[Editorial] Samsung at IFA 2022: Vision Towards the Ultimate Sustainable Home

on August 29, 2022 by JaeSeung Lee
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The world today faces many challenges. In particular, the pandemic has become a cause for us to back on the various challenges we’ve faced in the past, the biggest issue among those pertaining to the environment.


As a result, consumers have become more aware of the impact their choices are having on the environment and are practicing eco-conscious activities in their daily lives to compensate. This is especially applicable at homes where we spend most of our time. Consumers want home appliances that help create a sustainable home life.


In response to these consumer demands, Samsung Electronics introduced Bespoke Home Appliances in 2019, which includes not only customizable design and function but also sustainable solutions. Since its launch, Bespoke home appliances have received great reviews1 from consumers and the industry and have expanded to more than 50 countries worldwide.


Now, we are taking that vision one step further to create the ultimate sustainable home experience. By combining SmartThings-based connectivity with the energy efficiency technology of home appliances, we are planning to become the No. 1 energy efficiency brand, expand sustainable efforts through meaningful collaborations and provide solutions to realize a Net Zero Home.



Vision of No.1 Energy Efficient Home Appliances

As the first step in bringing our sustainability vision to reality, Samsung Electronics is developing products with the goal of being labeled No.1 in energy efficient home appliances in the world.


As consumers’ lifestyles evolve and demands become more diverse, Samsung home appliances have also improved in performance and efficiency every year to meet those needs. However, improving the hardware of home appliances is only a part of our long-term vision. It is important to also consider ways to make new technology continuously more usable, creating more value for the users.


As such, this year, we introduced a new smart home service that can maximize the synergy among home appliances called Bespoke Home. At the center of this, SmartThings Energy monitors the energy usage of connected home appliances and automatically switches on AI Energy Mode, when needed, to save energy.


As we strive to become the No.1 in energy efficient home appliances, combining high-efficiency products with SmartThings Energy has proven to be very effective. Consequently, by the end of next year, nearly all home appliances will be Wi-Fi enabled allowing consumers to continuously reduce energy usage with ease. This also means that in the future, all Samsung’s home appliances will have AI-based energy saving functions built-in.



Sustainable Future Through Meaningful Collaboration

Secondly, Samsung Electronics is collaborating with other companies in search of sustainable solutions.


As evidenced by Bespoke appliances and SmartThings, intelligent synergies can have a significant impact on progressing our efforts. As such, in helping us reach our lofty goals for the future, we have sought out partnerships with companies that have similar sustainability goals.


With internationally recognized eco-conscious clothing brand Patagonia, Samsung Electronics has taken on the problem of microplastics being emitted into the sea. Sharing our expertise and know-how in clothing materials and washing technologies, we have developed new solutions that can reduce microplastic emissions from laundry.


To increase the effectiveness of this effort, the microplastic emission reduction course developed by Samsung Electronics and Patagonia will not only be available in new products released in Europe but also to existing products through software updates within the year.



The Ultimate Sustainability Experience with Net Zero Homes

Thirdly, Samsung Electronics is developing the ultimate sustainable home that can generate its own energy and reduce carbon emissions.


Through cooperation with Qcells, a complete clean energy solutions company, Samsung Electronics had developed the Net Zero Home. Inside, SmartThings plays a pivotal role in the efficient control of various devices including air conditioners, home appliances, to even the blinds. Furthermore, SmartThings Energy works together with the solar energy solutions of Qcells to present a blueprint for a house that can self-produce, store and efficiently power itself.


With the combined efforts of Samsung Electronics, Qcells and SMA, we will be able to create sustainable homes both domestically and internationally.


Samsung Electronics is also implementing a variety of carbon-neutral projects that can reduce the negative impact on the environment to make the vision for a sustainable future a reality. Specifically, this has meant switching to renewable energy that reduces carbon emissions such as solar energy and investing in wind power generation.


Samsung is improving lives through innovation, and with it, opening the way to a sustainable future. At a time when we face complex challenges in the world, we want to expand our vision to a wider range of areas to help. Samsung Electronics will continue to make efforts to provide sustainable solutions from production to logistics, use and disposal.


Come join us at IFA 2022 to learn more about our goal of becoming the number one energy efficient brand and how smarter, more efficient appliances are helping to bring to reality our vision for a sustainable future.



1 In 2020, Bespoke appliances received a gold at the International Forum (iF) Design Award, the silver award and Best-in-Show honors at the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) as well as the NYCxDESIGN Award in the Kitchen product category. In 2021, the Bespoke refrigerator was selected as an honoree at CES 2021 in recognition of Bespoke’s creative use of design in offering users a way to easily personalize their appliances.

by JaeSeung Lee

Head of Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics

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