-to-end security enhancements across hardware, software and communications to make it easier for companies to deliver more secure connected IoT products and solutions.


New offerings in the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ Cloud platform include fast device onboarding, edge node management, secure over the air (OTA) updates, integration with Amazon AWS Kinesis Stream, new cloud connectors including Google Assistant on Google Home and Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill.



SAMSUNG ARTIK™ QuickStart Program

The new SAMSUNG ARTIK™ QuickStart program offers a wide-range of services that can cover the entire product design and development spectrum, including UX, UI, software, firmware, cloud, mobile app, end-to-end integration, and development, and elevate the user experience to support commercialization and IoT opportunities. It is accomplished through custom integration of the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform, on-site workshops, and training to suit the needs of customers and partners. It allows customers to start building solutions quickly and cost-effectively by significantly reducing the engineering time, effort and expertise needed to build IoT products.



Samsung Expands IoT Partnerships

Samsung and VMware today announced that VMware has joined the Samsung ARTIK™ Partner Program. The companies will work together to accelerate the development, deployment, and management of IoT solutions for enterprises.  Integration between the Little IoT Agent (Liota), a vendor-neutral open source software development kit (SDK) developed by VMware, and the Samsung ARTIK™ 530 module is being demonstrated in the Samsung booth at IoT World 2017. Also being demonstrated is the newly announced VMware Pulse IoT Center, a unified control panel that provides accurate and real-time visibility into the health of devices and can act on anomalies.  Samsung’s growing list of global technology and distribution partners will enable accelerated development and help deliver compelling new IoT solutions to their customers.


Additionally, to reach a wider audience and help speed up IoT development and time to market, Samsung reached a global distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics to distribute the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ family of modules, development kits and accessories.


The new SAMSUNG ARTIK™ 053 module is available for order today through worldwide distribution partners, including Arrow Electronics, Inc., Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Inc., and Mujin. You can find more information about the SAMSUNG ARTIK™ platform and development tools at and


Both Samsung and its partners’ solutions will be on exhibit at booth #210 at Internet of Things World 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center from May 16 – 18.


Also, the new SAMSUNG ARTIK™ 053 module will be showcased at TDC 2017 at the Hilton Union Square Hotel in San Francisco from May 16 – 17.

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