Samsung’s Tailor-Made 360 Cassette Air Conditioner Design Panels Harmonize with Surrounding Interiors

on February 15, 2017
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These days, businesses such as restaurants, cafes and shops are placing more and more focus on creating aesthetically consistent interiors. Samsung’s 360 Cassette, the world’s first circular-designed air conditioner, offers powerful, even airflow and boasts a design that blends seamlessly with a variety of environments, allowing proprietors to create sophisticated and beautiful interiors that resonate with customers.


Now, to make it even easier to integrate the device in a way that suits its surrounding décor, Samsung has created customizable design panels that may be applied directly to the 360 Cassette to complement each business’s individual aesthetic.


Turkey’s Zübeyde Hanım Educational Institution was the first to attach one of the stylish designs to its 360 Cassette, opting for a design panel that displayed its school symbol. Subsequent design panels have been applied in locations spanning several fields, including a suburban cafe in Korea.




A Design to Suit Every Interior

Recently, Korean café A Twosome Place customized its 360 Cassette air conditioner with an aesthetic-amplifying design panel


The 360 Cassette’s design panels allow users to customize the air conditioner’s aesthetic to match their store’s interior. To help users find the perfect pattern to suit their style, Samsung created a diverse collection of designs tailored to match any decor. Choices include a range of colors, woods and branded designs.


After applying a matte black branded design panel to his café’s 360 Cassette, A Twosome Place’s manager remarked that the design blended seamlessly with the décor and added a sense of aesthetic harmony

A Rounded Approach to Air Conditioning

Whereas traditional air conditioners may yield uncomfortable drafts and uneven airflow, the 360 Cassette’s ‘rounded’ approach allows it to provide optimum efficiency and comfort.


The 360 Cassette’s design panels allow users to customize the air conditioner’s aesthetic to match the interior


The 360 Cassette’s circular design is responsible for the comfortable atmosphere the appliance provides, preventing its breeze from directly contacting the skin and evenly distributing air without traditional air conditioners’ ‘blind spots.’ This design was made possible by discarding with the blades that traditionally control wind direction and instead inserting a Booster Fan, which guides air to provide even, horizontal airflow that feels pleasant in any spot.


By paying equal attention to function and design, the 360 Cassette offers businesses a versatile and efficient air conditioning solution that both looks and feels great.

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