Samsung Begins 5G Technology Standardization in Earnest by Hosting 3GPP RAN1 Meeting

on April 12, 2016
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To discuss 5G wireless communications technology standards, Samsung Electronics is hosting a 3GPP* RAN1** meeting for five days in Busan, Korea. The international meeting, which commenced on April 11, brings together about 400 technology experts from 80 telecommunications businesses to begin the standardization of 5G technologies in earnest.


3GPP first began to discuss the 5G standardization schedule at the 3GPP RAN 5G Workshop held in Phoenix last September. The meeting will serve as the starting point of 3GPP’s in-depth research on 5G candidate technologies.


During this meeting, 3GPP members will discuss ways to support the effective integration of new services such as IoT (Internet of Things) into 5G, and measures to ensure the compatibility of the 5G technologies. 3GPP will conduct research in these areas until next June and plans to complete the first standardizations for 5G by June 2018.


Samsung began its development of 5G technology in 2011 and successfully carried out the world’s first Gigabit (1.2 Gbps) data transmission in the millimeter-wave band in 2013. Since then, the company has continued to prove its technology leadership in 5G by achieving the world’s first 1.2 Gbps connection in a mobile environment from a vehicle travelling at 110 kilometers per hour; the fastest 5G data transmission rate while stationary (7.5 Gbps); and the world’s first handover technology that transfers 5G mmWave data connections from one base station to another.


In addition, Samsung continues to be actively engaged in a range of key global 5G research initiatives and leads multiple collaborative projects with its industrial partners, academic partners and operators around the world. Holding 17 percent of the total LTE and LTE-Advanced standard-essential patents (SEP), Samsung ranks at the top of 35 major telecommunications businesses. (Source: “2014 Results of Research on Telecom Technology Patent Trends and Patent Litigation Analysis,” Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO), April 2015.)



*3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) is the world’s most influential project to standardize telecommunications technologies.


**As one of the core tech groups in 3GPP, RAN (Radio Access Network) is in charge of terminal-base station interface standards.

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