Samsung Printing Solutions Unveils Guide to Developing and Launching Apps for the Smart UX Center

Korea on August 3, 2016
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Samsung Printing Solutions today launched “A Guide to Developing and Launching Apps for Samsung’s Smart UX Center”, a step-by-step walkthrough for companies and developers with an interest in creating applications for the Android-based Smart UX Center to enhance their smart and mobile business experience. The guide has been distributed to Samsung’s international software vendors (ISVs) and other related companies.


The guide represents a major step forward for Samsung’s printing app ecosystem, spelling out the various roles and responsibilities in the app development process for Samsung Electronics offices around the world and ISVs. The guide provides an overview of how Smart UX apps are created, with key instructions regarding planning, development, sales and customer service.


Some of the processes outlined in the guide include:


  • App development: Software vendors develop a Smart UX app using the Software Development Kit (SDK), provided by Samsung upon request.
  • Contract matters: Vendors discuss terms with Samsung pertaining to sales, revenue sharing, customer support and other app-related issues.
  • Verification & Validation (V&V): After completing the development stage, the ISV requests Samsung to test the app’s efficacy.
  • Registration: Apps that pass V&V are registered on the Smart UX Center and made available on the Printing App Center.
  • Revenue calculation: Vendors determine apps’ supply price to Samsung, who will help determine the appropriate retail price for end-users.
  • Customer service: Developers can adapt ISV customer service policies and establish contact points for app developers. This helps customers, and also Samsung, to get in touch should an issue occur.


“With our expertise in the printing industry, Samsung has been actively cooperating with app developers to vitalize the global printing app market,” said David SW Song, Senior Vice President of Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to seek ways to improve the printing environment for offices everywhere and strengthen its position as the leading company in the global printing ecosystem,” he added.


The flexibility and customizability of Smart UX Center apps are enhancing productivity and the work environment in offices around the world, while also cutting costs.


In Italy, for example, Massinelli, a Samsung dealer, has helped its client create a digital catalogue app on the Smart UX Center to save on expenses previously used for printing and sending hardcopy catalogs.


Another Italian dealer, Gaviolli Printing Solutions, has successfully developed a new app called the Visitor Registration App. This program allows visitors to events to self-register and receive informative printouts.


Further information about Smart UX App development and registration can be found on Samsung Printing App Center ( or Printing Solution Market Support Portal (

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