Samsung Unveils QQ-Enabled TV in China

on March 3, 2016
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Samsung Electronics unveiled new Family TV feature that supports China’s one of the most popular messenger service QQ at Samsung China Forum held on March 2 in Shanghai. The new TV model gives full access to QQ messenger, allowing users to chat and share photos and videos with their family members and friends.


In addition, Samsung introduced another Family TV feature to help people with visual and hearing impairments better enjoy watching TV. The new function allows users to adjust the picture and audio quality and enlarge the font size, to modify the TV to suit their preferences and make it more accessible.


Samsung showcased the various SUHD TV sets of 2016, from 49-inch models to super-large 98-inch ones. These products offer the best-possible viewing experience, powered by such special features as high dynamic range (HDR) technology, which supports 1,000 nit brightness, and next generation Quantum dot display, which is able to express natural colors as they are.


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The company had many home appliances to display, too, including the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, with a built-in 21.5-inch Full HD touch screen display and Internet of Things (IoT) Hub technology, as well as AddWash, Samsung’s new washing machine that allows consumers to add more laundry and detergent at any point during the wash cycle. Significantly, this innovative washing machine has expanded its product line to include small and medium capacity models (9kg and 12kg), joining the larger capacity model of 21kg, allowing more choices for local consumers.


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Samsung’s new air purifiers, including the AX7000 and AX5000 series, specially designed for Chinese consumers were showcased as well. The new air cleaner series are equipped with strong features including “Power Fan,” to purify polluted air, “3-way Dimensional Purification,” to quickly release the fresh air and turn a large room into a more refreshing environment, and “Air Navigator,” to show users the level of fine dust particles in the air.


In addition, Samsung clearly expressed its commitment to step up its effort to increase its presence in the B2B market by having very competitive products on display. That includes every product line in its commercial displays, including the UHF-E series with the world’s thinnest video wall, with only 1.4mm bezel-to-bezel spacing, as well as the MX7 series multi-function printers (MFPs), powered by Samsung’s Smart UX Center, which is based on the Android operating system.


“Samsung is concentrating much effort to realize ‘customer-oriented innovation’,” said Kyung Tae Bae, Executive Vice President and the Head of Samsung Electronics China. “We intend to turn Samsung into a more popular brand in China by actively communicating with local consumers and strengthening our cooperation with business partners in the country”.


The Samsung Regional Forum is an annual exhibition and conference event where Samsung presents localized products and business strategies better tailored to the needs of each region. In 2016, these forums started in Southeast Asia and ended with the Samsung China Forum, following events in Southwest Asia, Europe, Africa, CIS, Latin America and Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

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