Samsung Club des Chefs Members Dish on Innovating in the Kitchen

on January 7, 2017
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The Chef’s Home Cooking event welcomed CES attendees for an intimate and illuminating cooking show in Samsung’s tastefully decorated kitchen.


With the unveiling of Family Hub 2.0 and its latest range of built-in appliances at this year’s CES, Samsung has introduced new ways for consumers to bring their kitchen experience squarely into the twenty-first century.


The event’s delectable dishes were catered by Michelin-star Chefs Daniel Boulud (left) and Christopher Kostow.


As the chefs prepared their acclaimed cuisine, they discussed the peace of mind that cooking with premium and reliable appliances brings to the kitchen.


Samsung’s Club des Chefs pairs culinary visionaries from around the world with Samsung engineers to design appliances that foster a more modern cooking experience. This year, members of the Club treated CES attendees to a gastronomic event that showcased the fresh innovations at the core of Samsung’s latest appliances.


After much anticipation, the guests enjoy their world-class dinner, prepared with Samsung’s built-in appliances.


Here, Chef Christopher Kostow, of The Restaurant at Meadowood in St. Helena, California, and Chef Daniel Boulud, the world-renowned chef and owner of several restaurants, including Manhattan’s Michelin-starred Daniel, discuss both their membership in the prestigious Club, as well as what Samsung’s latest kitchen innovations bring to the table.



Q: What made you decide to join the Club des Chefs?


Chef Kostow discussed the joy that cooking at home with family gives him – a sentiment central to the philosophy behind Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators.


Chef Kostow: It was an interesting opportunity to collaborate with Samsung on their next generation of premium culinary appliances – to provide my insights and experience as a chef to help develop tools that would benefit the home cook.


Chef Boulud is a Club des Chefs veteran and the owner of several restaurants, including Manhattan’s Michelin-starred Daniel.


Chef Boulud: The Club des Chefs is a unique collection of global talent led by one of the most creative, respected and admired chefs, Michel Troisgros. It is where every chef has utmost respect for our profession, and is very open-minded toward the employment of state-of-the-art equipment at home.


It’s very rewarding to be part of this evolution in home cooking, where technology meets tradition and creativity meets practicality, to design for the next generation of home cooks. ‘Club des Chefs’ is basically a seal of approval. If great chefs enjoy cooking with Samsung, everyone at home will, too!



Q: What is your favorite recipe you’ve submitted for the Club des Chefs?


Chef Kostow prepared a delicious meal of prawn toast and pork belly stew with potato flatbread.


Chef Kostow: The Pork Belly Stew and Potato Flatbread is a great recipe for the cold weather months, and when entertaining a large group at home. This dish is very comforting and familial, and uses simple and flavorful ingredients.


Chef Boulud prepares his famous Poulet Grand-Mère, or ‘grandmother’s chicken’.


Chef Boulud: That would be the Poulet Grand-Mère. I personally love chicken in all forms of preparation, but this is a simple yet tasty recipe which can be done as a one-pot meal, where you need the stovetop and the oven to accomplish it.


It captures all the roasted flavors together, and is an easy recipe to do. It is very French to me, but it can also be prepared anywhere in the world. It’s the kind of dish I cook on Sundays for our family meal at home.



Q: What is your favorite Samsung home appliance, and what are some features you’d like to see included in upcoming products?


Chef Kostow: I love the WaterWall Dishwasher; it’s such a smart technology. Also, the Family Hub refrigerator is extremely innovative. As a husband and father of two young daughters, it’s an interactive way to make grocery shopping and meal planning for the entire family more productive.


Chef Boulud: Every appliance is very interesting, as each has a unique function which creates a very comfortable, practical and well-controlled environment for your kitchen.


The fridge, with its many functions and storage units for different foods and beverages; the induction cooktop, where you have the Virtual Flame around the pots which gives you a visual sense of the heat; the oven, which offers dual-cooking functionality, meaning you can bake two dishes at the same time. There’s a lot of logic behind their products.

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